15 High-Paying Jobs For Introverts Who Want To Work From Home

Introverts are often thought of as shy or anti-social, but this isn’t always the case. Many introverts are actually quite outgoing and simply prefer to avoid large groups or noisy environments.

There are a number of high-paying jobs that are perfect for introverts who want to work from home.

Since the work-from-home trend started a couple of years back, there are numerous jobs introverts like you can get in from the comfort of your home, which pay you well!

After thorough research, I have filtered 15 high-paying jobs online jobs that could suit you perfectly!

List of 15 High Paying Jobs For Introverts

1. Become a blogger

Starting a blog is extremely easy in the modern internet age that we live in, but is it profitable?

The short answer? Yes. It is convenient to start a blog and achieve active income through it.

For the long answer, check out my guide on starting a blog that makes money with just a few months of work!

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Blogging, at the start, can be challenging. You need to pick a niche that you are interested in and is profitable, create a website, write content for it, and earn little to no income.

But if you do things right, you will start generating ad revenue and organic traffic in no time.

This can open the gates for you to generate regular income by managing a blog, earning from ad revenues, selling courses, and more.

What you will do: Write blogs about a niche that spreads information to users on the internet. If people like what you write, ads will be displayed on your website that can help you earn.

This website is an example of a digital marketing and tech blog.

How much will you earn: Bloggers can easily make around $5000-$10000 in their first year (Learn how I made $3000+ in 6 months). From that point, your earnings keep facing an inevitable increase.

start a blog

In your second year, you can easily stretch that up to $30,000-$50,000- or, if you work hard enough, even six figures!

The income model of blogging is advantageous, which is why you’ll find many millionaires that are just mere bloggers!

What resources will you need: Essentially, all you will need is a laptop, good internet, a web hosting domain, and a web design.

For an in-depth breakdown, check out my guide on the costs of starting a blog.

2. Content Writing

The second best option? Content Writing.

Content writing is the process of creating content for a website or other online platform. This can include articles, blog posts, product descriptions, and more. Content writers may also be responsible for managing a website’s social media accounts, email marketing campaigns, and other online marketing initiatives.

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Everything on the internet needs content. Whether running a blog, starting a website and writing the about me page, or optimizing SEO by using keywords in the range.

  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Website content
  • Ghostwriting
  • Copywriting
  • Technical Writing
  • Creative Writing

Because of their wide use, content writers are in heavily demanded worldwide and enjoy rewarding pay as well!

Fortunately, content writing doesn’t involve you going through any course or degree. It only requires practice, practice, and practice.

Moreover, the job doesn’t need social interactions as well. All you will need to do is type type type in Google Docs and share the final document with a client to their Gmail.

That’s it!

What you will do: A content writer writes content. This could be blogs, website content, emails, scripts, copies, etc. 

How much will you earn: Content writers can either make a salary working for a company (remotely, of course) or write freelance content charging a rate per word.

Content writing is a high-end job. Employed content writers can practically earn more than $200,000 a year! But even in the starting year, content writers, on average. Make around $50,000 annually! 

What resources will you need: Almost nothing! The only thing you need is a laptop, the internet, and tons and tons of practice! 

You should also be able to understand and write English pretty well, without any grammatical errors, and with good use of vocabulary.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of marketing that uses emails to promote products or services. Email marketing can be used to promote anything from a new product or service to a sale or special event. It can also be used to build relationships with customers or clients.

Email marketing is one of the most profitable marketing strategies for businesses, even to this day.

This is why many companies look forward to employing an email marketing specialist that can run their marketing campaigns on their behalf.

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As an introvert, you would be delighted to know that email marketing doesn’t require you to talk to many supervisors or clients.

There is just a one-way communication where your client tells you what the campaign is (e.g., email our client list about the update to our software), and you create an email template, get a thumbs up from your client, and mail it forward using a mailing client!

What you will do:

  • Write emails.
  • Use email templates.
  • Create customer lists.
  • Create marketing analytics reports.
  • Use a mailing client.

How much will you earn:

Email marketing specialists primarily work employed for a company. On average, they earn about $50,000 a month! This figure goes northwards when you prove your email marketing effective and profitable.

What resources will you need: Some knowledge about how emails work and how to approach or make a sale to clients is recommended to help you have an edge.

Except for that, you only need a laptop, internet, and a mailing client.

4. Amazon Seller

An Amazon seller is an individual or business that sells products on Amazon. Sellers can be either individuals or businesses. Businesses can be either Amazon sellers or Amazon resellers.

Amazon selling has been the highlighted job of the past couple of years, where introverts have found a way to make a fortune from their homes without working for anyone!

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Amazon sellers browse and buy cheap products and resell them for a higher price.

Amazon takes care of delivery, logistics, and customer support, so you must shop online and earn money!

What you will do: Browse Amazon, find the best deals, purchase products, sell on Amazon, write catchy descriptions, and SEO.

