Do AirPods Come With A Charger?

ere is no charger included with AirPods. However, they have a charging case that you can use to recharge the AirPods. There are various ways through which you can charge your AirPods. 

The first is a standard Lightning to USB cord. Where You have to connect the charging case to a Lightning cable. The second option is to use a wireless charger, which is sold separately. Finally, the AirPods can be charged using an inductive charging case.

If you want to learn more about how to charge your AirPods and extend their battery life, read on.

What Are The Essentials That Come With An Airpod Box?

Here is what an airpod box contains and comes with the following essentials:

  • The airpods themselves.
  • A charging case.
  • A lightning cable.
  • A brief start guide.
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How Do You Charge A New AirPod To Extend Its Battery Life?

Apple produced a pair of wireless earbuds called AirPods. Due to their user-friendliness and lengthy battery life, they are well-liked by iPhone users. A battery type called lithium-ion, which can be charged and discharged hundreds of times is found inside the Airpods.

  • Before using your airpods for the first time after receiving them, ensure they are fully charged.
  • You can use the Lightning cable that came with your iPhone to charge your AirPods.
  • Attach the airpods to the charging case and plug the case into an electrical outlet to accomplish this. The charging of the airpods will begin immediately.
  • By disabling automatic ear detection and the “Hey Siri” feature, you can increase the lifespan of your AirPods.
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Can An AirPods 20W Charger Harm Them?

No, your AirPods won’t be harmed by charging with a high-quality 20W charger. since the charging case for the AirPods only uses the power/current necessary to charge and does not use the entire 20W capacity of the charger/power adapter. 

How To Charge Your AirPods In Two Ways?

There are two ways to charge your AirPods in two different ways.

Method 1: Wireless Charging

To charge your AirPods wirelessly, simply set them in the charging point and make sure that both the case and the AirPods are placed. The wireless charging issue is included with the second-generation AirPods. You can purchase it separately for the first-generation AirPods. You can use any Qi-certified wireless charger, but Apple recommends using one of its MagSafe. Once they’re connected, your AirPods will start charging automatically.

Method 2: With Cable Charging

To charge your AirPods with a cable. You have to connect the charging case to a Lightning cable. Then plug it into a power source. After the case is connected, your AirPods will start charging automatically.

It depends on you which method you choose, and you can check the status of your AirPods by opening the case lid and checking the LED indicator. If the LED is white, your AirPods are fully charged. If the LED is amber, your AirPods are charging.

How Long Does The Airpod Last?

One of the most popular options for wireless headphones on the market is Apple’s AirPods. But how long do these little earbuds last?

Well, it is that it’s all about how you use them. But on average, On a one-time charge, AirPods can last up to 5 hours. However, if you use them for phone calls or with Active Noise Cancellation turned on, they will stay for only 3 hours.  You can use the charging case for up to 24 hours.

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So, if you plan to use your AirPods for a long day of listening to music or making phone calls, you will need to charge them up beforehand. But if you just want to use them for a quick tour or to catch up on your favorite podcast, you should be good to go.

Can You Use The Charger With Your AirPods To Charge My Phone?

Well, the answer is no. You cannot use the charger with your AirPods to charge your phone. The charger with your AirPods is explicitly created for charging your AirPods. While it may look similar to a typical iPhone charger, it is not compatible with charging your iPhone. So if you’re looking to charge your iPhone with a charger that came with your AirPods, you’ll need to find another charger.


Some customers claim to have received a charger and their AirPods. Either in the box or as a gift with purchase. As a result, Apple may include a charger with some AirPods orders. It is the exception rather than the rule. Before making a purchase, it is best to check with the seller and the product description on the website if you expect to get a charger along with your AirPods. 

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