Can I Use Google AdSense On My Facebook Page

Google AdSense is the most popular ad network that helps publishers earn money, and on the other hand, Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites with billions of users actively using the application.

Since Facebook enjoys such a great amount of traffic, is there any way you can use this to your leverage and display Google Ads on your Facebook page using AdSense?

Yes! You can definitely use Google AdSense on your Facebook page without violating any AdSense or Facebook policies.

Let’s get started!

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Earning Money From Your Facebook Page

Facebook allows publishers many ways they can monetize their Facebook pages. Of course, having a Facebook page with thousands of followers that view your posts is not the easiest. But if you can build your way to that, you can definitely leverage your follower list and monetize your Facebook page.

One of the most popular ways to monetize your Facebook page is by selling ad space to advertisers. With such a massive amount of followers, your Facebook page is certain to have many organic visits each day. This makes your Facebook page valuable to advertisers who want their ads to be seen by organic Facebook users.

Other ways of earning through your Facebook page are:

  1. Sponsored posts: Partner and collaborate with other organizations and created sponsored posts on behalf of them from your Facebook page to reach a large audience for a fee.
  2. Affiliate marketing: Promote and sell affiliate products using your Facebook page to earn commissions on each sale.
  3. Sell products: Directly sell products on your Facebook page by promoting and advertising them to your followers.
  4. Paid memberships: Sell exclusive content and perks to your followers in exchange for a membership fee.

Today, we will focus on how you can sell ad space on your Facebook page and display targeted ads using Google AdSense.

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How Does Google AdSense Help You Monetize Your Facebook Page?

Google AdSense is the most reputable ad network on the internet. 

What it basically does is connect advertisers to publishers that have large audiences. Google AdSense acts like a middleman where it sells its service to advertisers getting paid to promote advertisements of various businesses. Following that, Google AdSense then approaches publishers that have large audiences and traffic coming onto their digital platforms. This could be bloggers, YouTubers, or even Facebook page owners.

Google AdSense then helps these publishers earn money by selling ad space and allowing Google to display ads on their online platforms. This helps publishers monetize their content and internet presence.

While Facebook offers many ways for users to monetize their Facebook pages, nothing comes close to the practicality of earning through Google AdSense. Google ads run your monetization on autopilot, helping you make money passively even when you’re asleep!

Is My Facebook Page Eligible For Monetization?

Here is how you can check if your Facebook page is eligible for monetizing its content.

  1. Visit the Facebook Creator Studio.
  2. Next, go to the Monetization Tab.
  3. Now select the Facebook Page you want to check for monetization eligibility.
  4. Now click Apply.
  5. You will now be redirected to the Monetization Eligibility Checker page. This page will review your Facebook page’s content and summarize the result under three categories: Green, Yellow, and Red.
Screenshot 2023 05 01 at 4.49.31 AM
Screenshot 2023 05 01 at 4.50.12 AM

Green eligibility means your Facebook page is ready to be monetized and you shouldn’t wait anymore or make any changes!

Screenshot 2023 05 01 at 4.52.01 AM

Yellow refers to your Facebook page having some issues that can hinder your ability to monetize your Facebook content. You should make some changes to your Facebook page adhering to Facebook Community Standards.

Red indicates that your Facebook page has serious issues and you need to make significant changes in order to help your Facebook page be eligible for monetization.

How To Monetize Your Facebook Page With Google AdSense

The only requirement you need to fulfill to help yourself earn money through Google AdSense on your Facebook page is being eligible for Facebook monetization.

Facebook has some strict requirements for its creators to ensure the monetization environment on the platform is verifiable, safe, and transparent. 

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Let’s take a look at some of the Facebook monetization policies you need to adhere to for enabling Google AdSense on your Facebook page.

1. Facebook monetization requirements

Facebook has separate Content Monetization Policies for Facebook creators, but here’s the summarized gist of it that you should comply with in order to be eligible for Facebook monetization.

  1. Your Facebook page should be a business page and not a personal page in order to be monetized through display ads.
  2. Your Facebook page should have at least 10,000 followers to be eligible for monetization.
  3. The Facebook page owner should be at least 18 years of age.
  4. Your Facebook Page must be at least 60 days old.
  5. You must live in a country of residence where Facebook monetization is supported.

2. Following Facebook Community Standards

In addition to the monetization requirements, you need to follow Facebook’s community standards and comply with the policies that help Facebook be a safe and sound social media platform.

In summary, Facebook Community Standards restrict Facebook pages using their platform to share hate speech, calls for violence, sexual content, or inauthentic behavior.

You also need to be considerate about the fair use of intellectual property i.e. using original content and only relying on copyrighted content with permission from the original publisher.

3. Create authentic and original content

The content that you upload on your Facebook page should not only be original but authentic as well. This means if you’re posting content that can be regarded as misinformation or false news, you will not be able to monetize your Facebook page, or even lose your monetization from a verified Facebook page.

Additionally, using clickbait content can also make you lose your ability to monetize your content.

On the other hand, content creators can only monetize the original content that they produce which is not owned by any other third party. Reproducing unoriginal content without making it any more meaningful will also count towards plagiarized content that can restrict you from being monetized. Affiliate posts, however, can still be considered original content if your intention is to solely promote them.

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4. Organic Traffic

Your Facebook page should only be followed by a natural and authentic audience i.e. organic traffic. This means you can not use any bots or fake accounts to promote your Facebook page and grow your followers list.

All the followers on your Facebook page that consume the monetized content should be original with authentic views and engagement.

How To Add AdSense On Your Facebook Page?

Adding Google AdSense to your Facebook page is a simple yet technical process. Here is how it goes.

To start with, we will first create a new ad unit from Google AdSense.

  1. Go to Google AdSense and log in to your account.
  2. Now head over to My Ads and click on New Ad Unit. Now select Google AdSense Offers. You can choose your ad’s preferences here i.e. custom size and display settings. 
  3. Finally, click on Save and Get Code.
  4. Copy the given code.

Now that we have the Ad Unit’s code from Google AdSense, all that is left to do is paste this to your Facebook page. 

Here is how you can do just that.

  1.  Visit Static HTML and install it.
  2. Now click on Add Static HTML To Page and then select Add Page.
  3. You should now see a new tab on your sidebar. Go ahead and click on it.
  4. Clear the sample content and paste the AdSense code you generated before.
  5. Add some content on the new page just below the ad code.
  6. Now click on Publish.

That’s all! You can now preview the changes made and you should be seeing Google AdSense on your Facebook page.


In summary, it is definitely possible and legal to use Google AdSense on your Facebook Page. With the many monetization procedures Facebook offers its users, Google Ads are certainly one of the best ways. To enable this change, all you need to do is have a Facebook Page that is eligible for Facebook Monetization. If that light is green, go ahead and insert the AdSense code to your Facebook page following the method explained above.

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