How much will you earn:

Amazon sellers earn about $2000-$2500 a month, practically. But if you give it your best, you can join the list of many top Amazon sellers earning six figures!

Here are some resources you need to become Amazon Seller:

  • Basic online shopping knowledge.
  • The initial investment is to purchase products to resell.
  • A laptop.
  • Internet.
  • An Amazon seller account.

Amazon selling can be technical. It is recommended to take a course or watch some Youtube videos to understand how to do it.

5. Sell A Skill

Do you have a skill that has some demand in the world? This doesn’t need to be an educational or technical one; anything could do.

If you can play the guitar, can speak English, or know how to make money on Youtube, you can create courses on the internet and sell them as courses.

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You could feel reluctant to jump into this if you’re an introvert with anxiety issues. Selling skills sometimes do involve video calling your students and teaching them. But that’s not the only way.

You can record videos and sell them to your students without needing to talk to them in real-time. 

But if you feel talking to a single student is much more relieving than dealing with 50 people every day at an office while teaching about something that you love? Go for it!

You will create an outline and either make videos of yourself teaching a skill to students or connect with them on a call and give online lessons.

How much will you earn: Teachers make around $200 a month on Skillshare alone. However, this can be stretched up to $3000-$5000. But Skillshare isn’t your only platform- selling lessons on Fiverr or courses on blogs or Youtube can up your earnings to $50,000-$100,000 annually!

What resources will you need: A skill you know is good enough to teach another student. Some teaching experience is also recommended. A good internet, laptop, a video recording setup, and a platform for selling courses.

6. Video Editor

Video editing is a booming industry of today’s cinematic age where almost every business falls in need of a professional video editor, whether it be a film-making company or a Youtube channel.

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Fortunately, video editing is project-based. This means if you have the right skills to edit videos efficiently and you know how to use video editing tools, you can easily find freelance work or employment from your home.

This would involve you working on video edit projects all day to satisfy your clients’ needs.

You will get raw video footage from the client and use video editing software to enrich it with effects, transitions, and more. 

How much will you earn: The average salary of a video editor is around $50,0000. However, since your work creates a profile for your skills and advertises you as an individual, you can attract more prominent clients and earn six figures without being a workaholic.

What resources will you need: Good video editing skills and expertise in video editing software (you can learn it yourself by watching Youtube tutorials). A good PC with at least 8GB RAM, a 1080p60 display, and an above-average GPU can support rendering high-quality videos. 

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7. Graphic Designer

Much like content, almost every business or website needs graphical elements. From designing a logo to creating an app, graphic designers provide processed pictures that bring attraction to a product.

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Among the other jobs, graphic designing is another comfort job for introverts that requires you to spend hours on your PC crafting designs, only needing to interact with other people when the project is either completed or handed over to you.

Graphic designing is a creative skill, so learning from scratch may be difficult. However, as with many introverts, if you feel your aesthetic sense is artsy, creative, or sellable, there is no reason not to step into graphic design.

What you will do: Use designing software to create logos, produce graphical elements for websites or apps, edit images, use effects, etc.

How much will you earn: Graphic designing is a high-paying job not entirely for the skill of it but for the creativity. Good Average graphic designers can make around $60,000 a year, while good graphic designers with attractive profiles can step into six figures.

What resources will you need: Expertise at editing software such as Photoshop, a creative sense for art, a high-end PC with at least 8GBs of RAM, a 1080p display, and a mid-tier Nvidia GPU.

8. Web Designer/Developer

Most work-from-home jobs require you to do skillful website-related work. Such as graphic designing and content writing. But what about building a website from scratch? That’s what a web designer or developer does.

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Much like the other jobs, being a web developer or designer can be highly favorable to introverts as the work can be done from home on either a freelance basis or employment, both of which require getting projects from a client, spending hours on a PC building a website, and delivering the final product at the end of the day.

Since it’s project-based work, little communication between your clients or supervisors is needed to complete the job.

However, web development and designing require academic coding and creative skills to sell your designs. Still, it’s all worth it for the high-pay web designers and developers to enjoy.

What you will do: Create websites from scratch, code their functionality, create web pages, design layouts and UI/UX (web designer), and technical stuff such as creating sitemaps. 

How much will you earn: Web designing and development is a highly demanded skill that requires knowledge and skill, which is why web designers and developers are paid well at around $80000-$90000!

What resources will you need: Extensive knowledge of coding, how websites work and using website builders CMS such as WordPress. The recommended way to learn this is by enrolling in a course, but you can attempt to get in by only learning from Youtube.

Moreover, you will need a good PC and strong internet.

9. Email/Chat Support

Too introverted to deal with people in real time? Why not go towards the customer support route?

Introverts can work as Email and Chat support assistants for companies. Customer support only requires you to chat or email with the customers of a business and solve their queries. There is rarely an urgency to resolve matters immediately, further pulling out the pressure of dealing with people.

