Facebook Ads Active But Not Spending? Here’s Why!

You’ve finally started the new Facebook ad campaign for your business, but you just discovered that your Facebook ads are active but not spending well. It’s because they are not doing well. When we say “not performing,” we mean that your campaigns have received relatively few to no interactions. 

Facebook ads active but not performing can also happen to advertisements that have efficient delivery!

There are multiple factors why an ad may fail to perform. In this blog, we’ll go over the most traditional instances of why this probably happens, as well as what you should be doing if it does.

Let’s get this ball rolling! 

Reasons Why Facebook Ads Active But Not Performing

If your Facebook ad campaign is active at the strategic and tactical level, but not spending, there may be some campaign implementation error either at the campaign, ad set, ad level, or somewhere else in the cycle. 

This is why we’ve compiled a list of all the various reasons why your Facebook ads may have suddenly stopped running.

Quick Fixes for Active But Not Perform Facebook Ads:

  • Launch the ad power editor. 
  • Save your ad information. 
  • Open the advertisement post. 
  • Change the ad’s name. You do not need to change it entirely. Just modify it a little.
  • Upload the new ad. 
  • Allow some time for your new ad to be approved. 

Let’s get into the details.

Ad is Under Review

Major reason why your Facebook ads active but not spending is before any ad in Facebook’s platform goes live, it is reviewed. Facebook verifies that the ad meets Facebook’s ad criteria (copy, design, and targeting). 

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Facebook approves an ad between 2 to 72 hours. During the weekends, the timeframe can range from 2 to 3 days. So, allow your ads some breathing room.


  • Launch the ad power editor. 
  • Download your ad information. 
  • Open the ad that needs fixing. 
  • Change the ad’s name. 
  • Upload the new, edited ad.. 
  • Allow some time for your new ad. 

Ad is Inactive

An explanation for your Facebook ad being active but not working is that it has been set to inactive mode. You may have unintentionally set it off. The best part is it won’t terminate and your advertising will not be deleted. 


If you believe that your advertisement is invalid, you can reactivate it by taking these guidelines: 

  • Click on the ad in the advertising manager. 
  • To enable it, click the button next to it. 
  • Unless otherwise specified, your ad should now begin running.

Ad is Violating a Facebook Ad Policy

Once you post an advertisement, Facebook will examine it to comply with its advertising regulations. Facebook leverages automatic systems to guarantee that every aspect of your ads corresponds to the standards. 


If your ad breaches these regulations, it will be rejected by Facebook. To revive your ads, just address the faults.

Ad Has Low Customer Engagement

Your Customer Satisfaction Score is below average: The Customer Satisfaction Rating, which goes from 0 to 5, is awarded to all Facebook Pages that run ads. A small estimate signals bad user feedback, which can have an influence on a page’s ad performance measurement and, as a result, charges. 

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Try increasing your ranking to ensure that your ads are delivered to your targeted users. 


You know all the possible reasons why your Facebook ads active but not spending. A tip at the end is to set a good budget. Facebook will examine your business’s market, bid approach, currency, purchasing type, timeline, and efficiency to establish your ad budget requirements. So, to initiate a successful campaign, you should stick to Facebook’s budget suggestions. 

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