9 Reasons Why Omegle Is NOT Safe And How To Use It Safely

Omegle has been one of the most popular sites among teens and kids because of its enticing and addictive nature.

Connecting with strangers online and talking for hours would sound fun for a teenager looking to socialize and make friends.

However, Omegle has been deemed UNSAFE and DANGEROUS for kids and teens by popular opinion due to the saturation of unsolicited and explicit adult content found on the website, and many kids have shared haunting stories of being connected with predators on it.

This is the reason many countries have even taken measures to choose to block the website in their internet laws.

Recently, Omegle has found fame again with TikTokers and Youtubers jumping back to Omegle. This shift has moved many of the teens surfing the internet curious to try the website themselves for entertainment. 

This is why parents have a bigger responsibility to educate themselves now and to keep a restricted check on what their child is surfing on the internet.

Remember, Omegle didn’t get popular because it’s a helpful socializing platform, it is only so largely famous for being scandalous, dangerous, and traumatic for many.

What Is Omegle?

Omegle is a website that connects strangers online to text or video call each other.

Created in 2009, and was pretty famous among teens and young adults when many of the influential YouTubers started creating content based on it.

Most celebrities online on Youtube or TikTok use this website to interact with strangers or fans to create content. People all around the world use it to socialize or talk stuff out with strangers when they don’t find anyone near them that could be of help.

It is also extremely popular to be used by teens on sleepovers or with friends in search of entertainment and meeting new people.

image shows omegle website

While the idea sounds fun, Omegle has been infamous for a lot of sexual content. Most of the users that do visit Omegle use it to try sexual advances or enjoy the company of a sexual nature.

This all sounds good as long as only mature and adult people take part in this. But that’s where the problem lies.

Omegle has extremely breachable and fragile policies that open its doors to such an explicit website to innocent and young minds of teenagers and kids. 

This is why Omegle has been deemed as an UNSAFE website.

Omegle And Child Safety

The idea of getting connected with strangers from all around the world sure is very exciting for kids. By the term kids, I mean anyone under the age of 18.

For a 15-year-old, it would sure be enticing for them to try this website out and talk with another kid about Minecraft and whatnot. 

omegle children safety

And this is the reason why most kids nowadays are seen to be playing multiplayer games like PUBG, Fortnite, or Minecraft because they all involve connecting and talking with strangers and spending a good time with each other.

The problem is, that kids and teenagers undermine the threat there is in spending time with strangers and sharing information. This is further concerning when Omegle has options of video chatting with strangers that are easily accessible by children. These include the unmonitored channel where the majority of chat rooms are strangers video calling sharing sexual acts or pornography. 

And for a 14-year-old child, it sure does pique their curiosity to see an “unmonitored adult channel” option enough to give it a try.

Many, many children have gone through this and have reported being sexually threatened, bullied, stalked, and even sexually abused.

Omegle Policies To Prevent Child Exploitation

Omegle’s safety policies have also been a huge topic of controversy as even though their website is popular amongst predators and sexual harassers, they seem to do little to nothing to stop that from happening.

Omegle has a rule displayed on the homepage of the website that only 18+ year-olds or 13+ kids with the permission of a parent may use the website.

But there are no obstacles to ensure that. Any kid, no matter what age they are, can easily enter any chat room without any confirmation of age.

Omegle also warns its users that their site is prone to predators and that they should stay careful, however, all these warnings fail to prevent any teen or kid from entering the site. Instead, it works the opposite and just makes them more curious.

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The worst thing about all of this is that many visitors do not even have the intended purpose of witnessing such things in the first place. Even out of curiosity. 

With the popularity Omegle has been getting (mostly with sexual skits) the chatrooms are also full of sexual content. This means that a teenage girl who just wants to socialize with other teenagers and make friends can easily face a graphic video or image in a chatroom without any warnings or preventative methods.

Is Omegle Safe?

With all the predatory behavior, harassment reports, and sexual content, it would be fair to say that Omegle is NOT safe. Not only for children but also for adults. It can be classified as a safe site to use for adults only if they use the proper protective methods mentioned below.

If you’re interested to know if Omegle is safe for your children or yourself, let’s look at the reasons it can be classified as an unsafe website.

Chat Rooms In Omegle

Omegle offers visitors different options for chat rooms.

There are two broad categories of chat channels: Adult and 13+.

Adult Chat Rooms In Omegle

There are two adult chat channels in Omegle:

Adult 18+: The adult 18+ room is a video chat channel restricted to adults. When you click to enter the room, the site does warn that there will be sexual content on this channel and that if you’re under 18, it would be illegal for you to continue. 