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As customer support, Suppose you can work from home on behalf of a business. However, this would require you to undergo ntro. In that case,ductory training in the industry to fully understand what they do and how they expect you to solve matters.

What you will do: Receive emails or chats of customers with queries or problems with their experience dealing with the business, with you replying to them and resolving their issues.

How much will you earn: Since customer support doesn’t require much skill or education, the pay scale is also low compared with other jobs. However, it is still enough to make a good living.

An average customer support employee makes around $30,000 a year.

What resources will you need: A standard PC and the internet. Good communication skills are recommended but not required to communicate with customers better.

10. Virtual Bookkeeper

All businesses need proper accounting, however, small to medium companies are good with mere bookkeeping that can help them sort their finances and budgets.

This is why they don’t go hiring a professional accountant but a work-from-home introvert just like you who has some skills in accounting.

Even if you don’t know accounts much, bookkeeping isn’t a complex concept to grasp. All it requires you to do is manage excel sheets and the data (finances) in them. 

If you consider yourself an introvert but responsible, this is the job for you!

You will create and maintain financial records, monitor receipts and expenses, and type the data in a sheet.

How much will you earn: Since bookkeeping doesn’t require much prior experience or expertise, the average income is mid-tier at around $40,000 annually.

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What resources will you need: Any PC that can open a spreadsheet and connects to the internet is all you need!

11. Data Scientist

Are you technical or analytical? Maybe a math nerd (it’s not a bad thing)? Then you may qualify for a data scientist job, one of the most highly paid remote jobs.

Suppose you have prior knowledge and experience working in mathematics, statistics, accounts, or economics. In that case, companies can hire you as a data scientist, where your job would be to publish reports making sense of their scrambled data. Analyzing and reporting how an operation is performing and its future analysis.

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What you will do: Analyze spreadsheet data, graphs, reports, budgets, and finances of a business and publish information that helps explain them to management.

How much will you earn:

Since the field requires extensive technical knowledge, data scientists earn around $80,000.

What resources will you need: Good education or degree in maths, statistics, accounts, or economics? Technical skills in operating spreadsheets. Good writing skills to explain reports, and a good PC and internet. 

12. Social Media Manager

Do you spend a reasonable amount of time during your day scrolling social media? Well, you can now earn from it!

If you have good experience and knowledge of social media, you can create and manage a social media page or a business on your own from your home.

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This wouldn’t require you to communicate with any employees or customers and wouldn’t contain the typical pressure of corporate life.

What you will do: create social media pages (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), upload posts and comments, write descriptions, use hashtags, interact with followers, etc.

How much will you earn:

Entry-level social media managers earn less, around $30,000 a year, but if your social media strategies work and market a business profitably, you can make about $70000-$80000.

What resources will you need: hours and hours of experience browsing social media apps, a PC, a good phone, and the internet for both devices.

13. Software/App Developer

Do you have experience or education in coding or developing apps or software? Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be an in-house employee to work as a software or app developer.

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This job does require you to be the technical skill of coding and using development apps to create applications, so going through a course is highly recommended!

What will you do: Create software or apps on a client’s demand using developer apps and coding skills.

How much will you earn:

Since app and software development require skill and education, the pay is high at around $90000-$100000 a year!

What resources will you need: Education in coding and software development, an above-average PC, and the internet.

14. Proofreading

In this article alone, you see a couple of content-related jobs. However, good content requires assurance of no errors or mistakes. This is where proofreaders come in.

If you think writing content yourself is not a good fit for you, you can review other people’s content, proofread it, and make a living out of it!

This is the best for introverts, especially if you’re still learning your creative side, as proofreading doesn’t require much creativity or skill, just mere focus.

What you will do: Proofread content to ensure there are no errors.

How much will you earn: Since proofreading doesn’t require many skills or expertise, the pay is mid-tier at around $30,000 -$40,000.

What resources will you need: Strong language skills to identify grammatical or vocabulary mistakes and a PC with the internet.

15. Transcribing

And, finally, another content-related job.

Transcribing involves you writing down what you hear. The whole job revolves around listening to audio files and typing down what you hear. 

Many businesses need a written form of communication from an audio file, which is why transcribers have good demand.

For introverts, it’s like a dream job! Sitting on a PC, listening to audio files, and spending hours typing all the dialogues down.

You will transcribe what is said in audio files into written form.

How much will you earn: Since transcribing doesn’t require much skill or education, you shouldn’t expect to make a fortune. The average income of a transcriber is around $20000-$30000 annually!

What resources will you need: Good language and accent-hearing skills to distinguish vocabulary from speech, a pair of headphones, and a PC.

What Kind of Job Suits You:

Jordan Peterson: What Kind of Job Fits You?


And that sums it up! Forget all you’ve heard about how you need to be a social extrovert to make six figure income. 

All the jobs mentioned above are widely popular in the internet world, with many proofs of earning like this.

So wait no more and jump into your interest today!

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