Is Safe? A Complete Overview

Freelancer is one of the largest platforms for people seeking professional independence and working independently. It has been used by millions of users with thousands of skills. Whenever any online platform that deals in money is launched, the first thing that comes up is the forum’s legitimacy. is a legit platform that is not a scam at all. However, many people have yet to get things their way and end up with a bad experience with

To judge the legitimacy of an online platform, some fundamental factors need to be addressed to decide whether is safe.

Among those factors, longevity and social media presence are among the top things people consider. 

On this parameter, Freelancer is a safe platform, but you have to be cautious with the freelancers on the platform because no internet platform guarantees their users.

To help you understand, I have broken up the insight overview of for you to decide whether it is a safe platform.

Overview Of is one of the largest online platforms that has around 45 million people working from about 247 countries.

Since launched in 2009, the platform has been one of the biggest and attracting professionals and clients from around the globe.

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Such a massive interaction of people is only because of the opportunity they get working with, as it has created more than 16 million jobs for people. has various categories of skills that enable it to become one of the diverse platforms on the internet. 

Pros & Cons Of Using

It gives freedom of choice for freelancers and individuals seeking professionals for their work.They limited bidding options for free membership.
With various skills and millions of professionals, you get the right deal at the right price.Freelancers have to pay before to the platform before they get paid.
It is affordable as compared to other freelancer has the right to ban any account at anytime without any explanation.
Pros & Cons Of Using

What Makes People Think That Is Not Safe?

You may have read negative comments from some users scammed at With millions of users, there is a considerable probability that some users may end up with scammers fooling people into their traps.

This has nothing to do with the platform itself because the number of satisfied people is far more than those who were scammed at 

Yes, sometimes ban accounts without any explanation, making people think they are fraud, but they are not.

Some red flags might make them do that, but you can always raise your case at their support, and they retrieve suspended accounts when justifications are made. 

Conclusion: is a legit platform, so you can trust it, but you must be cautious of scammers because you can end up with a scammer on a legit website.

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So ensure you adopt the right ways to interact with clients and freelancers on the platform. Don’t do deals outside the venue to ensure your money is safe at the escrow account.

With your presence of mind, you can easily save yourself from scams, so be safe and trust the platform millions of others have trusted.

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