How Much Does It Cost To Host A Website On Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS is a popular tool for hosting websites and content. The reason for its popularity is the flexibility it provides and the affordable pricing it attaches to it.

A small and light website can cost as low as $0.5-$3/month with Amazon AWS while larger websites with high monthly traffic can cost as much as $1000-$5000/month.

It all depends on the type of website you have, the storage you need (how frequently you post content on it), the server(s) you require, and the traffic that you receive.

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What Is Amazon AWS?

Amazon AWS, Amazon Web Service, is an affordable and versatile web hosting platform that many individuals, private businesses, commercial stores, and government websites can use to host their domains.

Why Choose Amazon AWS?

What makes Amazon AWS unique from other website hosting platforms is its pricing is based on the individual demands of the user.

Amazon AWS also requires little to no effort for routine management of resources on the website by the user, as they are taken care of by AWS.

Moreover, subscriptions to AWS plans have the option of scalability. For any changes in your requirements, e.g. you need more storage space, you can easily scale your plan to have more storage rather than needing to subscribe to an entirely different package.

The cloud service of web hosting offers services like computers, storage, networking, security, databases, and more.

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How Amazon AWS Pricing Works

The biggest reason Amazon AWS is a popular web hosting platform is not because of the quality of its services or the affordability of its pricing, but the ease of its pricing.

Amazon AWS requires no long-term contracts that restrict you or any restrictions that prevent future scaling. This enables all users to benefit from Amazon AWS, whether they are individual bloggers or multinational enterprises.

The three main highlights of AWS pricing, as mentioned on their website, are Pay As You Go, Save When You Commit, and Pay Less By Using More.

Pay As You Go: Adapt to different models of packages with no restrictions on scalability. Add the services you like while unsubscribing from the fewer favorites whenever you want.

Save When You Commit: Commitments to certain AWS services by signing yearly contracts bring up discounted packages.

Pay Less By Using More: The higher you scale your package, the less a unit of service will cost you. Economies of scale 101.

Amazon AWS Pricing

Amazon AWS Pricing is very versatile, as such that there is no fixed figure to it. Except for some of the services.

Amazon AWS Pricing

To get the right estimate for your use, you can use the Amazon AWS Pricing Calculator, choose the AWS services you need, and get an approximate quote.

Amazon AWS Pricing

For a few practical examples, here is how much Amazon AWS can cost you.

Free Tier: Free for a year, with the cost of $8-$10 a month. Can host a small website, static website, or landing page.

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AWS Lightsail: Flat price for a dedicated server. $5 – $80 according to the VPS plan you choose.

Light Website: $20-$30 a month for a few WP blogs or 5-10 pages on a website, and medium monthly traffic.

Web Agency Package: WP site within a server. $40 – $50 per month. Not suitable for e-commerce.

High Traffic Websites: For a few thousand users per month, you can get AWS RDS (database) and 1 web server for around $60 – $80.

Maintenance Websites Or Applications: For multiple thousands of users a month, a XLarge database and XLarge web server can cost around $300 – $700 a month.

SaaS Applications or Startups: The services you’d need would be CDN, Caching, Database, Clustering, ELB, and some web servers. This can cost $200 – $800 a month.

Enterprise Package: Multiple staging environments, CI/CD, DevOps, AWS Auto Scaling, Clustering, and Multiple Micro-services. All for around $1000 – $5000 a month. Best for corporate apps or medium-large scale companies.

Is Amazon AWS Pricing Fair Worth It?

Since Amazon follows the pay less for more payment model, Amazon AWS would be affordable and a great option for larger companies.

Individuals who want to host, for instance, a WordPress website should not even consider Amazon AWS not only because the pricing is high but because just setting up WordPress on AWS requires a lot of technical effort.

For a better pricing idea, visit Amazon’s Pricing Calculator.

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