10 Fun VR Games Without Controller You Must Try

We have found 10 fun VR games without controllers. These are VR Roller Coaster, Snow Strike, Deep Space Battle VR, Smash Hit, End Space VR, VR X-Racer, Darknet, VR Street Jump, Trooper 2, and Darkness Rises. 

The popularity of Virtual Reality games has risen in recent years as they allow gamers to have a real-life experience. 

VR gaming is quite costly as they require some fancy equipment. However, using the latest Daydream and Google Cardboard, you can play VR games just by using your headset. 

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10 VR Games Without Controller

1. VR Roller Coaster

VR Roller Coaster is for everyone who loves adventure. Don’t worry if you don’t live close to a theme park, and you can experience the roller coaster thrill as many times as you want from the comfort of your home.

image 13

VR Roller Coaster not only allows you to try a wide range of roller coasters but also lets you design one that matches your taste and gives you the desired adventure.

You get more than 60 tracks to use and endless chances to choose a park that excites you the most. Additionally, over 10 different rollercoaster trains are offered that you can link together to experience and enjoy. 


VR Roller Coaster on Android (Free)

2. Snow Strike VR

There is no better way to experience snow fights in warmer climates than to play Snow Strike VR. The best thing is you don’t need to buy any expensive VR gaming kit. 

Among these VR games without controllers, Snow Strike VR feels like a tower defense game where you need to defend your castle from enemies trying to destroy it.  

Snow Strike VR

This game provides you with a 180-degree view so you can spot your enemies and dodge incoming enemy attacks. You simply need to look around by moving your head in the correct direction. Moreover, you can throw a snowball at the enemy by pressing the button on your VR headset.


Snow Strike VR on Android (Free) | Oculus ($1.99)

3. Deep Space Battle VR

Deep Space Battle VR allows you to experience real-life spaceship shootouts. You are the only space pilot who needs to save the Earth. 

A single VR headset will let you fly high in the sky and destroy enemy fleets in minutes. You need to be quick with your decisions and movements, as a few continuous shots at your spaceship mean game over. 

Deep Space Battle VR

This VR game without a controller allows you to enjoy incredible galactic landscapes and experience some serious explosions. 

Simply move your head in the right direction, and the gyroscope in your phone will adjust your aim as you fly. Shoot as soon as you see your enemy and take down multiple spaceships in the twinkling of an eye.  


Deep Space Battle VR on Android (Free)

4. Smash Hit

Smash Hit can be played on Oculus and mobile platforms and is one of the best VR experiences you can have. The game is designed to avoid using the controller and enjoy the game with a single cardboard headset. You can also play it like a simple mobile game; however, doing this will not provide you with unlimited fun. 

Smash Hit

It is basically a fast-paced game that lets you travel through different dimensions filled with colorful and challenging environments, obstacles, and other things. Smash Hit is designed beautifully that the player can’t get over so easily. 

You will come across several tiny glass obstacles that you need to take out in order to avoid crashing and keep progressing. After taking down an object or crashing into anything, the multiple animations you encounter feel sophisticated and well-designed.  

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Smash Hit on iOS (Free) | Android (Free) | Oculus ($2.99)

5. End Space VR

End Space VR is similar to Deep Space Battle VR; however, it is specifically designed for iOS users. The game is highly captivating because of the exceptional 3D graphics that make it feel realistic even though it is a mobile game. 

End Space VR

The game is based on skill and gets harder as you take down enemies and keep progressing. It offers a wide range of game modes that keep gamers engaged for hours. 

Moreover, the shooting is dependent on the head gaze system; therefore, you don’t need to press any button since your head movements control everything.


End Space VR for Cardboard on iOS ($0.99)

6. VR X-Racer

Racing games are fun and challenging. And if you are tired of setting up your Play Station or Xbox and want to enjoy anywhere anytime, VR X-Racer is the cover for you. 

It’s always a tough race, and despite having to face AI-driven cars, most races are head-to-head and extremely close. 

VR X-Racer

One thing that differentiates it from other common racing games is that it not only focuses on the competitors and race tracks but also has physical obstacles appearing on the map to keep your attention. 

