How do I find my blog URL?

A blog URL is the web address of a blog. It is typically made up of the blog’s name and the domain name, such as “” The blog URL is used to access the blog’s content. It is also used by search engines to index the blog’s content.

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You can find your blog URL when you are setting up your blog on blogger.

Here is How to find the blog URL:

1.Sign in to Blogger.

2. On the left, click the Down arrow.

3. Click New blog.

4. Enter a name for your blog.

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5. Click Next.

6. Choose a blog address or URL.

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7. Click Save.

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How to Find the URL of my Blog

In case you are not using blogger and you want to build your blog on WordPress then the domain of your blog is considered the URL to your blog.

In the case of building a blog on WordPress, you will first need to register a new domain and buy hosting to host your blog on it.

When you are using, a blogger provides a free subdomain and hosting account on the blogger platform for new bloggers.

How can I view the blog URL?

You can view your blog URL by going to the “Settings” page for your blog and looking under the “Basic” tab. Your blog URL will be listed there.

You can also find your blog URL by looking at the URL of your blog’s main page. The URL will typically be in the format “”.

How do I submit a URL to Google?

You can submit a URL to Google by using the Google search console tool. To submit a URL to Google Search Console, you must first add and verify your site in Google Search Console. Once you have verified your site, you can submit your URL by adding it to your sitemap or submitting it directly to Google using the “Fetch as Google” tool.

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Google uses a variety of methods to discover new content on the web, including through site crawls, backlinks, and sitemaps.

As such, the best way to ensure that Google finds your content is to publish it on a well-linked website and to regularly update your site with new content.

What is the URL address in blog?

The URL address in a blog is the web address where the blog is located. For example, the URL address for the blog “Example Blog” would be “”.

The URL address for any specific page or post on your blog will would be “”

The part after “/” is known as the slug for a page/post.

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