The image shows the warning sign from Omegle
The image shows the warning sign from Omegle

However, by simply pressing OK on the message, anyone can breach through.

The video chats in this channel are said to be monitored, whereby anything illegal or abusive can easily be reported and traced to the criminal.

Unmoderated Section: The unmoderated section is the same as the Adult 18+ channel but a step beyond to make it even more explicit and threatening at the same time.

Videos in this chatroom are not monitored and a message is shown when clicked through stating that the visitor is highly likely to encounter sexual content in this channel.

Once you get through the warning, visitors are displayed with 2 additional options: Sexy and Gay.

This is a mere filter to help the visitor connect with strangers of the same preference.

13+ Chat Rooms In Omegle

Text: This channel connects you with a stranger in a chat room with the only option being texting.

There is an option to type in your interest that you want to talk about first. This helps you connect with strangers that share the same interest.

Spy Mode: This channel is the same as the Text channel, but here a third person is connected who asks questions that the other two people discuss about. The questioning person is not allowed to participate in the conversation.

Video: Just like the Adult 18+ channel, the video channel connects you with a stranger online for a video call between the two. 

Since this channel is under the 13+ category, the Video channel is also reported to be a monitored channel.

College Student Chat: As the name states, this channel is intended for college students.

This is still a safer channel than the others because it requires you to sign up using your student email (e.g. johnmark123@aspirehs.edu).

This brings up the probability of you getting connected only with fellow college students. 

9 Reasons Why Omegle Is NOT Safe

As mentioned before, Omegle is not only considered unsafe for children but also exposes adults to strangers who can be threatening.

Here are the reasons why I would suggest Omegle is not a safe website. 

omegle is not safe

Scroll below if you want to learn how to use Omegle safely

#1 Unsolicited Exposure To Sexual Content

For children or for adults, exposure to sexual content without any warnings or caution can be traumatic.

Whenever you enter a chat room, the autoplay feature automatically plays the video of a stranger’s webcam which always has a high chance of being live sexual stunts or pre-recorded pornographic streams.

#2 Little Moderation Or Accountability

The fact that there are unmoderated channels on the website is already a controversial topic. Probably the biggest reason why the site is considered so scandalous as it gives off a ‘dark web’ type of vibe.

But even for the moderated channels, many of the dangerous user experiences are reported to not have been tracked properly. 

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The only base to track a criminal for Omegle is to use their IP which could easily be hidden by using a VPN.

And even if the moderation were stronger, it doesn’t disallow visitors to not unsolicitedly see explicit content.

#3 Anonymity

As mentioned in the above reason, the strangers you connect to are 100% anonymous.

This doesn’t stop any adult or child from being connected with a criminal or dangerous person as there would be no way of knowing it under the mask of complete anonymity.

Even if they are reported for an action, it would be very hard to track them down.

#4 Easy Gateway For Criminal Activity Or Grooming

One of the most dangerous aspects Omegle poses to our society is by offering criminals a gateway to practice their crimes.

For sexual predators, it has never been easier to be connected with people from all around the world and continue to do their thing without facing any consequences.

For potential or actual child predators, Omegle is a very easy-to-visit website to find thousands of underaged teens who can be potential victims that criminals either practice on or straight up harass or assault.

Even though the website is largely famous for being a safe haven for such criminals, to the extent that one of the opening messages of the website is “Predators have been known to use Omegle, so please be careful”, it is shameful, disappointing, and dangerous to see the website do little to nothing about preventative measures.

#5 Harassment, Bullying, And Racism

Omegle is largely popular for being a hub for adults and young teens to cyberbully strangers. 

Most visitors are known to open up the website with their friends where they harass or bully individuals that they get connected. 

Many females have reported facing extremely uncomfortable conversations.

Even though Omegle has a Skip option for each call, it does prevent skip spamming as well. Plus, the little time could be used by dangerous people on the site to threaten visitors to stay on a call.

Omegle is also known for men fishing only for white women. So if you’re not from America or Europe, there is a high chance you will get skipped or racially bullied.

#6 The Threat Of Sextortion

Sextortion is a very serious crime (and largely popular on Omegle) that involves a person threatening to leak your private information unless you obey their commands that including sexual favors, display, and more.

Many visitors have reported having been threatened by strangers and were asked for sexual displays or acts.

#7 Lack Of Child Protective Measures

Omegle would probably not have been so infamous for criminal activity if the users were only restricted to being 18+.

Not only does it allow 13+ visitors on the site, knowing that it is a hub for predators and harassers, but there are also no practical measures to implement that only 18+ visitors use the adult channels.