To control and save your car from crashing, tilt your head to move your car in any direction and pull it backward for brakes. 

Although the graphics are not as good as Need for Speed, they still give you great 3D visual effects. Moreover, to make your game more engaging, it offers you different colored themes and a chance to buy new spaceships from the credits you collect. 

Download: VR X-Racer on iOS (Free) | Android (Free)

7. Darknet

If you got inspired by Elliot Anderson from Mr. Robot and want to copy him without breaking the laws, the Darknet puzzle game is here to help you out. The game design is somewhat similar to cyberpunk movies such as Blade Runner, with some insightful puzzles. 


To succeed, you need to pass through different websites and infect them with exploits, viruses, and worms in order to steal data. Also, you need to get all the data before authorities catch you up. It’s the race against the clock! 

Since you don’t need controllers for this game, your headset should have a button for interacting with the hacking nodes and other things present in the game.   


Darknet on Android ($9.99) | Oculus ($9.99) | PlayStation Store ($14.99) | Steam ($14.99)

8. VR Street Jump

If you have been a fan of games similar to Frogger in childhood and want something like that, VR Street Jump is among the best VR games without a controller for this purpose. 

VR Street Jump

You will use your headset to get through the traffic without getting a hit since it will restart the level. Although Frogger was quite simple, VR Jump Street is much more challenging as you need to make delicate and perfect movements to succeed.  

Moreover, its VR realism also makes the game feel much scarier compared to what we loved as kids. It requires a proper headset as you need to press buttons to make movements. 

9. Trooper 2

First-person games usually require controllers or excellent headsets to play effectively. However, Trooper 2 doesn’t require you to have controllers or top-quality VR headsets. This game gives you a genuine first-person shooter experience with Google Cardboard or other custom DIY headset you may have.  

Trooper 2

Trooper 2 has the added benefit of being accessible to those new to FPS games. To be good at trooper 2, you need not be an expert in FPS games with godlike aim. It offers a 360-degree view, so movements are not limited when shooting. 

However, Trooper 2 is among those VR games without a controller that must be played in large rooms, so you don’t bump into objects and hurt yourself. The game is far better than other mobile games because of its amazing realistic shooting experience.

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10. Darkness Rises

The game Darkness Rises is an epic fantasy that features beautiful visuals and creative gameplay. The game takes us to the frightening realm of battle, where monsters, demons, and wizards await to attack us. 

Darkness Rises

With this role-playing game, you can test and develop your skills, enjoy epic boss fights, and customize your character. Moreover, its improvised RPG feature allows you to control enemies and turn monsters against themselves. 

Among all these VR games without controllers, Darkness Rises appeals to those who enjoy horror and frightening gameplay without being concerned about the scary environment in which the game will take place.

11. VR Karts: Sprint

VR Karts: Sprint is one of the most entertaining games to play with friends with an Oculus Go VR headset, without needing a controller. 

The game doesn’t require a VR controller at all! Instead, the game is dedicated to using gaze-based controls, where players guide where their kart wants to go by simply looking in that direction.

You can race on a variety of tracks in the game, where each race features special power-ups such as speed boosts or weapons that you can use to slow your opponents. Basically, like Mario Kart.

VR Karts: Sprints has a multiplayer mode to play against players online all around the world, and a single-player campaign as well that is full of difficult challenges. 

A great unique feature of VR Karts Sprint is different comfort settings to prevent motion sickness. Motion sickness is a common issue faced by VR racing players, however, with the plethora of effective comfort settings in the game, you can race around for hours without any discomfort.

12. Beat Saber

Beat Saber is one of the most popular VR games in the streaming industry. You may be wondering that all the Beat Saber videos you have watched always included controllers- but let me tell you that a controller isn’t really needed to play the game!

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, Beat Saber is a popular rhythm game where players slice through blocks (using a VR sword) in time with the beat of the music played in the background.

The game is extremely popular for having a variety of difficulties (including almost-impossible challenges), and the most popular and latest tracks!

