The A – Z Of Twitter Advanced Search Techniques (Search Like a Pro)

The days to knock on leads’ doors through emails are outdated. No disregard for the effectiveness of email marketing. It still works for some businesses. Still, now brands use platforms like Twitter (322.4 million in 2022 and will reach around 340 million users by 2024), having Twitter advanced search techniques, making it a potential marketing tool today. 

The user base shows that Twitter is the new lead generation platform helping with targeted leads. With Twitter advanced search techniques, you can save a lot of effort and time. Using these search techniques the right way will make the entire sales and lead generation process 10x easier for a digital marketer. 

We have analyzed different Twitter search techniques in this blog for you. So, we’ll share different ways with you so you can use search options that are available in Twitter’s advanced search dashboard more effectively, as well as what they are suitable for. 

We’ll also demonstrate everything in steps to execute these searches more quickly while using Twitter’s search operators.

Let’s dive in.

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What Makes Twitter Advanced Search Techniques a Tool for Digital Marketers?

When we look at Twitter as a lead generation platform, an essential factor that stands out is its growing user base. There are millions of Twitteraties from around the world so you have a golden chance to promote your brand and generate leads that boost your business’ growth.

Another reason that contributes to the success of Twitter advanced search techniques is how the platform saves your time by reaching your target audience by filtering the search results in an instant. You don’t even have to lift a finger to leverage narrowed search results. 

You can access Twitter’s search bar at the top of its interface and search leads based on their geographical location, a particular interest, and their mentions by using ‘@’ symbols. You’ll get results in a matter of seconds.

Here’s how it works:

In this example, let’s search for Gary Vaynerchuk (the world’s famous digital marketer). We’ll type in the name on the search bar and click enter. At this point, you won’t be able to see any advanced search filters. So, click on the bottom of the drop-down menu and it will take you to another page.

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Picture 1:

HEgdSMfLi8SmWAXlOzI40nJK zDc5Zw9imyDrKZ0vn8xiBoAS58DfuKfETdiZRQykSizCD3y2vOS2 NgWxOjhDXs9aJPO1XCy7jcnqJU4CR4uNvLntwv ZscNi2wToIC60E 5Z9z

Picture 2:

kpgEDUl166Kso nfTvHjlzNTCavvDle6NwXw8bi9KtUdLjkDO5 1ZVgn5YIqs2muumWHsY9lNuheholVTQQ8w ZI

You’ll get Gary Vaynerchuk’s official Twitter account and tweets or accounts where people have mentioned Gary’s name on the directed page. 

To filter the generic search results, you can choose between the top filters like Top, Latest, People, Photos, and Videos. Click on what you need, and you are there.

You’ll also have options to use Twitter advanced search techniques on the left of this page to narrow down the search results further, which we will discuss next. 

Twitter Advanced Search Techniques: How to Use Them?

We know that Twitter is the perfect site to earn leads but can we use it without Twitter advanced search techniques? Not so much. 

So let’s see how you can benefit from Twitter advanced search techniques. 

Ways to Use Advanced Search Techniques on Twitter

To quickly find a particular tweet, Twitter has built-in sophisticated instant search. This functionality, unfortunately, is only available in the Twitter web app (not in the Twitter mobile applications), unlike Facebook’s search operators.  

To conduct Twitter’s advanced search, here’s what to do: 

Launch Twitter, enter your keyphrase into the search bar, then tap Enter. The Twitter search suggestions page comes to light. The “Search filters” tab is located in the sidebar.

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The “Search filters” tab also includes two settings: “People” and “Location.”  By using them to sort through different tweets. 

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Set Location Filters

Select “Advanced search” from the drop-down menu under the filters option.

yvclPdZbOB0MUoQmmYqzyVqBzYM0PgTWXudsVeCKN8qRos TXhDfvozp5CwAyIPtt3XK7jcUwbjq3jxWZfXByW8ua4A96wXbt7MzZp03dqcbDHyg8VYYuZEB4n Gu0rLp2C LCA

Twitter’s Location Advanced Search

Using Twitter’s geographical filters, users can focus on tweets from specific locations worldwide. This is effective if you are a small independent firm looking to engage your client base. 

If you want to advertise your Shopify website, you can interact with people in areas where you believe your products and services will be helpful.

Fill Advanced Search Textbox

The “Advanced search” screen will open, displaying numerous text boxes to support your search, like tweets, hashtags, people, minimum likes, timeframes, and so on.

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uHMiuH gsUd3 aqvWSMPhQSCZJzxenETdCGRVhn6N7SK vu5FRh9IU1CmDU4NtjUYkXeAA26few68UUKRzkZMEioSC4pMIcz iu4


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Further Filters:

vOJVMhxL19 dipKf JUlimIApok6H9wYiFMkmSU2QSUZ6Bp4w7l 21kyHkylH2udk02l3zOLRpnQtsztmVZ4OEuJvRtCGHpBKRdMa6WPoC

Minimum or maximum likes:

p3fRbkAM1XjWcprUK0Yidex263ZtFGqHOOwzAluENe8FGk7qQzplgh6RPn26GudxsLDP2pYzlcG PDuyvqmQ WdWBGrMh vwD2qiKLkSCTVfPGy cnqyFn AXc1 iVA1Kc7CC0eA

Time period: 

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If the previous advanced search technique appears to be too time-intensive, you’ll want to do Twitter advanced search techniques for mobile applications manually, you can do so using numerous search operators and filtration. 