Even though the restriction can never be perfectly imposed, many websites ask visitors for their birthdays or parental verification nonetheless. 

All Omegle does is warn through a text and ask visitors to check some boxes.

#8 Exposure To Personal Info

Even though the site asks people to not share personal information, it is not really an implemented measure to ensure it.

Knowing that the site hosts many under-aged children, many users have reported they were threatened to tell their personal information to strangers in chat rooms.

This not only allows predators to have more options to threaten the victim but also opens the gate to offline stalking, harassment, bullying, and sextortion.

Even when not threatened, unsupervised children are known to easily trust strangers and spill their personal information to predators (in the guise of a fellow-aged) friend.

All of this is not only threatening to children but also to adults.

#9 Lack Of Privacy Or End-to-end Encryption

Another aspect of the site that shows Omegle lacks crime preventative practices is that visitors are allowed to take screenshots of the video or text that you’re chatting through.

Furthermore, when a user saves a chat log, the IP address of the person is saved along with a screenshot of the whole chat.

This IP address can be exploited for dangerous activities if it falls into the wrong hands.

How To Use Omegle Safely

Even with all the popularity of the site being dangerous, thousands of visitors are still seen to be using the website.

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This traffic largely consists of children who are curious to socialize with strangers from different parts of the world and make new friends, and adults who are looking for entertainment.

use omegle safely

So, knowing all the reasons Omegle is not safe, if you still want to visit the website, here are some ways that may help you stream it safely.

How To Use Omegle Safely By Yourself

  • Never share your personal information
  • Disconnect at the slightest hint of discomfort
  • Use the college student option only if you’re a student (since it’s safer)
  • Know that texting is far safer than video calling strangers
  • Use a VPN
  • Type in your interest before entering a chat to decrease the likelihood of an unsolicited encounter

How To Protect Children From The Dangers Of Omegle

Children should always use Omegle in the presence of their parents. This warning is not to ‘hide’ adult stuff from them that they’re sure to be curious about, but it is for their own mental and physical safety.

Here are some ways you can ensure your child cannot use Omegle:

  • Use a parental control app to block Omegle
  • Block the website on the MAC address of their devices by contacting your ISP

If your child must use the website anyway, here are some ways you can help it be safer for children:

  • Always include a child-friendly interest in the interest option before browsing for chats
  • Be open with your children to regularly talk to them about what they do on the internet and the importance of internet privacy
  • Teach your children to NEVER share personal information
  • Inform your children about child predatory practices
  • Always use a VPN
  • Always try to be present around them when they use the website
  • Use the website yourself first to get a well-informed idea

FAQs- Is Omegle Safe?

Still, confused about whether you should use Omegle. This FAQ section should answer your queries.

Is Omegle Safe With A VPN?

Using a VPN does protect you from hackers and predators trying to access your personal information through chatrooms, however, you are still as much at risk of seeing unsolicited dangerous content as before.

Any children using Omegle with a VPN could still see explicit content. A VPN would, however, prevent the hacker from knowing your internet or personal details such as IP address or MAC address, which is why it is always better to use a VPN before accessing Omegle.

Is There An Omegle App?

Being infamous for scandals and conspiracies, Omegle’s app had been removed from the Plays Store and App Store. However, you can still access the platform by using a browser and going to omegle.com.

Can I Get Hacked Through Omegle?

Omegle saves your chat along with your IP address when a conversation is ended. Many internet geeks have shown it is extremely easy to break into the server Omegle temporarily stores this data in and hacks this information to blackmail or harass users. So yes, you can get hacked through Omegle.

What Information Does Omegle Save From A User?

Omegle servers save the following information after a conversation ends for the next 120 days:

Your IP address
A random ID for your computer
Your partner’s IP address
A random ID for your partner’s computer

How To Hide My IP Address On Omegle?

To hide your IP address, simply use a VPN and connect to a different anonymous IP than yours before accessing Omegle.

How To Use Omegle Where It’s Blocked?

To use Omegle in a country that has restricted the website, get a good VPN and connect to the server of a country where Omegle is unblocked e.g. USA or UK.

If you find your VPN not working with Omegle, consider a paid VPN such as ExpressVPN, as Omegle does frequently block the use of some VPNs on its website.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, if you’re a teenager under the age of 18 or a parent of a child, my recommendation would strongly suggest you stay away from Omegle or enforce restrictions on your children to use Omegle.

For adults, I know it doesn’t feel dangerous to have fun with strangers, but it could be and that is very likely according to reports.

Use it at your own risk and make sure you equip yourself with all the safety measures.

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