Beat Saber has a one-handed mode that uses head movements to control laser swords, not needing any VR controllers. 

Your sword follows the direction your head moves in, dodging and hitting obstacles with your head. 

13. Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a cooperative puzzle VR game without controller that is typically played by 2 players.

In the game, one player (with a VR headset) is trapped in a virtual room that has a ticking bomb while another player is outside the room instructing the other player on how to diffuse the bomb. The player outside the room doesn’t even need a VR headset, they just need the defusal manual that can be accessed on a phone even.

The objective is to communicate efficiently and defuse the bomb before the time runs out.

The game uses gaze-based controls where all you need to do is look at different parts of the bomb to interact with the different components. It can also be played with a VR controller if you do have one.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is extremely popular in VR games without controller for being fun and challenging, requiring efficient communication skills in a high-pressure and intense environment. 

The game can be played with more than 2 players as well, so whether it’s a party or you’re having a game date, Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes will promise you an unforgettable time!

14. Unplugged: Air Guitar

Unplugged: Ait Guitar is a rhythm game just like Beat Saber, however, this is fitter to rock and roll! 

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While Air Guitar is mostly played with a VR controller, it can be played without one as well.

In the game, you take the role of a rock star performing on a big stage. The objective is to hit the right notes and perform killer guitar solos playing an air guitar.

Without a VR controller, your body movements perform the air guitar motions that can be registered by the game accurately via the VR headset’s built-in sensors.

The game has many difficulty levels suitable for your experience to make it a fun adventure for you even if you’re a pro at Guitar Hero or are just picking up a (virtual) guitar for the first time.

Unplugged: Air Guitar is a great getaway for the garage-band teenager that still lives in your heart and wants to be a rockstar! The environment of the game is extremely immersive and to make the game even more fun, you can also compete against other players in multiplayer mode!

15. Liteboxer

Liteboxer is more of a VR experience than a VR game, but the experience does involve boxing around punching bags that mimic a boxing game.

The intended purpose of Liteboxer is to be an innovative home fitness application that helps users engage in a boxing workout.

This VR game without controller helps you immerse in the experience of practicing to box in a ring, consisting of punch pads that are equipped with LED lights and sensors that lead you where to throw punches.

The device also provides feedback on the various boxing combinations and exercises, correcting your form and technique.

Liteboxer can be used to train for boxing, kickboxing, or general fitness, and deems itself suitable for people of all skill levels featuring various difficulties and challenges.

Regularly using Liteboxer for a full-body workout can help you with numerous health benefits such as improved cardiovascular health, building strength, and relieving stress.

16. I Expect You To Die

I Expect Yout Yo Die is yet another VR puzzle game that can be played with or without a VR controller both.

In the game, you take the role of a spy who faces a series of missions involving challenging puzzles and traps. To make the experience immersive, the game is set in a variety of locations while each mission is unique and requires innovative strategies and problem-solving skills.

To play I Expect You To Die without a VR controller, you can rely on gaze-based controls where you can interact with objects by simply looking at them. The game additionally features voice recognition that is also used to interact with elements.

I Expect You To Die is an extremely engaging and challenging VR experience that keeps you on your toes and requires critical thinking and quick decision-making to progress through the game.

17. Tilt Brush

Tilt Brush is a painting application made by Google that can be played without a VR controller, but offers some limitations when compared to playing with a VR controller.

The app offers users to create artwork by using different brushes, colors, and effects, ultimately painting using their hand motions.

Tilt Brush is a great platform for artists that helps them isolate themselves in a virtual world to focus on painting artwork, which provides them with an effective approach to heighten their creativity obstructing any real-life distractions. But even for non-artists, the application is considered to be a favorite tool for meditation or relaxation.

Play VR Games Without Controller

Despite being immersive and high-tech, playing virtual reality doesn’t always require a fancy setup. If you don’t want to use joysticks or a Bluetooth gamepad, these VR games without controllers are perfect for you. 

All you need to do is put your headset on and enjoy.  Play these games and have fun without being bothered by anything. These VR games without controllers are far more immersive than what one can expect from typical mobile games. 

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