Why Use Advanced Search?

Discovering tweets about your competition involves comparing multiple parts of your brand. Take advantage of this option to learn what your or your competitor’s clientele says about the company. If you locate people unhappy with your competitors’ services, this is an excellent chance for you to step in and offer solutions. 

Manual Twitter Advanced Search Techniques

You can find present or potential users with Twitter advanced search techniques by searching for individuals who reference your product or service. 


Begin an open dialogue with them. It will eventually lead to social media interaction with your business and, ideally, more prospects. Twitter is also an excellent area to assist your audience and users with any questions, hence increasing client loyalty and happiness.

Here’s how to begin your search.

  • Including All the Search Words 

The most common way to find a tweet is to manually type the text from the Twitter post into the search field. 

If you wrote “F.R.I.E.N.D.S quotes” Twitter will scan for tweets that included both the words “F.R.I.E.N.D.S ” and “quotes” as well as the specific phrase “F.R.I.E.N.D.S quotes” 

IMcjQXvTSJRzeohviHY1ZuL0TwrlO32DSt1eenJYONzm 19bUslDNVZHdqfxzhITnwY8ZKKHPxB5JvW HQj4Ov D0YN9Ke9znsg75pCssNwLWf77ycbj5UTRTM dTuFvc2vge2RJ
  • Include Specific Search Words 

Fill in the words sealed in quote marks to find tweets that include the particular line. For instance, if you searched “Could I be more F.R.I.E.N.D.S” the responses would include tweets that included the phrases “Could I be more” rather than “Could I be more” or “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” individually.

fe9LcqbnT pfcAWi24AFAkaabE9aMK JxIbEriuN3HqUp1vhqt8Ew4 MiGx2 Imi1nfGGnzFptsUv2Xfw1jAp2 ockQ5KluJEH

You can also exclude the extra words in the search bar by adding ‘NOT’ word in between the phrase for what you are looking for and what not. 

Search by Sentiment by Emotional Filter

Sentiment searches, which involve a simple kind of natural language processing, can help you realize what terms Twitteraties use and why we should use them (NLP). Favorable, critical, and unbiased searches are the most common. 

For instance: Twitter?

Fh5ckatWzz51Z9q5t2tLOKwXR619OtAt 0eRKa57U6P7mkmupud100WX 1I YbVDJtSd7TdADejvmdUeX2HPErbCf0dE59hSPGNZ6B9NDQJP8elAqoyHLuNibiWH2Lb4PHpIuZ

Discovering how and why users seek might give you a better idea of what your prospective buyers demand. You can buy tools that do extensive NLP analysis on Twitter, but you’ll get there yourself to some level. To begin, look for emotions like emojis, your targeted words, and punctuation.

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Using emojis or expressions, you can locate tweets with a positive or negative perspective. 

For instance, if you entered “Macbook <3” Twitter would discover tweets about Macbook that had a heart emoji.

5ZMWtCSrLjXwBoG ovx7DyKYhdY2yrvxfVQbXk4ijc vog F7JDeywJHv1uSvETn0o8nM5BLDAV0M0MSeIrrLdFDn5CLzUgHcAzeOHHu4cd oUHSRMWWXk20feIvU5kny 0YjsNl

Searching Twitter by sentiment helps you get user insights by clicking ‘view all’.

Why Use Sentiment Search on Twitter?

Because most users prefer Twitter to communicate openly about their views, you have a window into your customer’s head. Sentiment analysis is an excellent approach in Twitter advanced search techniques to stay current with your market and sector. Not to add, Twitter is a hotspot for service quality. 

You can assess what users are talking about in your industry by employing terms that suggest favorable or unfavorable attitudes. You will understand your target audience’s overall feelings and may uncover the need for innovative offerings.

Use Mentions

You can use the mention or verified filter to locate tweets from a specific account.  It’s a fantastic way to land on an insider tweet about a given issue or read what rivals post about in the field of marketing analysis. 

For instance, if you like to see what a lawmaker says on a particular topic, you can filter out tweets by adding “to:” or “from:” before entering their Twitter handle or name.  


KpdflmAK D7G7ZuFOQmQ0NC GCRYim4l6ZvNyJS6CY25DLBuVE3ujnVI6X2kpIf1

From: Gary Vaynerchuk

KKR7lVJyXekcD1rdlq6oPjCwjXVsqQqsdRfJEHJO3K awL5cyB2VZl68VJg 6BL1oP8GDU U1bdcFpPGv5skgntSbgsk6ka3KWGO09gK3lnTNZmhi6peTvX3uuRs0g8nayOWcYqq

Use the phrase “search term filter: verified” to find only tweets from verified Twitter accounts. 

For instance, typing “Binance:verified” would return tweets on junk food from verified Twitter accounts.

Twitter minus out a lot of research struggles for a marketer. By using Twitter advanced search techniques, save time that’s rather invested in the lead hunt. You can reach out to people from any industry and land on their official accounts. 

With all the data that you gather, you can skyrocket your marketing campaign. In 2021, there were reported $3.21 billion post engagements. Anyway, you can turn this around for yourself? Give it a shot!


Twitter has endless business opportunities for someone who knows how to use the platform by leveraging on Twitter advanced search techniques to pick out competitor’s data, user-end insights, and an official’s comments on a particular trend or topic that can help your business. 

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