How Do I Approve Google Adsense on my .xyz Domain

As a matter of fact, for Google Adsense’s approval, the content that the site offers is more important than the domain extension. So rather than distressing about your .xyz domain, you need to work on producing strong, original content. 

However, there is a good 80% chance that Google Adsense will approve your .xyz domain extension so you have nothing to worry about!

I understand that when you’re setting up a site, you do worry about certain aspects such as choosing an appropriate domain extension because it impacts on your SEO. 

Google Adsense approval is a process in which google reviews the content of your website and if it deems that the content is not in line with the guidelines, it will refuse to approve your site for AdSense.

There haven’t been many instances reported of Adsense rejecting any application or site based on the domain extension. 

Do Domain Extensions Matter?

Domain extensions have been around for many years, and they are still important today. They are a way to know the type of website you are visiting. For example, by looking at the URL, you can tell that the website is about health if it has “health” in its domain extension. 

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Domain extensions tell visitors what they can expect from the content they find on a site.The most popular domain extensions are .com and .net because these domains are recognized as being trustworthy and safe. 

Nevertheless, .xyz is also amongst the top-level domains, 100% legit and as good as any other extension. 

8 Tips to Get Approval of Google Adsense on your .xyz Domain:

Google Adsense approval is an automated process. The approval team will review the website and determine if it is a good fit for their advertising network.

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Tip # 1; Unique Content:

Publishers are required to provide unique content that has never been published on other sites before. This ensures that only original content is being published on Google’s ad network and prevents sites from publishing duplicate or plagiarized articles on their website just in order to earn money from adsense revenue share.

Make sure your content is not outdated but fresh and interesting!

Tip # 2; Long Content:

The blogs on your site with .xyz domain should have more than 800 words per article. You also need to have at the most 10-15 blogs before you sign up for Google Adsense. 

Tip # 3; High Traffic:

Google Adsense is looking for sites that have a high amount of traffic, and those that have a diverse content base. In order to get Google Adsense approval, you need to make sure your site meets their requirements and has at least 100 unique visitors everyday 

Google adsense approval has strict policies on copyright violations. Publishers are restricted from using copyrighted material in any way that violates copyright law, including but not limited to images, text, and videos.

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Tip # 5; Make About and Contact Page:

Before applying for Google Adsense, make sure you have an about or contact page on your site. This is to ensure Google of your legitimacy and more about you. The contact information could be beneficial for your visitors to reach out to you if they feel the need to. 

Tip # 6; Don’t Use Images Downloaded from Google Images:

Make sure you aren’t copying and using Google Images on your blog. This way you could be intruding on copyrights and Google might even deny your application. 

You can download pictures from free images websites such as Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay

Tip # 7; Make Your Website Look User-Friendly:

Websites are the main source of information and traffic for any business. A website that is not user-friendly or does not look professional will not be approved by google adsense.

The first step to making your website easy to navigate is to create a navigation bar with links to all of the most important pages on your site. This will make it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for without having to browse through the entire site.

The second step is to make sure that your site is mobile-friendly. Google has been pushing this as a requirement in recent years because more people are using mobile devices than desktop computers and tablets.

Tip # 8; Create a Privacy Policy Page on your Site:

Google Adsense will definitely take into notice if you have a privacy policy page and a disclaimer on your site. This reflects professionalism and confirms your site as legit. 

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If you’re struggling with what to put up in your Privacy Policy page, you can visit the Google Adsense Program Policy page to get an idea. 

Bottom Line:

It is noteworthy that your site should comply with Google Adsense’s Publisher Policies and Terms and Conditions in order to get approval easily. Once you’ve double-checked that you follow all of their requirements, you can apply and might even receive approval from Google Adsense on your .xyz domain. 

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