10 Things That Happens When You Reach 5,000 Followers On Instagram

When You Reach 5000 Followers On Instagram

Getting 5000 followers on Instagram is an indication that your account is growing. More followers mean more chances of earning better and unlocking more features on Instagram. For a good profile, a good number of followers is necessary to make you visible to the Instagram audience. With fewer followers, you will not be able to … Read more

How To Add Admins To Facebook Group

facebook admin access

Facebook allows groups to be managed collaboratively and efficiently by helping group creators assign admin and moderator roles to the group members. You can assign the role of admin or moderator to members of a group to improve page management operations. These roles help the group’s members administer the group’s environment better, by supervising posts … Read more

How To Unhide A Post On Facebook

How To Unhide A Post On Facebook

To unhide a Facebook post you chose to hide before, you’ll need to head over to your account’s Activity Log, view posts that you’ve recently hidden, and then enable them to be Allowed on Timeline to unhide it. Facebook is known for providing its users with ample freedom of control on what content they wish … Read more

Facebook Ads Active But Not Spending? Here’s Why!

Facebook Ads Active But Not Spending?

You’ve finally started the new Facebook ad campaign for your business, but you just discovered that your Facebook ads are active but not spending well. It’s because they are not doing well. When we say “not performing,” we mean that your campaigns have received relatively few to no interactions.  Facebook ads active but not performing … Read more

Is It Bad To Pause Facebook Ads?

Is It Bad To Pause Facebook Ads?

Questioning ‘is it bad to pause Facebook ads?’ If yes, know that it’s normal for a marketer to pause Facebook ads when some of them are not doing that good. A brand that recognizes the power of social media, particularly Facebook rounding 76% of all social media users, uses the platform to generate leads through … Read more

The A – Z Of Twitter Advanced Search Techniques (Search Like a Pro)

A – Z Of Twitter Advanced Search Techniques

The days to knock on leads’ doors through emails are outdated. No disregard for the effectiveness of email marketing. It still works for some businesses. Still, now brands use platforms like Twitter (322.4 million in 2022 and will reach around 340 million users by 2024), having Twitter advanced search techniques, making it a potential marketing … Read more