11 Google Adsense Alternatives That Pay Publishers Well

You might be wondering “Is there anything better than Adsense?”, when in fact there are tons of alternatives for Google Adsense such as media.net, that you can definitely sign up for and monetize your website! 

Sounds tempting, no? However, there goes a lot behind these ad creator tools and you need to be proficient in the work that you produce to use Google Adsense or any of its alternatives. 

I happened to stumble across media.net, it was unintentional but I am glad I did because that’s how I discovered a whole new world of ad creator platforms besides Google Adsense and I am not trying to fool you, I was intrigued to try one out right away. 

There’s no doubt that Google Adsense pays $1 to $25 for every 1000 visitors and its eligibility criteria can get onerous to meet but I can assure you that some of these Google Adsense alternatives are paying you way more with fewer requirements and it doesn’t stop here; find some more shocking features of the other advertising platforms in the digital industry.

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Why Choose an Adsense Alternative?

Are you someone who’s been struggling to get their Adsense application approved? This is precisely why choosing an Adsense alternative should be appraised by you. 

Adsense certainly is the best in the Ad Network world but due to its strict eligibility criteria, its revenue share which is 68% that the publishers receive of the proceeds generated by ads on websites, limited ad customization options, and its high-quality content policy, numerous applications are rejected and there goes your chance of monetizing your site. 

So, what’s better than trying out other alternatives with easy-going requirements?

8 Cut-Throat Alternatives of Google Adsense:

1. Adsterra:

Adsterra is one of the world-renowned Partner Care Ad networks assisting over 30 Billion Ad impressions worldwide each month. It collaborates with over 12,000 direct publishers and various brands, and media agencies serving conventional and nonconventional verticals. Advertisers have the authority to choose between a built-in self-service platform with live chat and automated onboarding.  

Key Features of Adsterra:

  1. It provides multiple cost models; CPM, CPI, CPC, CPA.
  2. It has a three level security and a reliable fraud detection system.
  3. User-friendly and easy start.
  4. It provides multiple ad formats like Native Banners, Popunder etc. 
  5. It provides three anti adblock options that could raise your revenue by 35%.
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Minimum Payout:

Adsterra’s minimum payout is around $5. 

Minimum Requirements of Adsterra:

  1. The deposit value is about $100.
  2. Your website should have a minimum 5000 visitors for pop unders.
  3. No illegitimate content should be on the website.

2. MediaFem:

One of the best alternatives to Adsense, MediaFem is ready to provide you with a robust, user-friendly system to help monetize your website. They have integrated ad serving for mobile and websites and have high-performing campaigns for display advertisements for many countries in the Latin American region such as Unilever, Nestle, Ford, etc. 

Key Features of MediaFem:

  1. Worldwide access to distinct demand.
  2. Substantial yield from each impression.
  3. Protects and secures your brand.
What are  alternatives of Google AdSense

Minimum Payout:

The minimum threshold for MediaFem is $100 and once your account reaches $100, the payment would be done in approximately 53 days.

Minimum Requirements for MediaFem:

  1. Content must be safe from nudity and abusiveness. 
  2. Articles cannot be entirely image based.
  3. Blogs must be posted frequently with a date and time stamp.
  4. Content must be original and fresh.
  5. The site must pass all review inspections.
  6. The site must be user-friendly and should have a history of content.

3. Media.net:

Media.net is the second largest contextual advertising network worldwide in terms of revenue. It has one of the most comprehensive ad technology portfolios in the advertising industry. Licensed by some of the leading publishers and ad technology companies in the world, media.net serves over 5 million websites with high-quality advertisements. 

The Parent Company of media.net is Bing & Yahoo. 

What are  alternatives of Google AdSense

Key Features of Media.net:

  1. Easy to access and harmonize with, unobstructive experience. 
  2. Revenue and ROI optimization capabilities. 
  3. High-quality tech
  4. Customer Control and Privacy
  5. 100% Uptime Scalability 

Minimum Payout:

The minimum threshold of media.net is $100 on a Net-30 payment basis. For every 1000 impressions, the RPM that media.net typically pays is 5$ which is relatively among the highest RPM in the industry currently. 

Minimum Requirements for Media.net:

  1. 10,000 views on the page per month.
  2. High-quality content on the site. 
  3. The language used on the site should only be English. 
  4. No restricted content should be on the site.

4. Ezoic:

Ezoic claims to be the first solution in the digital advertising industry to integrate machine learning and AI into its products and features. Ezoic was presented with the Google Business Innovation Award for its impact on the publisher’s revenue in 2016. It increased time on site by over 43% for flawless English Grammar and it increased 400% revenue and 84% in time on site for Simply Psychology. 

The Trusted Partner of Ezoic is Google

What are  alternatives of Google AdSense

Key Features of Ezoic:

  1. Ezoic’s technology includes features of monetization, site speed, etc. 
  2. The company has been relentlessly working towards SDGs. It has a whole section for their Corporate Social Responsibilities. 
  3. Automated site testing for users to easily navigate through content. 
  4. Assists publishers to maximize their revenues by utilizing Adsense and DoubleClick Ad Exchange

Minimum Payout:

Ezoic’s minimum account revenue threshold for payment is $20, You get paid every month. However, Ezoic does not offer a fixed price for its CPM or RPM but it depends on your traffic and niche. 

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Minimum Requirements for Ezoic:

  1. 10,000 Monthly views on the page.
  2. Should be Adsense supported.
  3. The website must be adhering to Google Policies.
  4. Only those websites would be approved that come under Adsense-approved languages.
  5. High-quality, rich content on the site. 

I have been using Ezoic on this website for the past 1 year and it has been going great. Here is my quick guide on how I start a blog, the costs to blog, and a free blog post planner for you.

earning report 1

5. Adversal:

Adversal is known as one of the best Adsense alternatives. Adversal offers a geo-targeting choice that guarantees advertisers are paid top dollar for the ads displayed on sites for the audience. This ultimately means more money for publishers!

What are  alternatives of Google AdSense

Key Features of Adversal:

  1. Adversal has a built-in CMP for compliance under GDPR and Monetization.
  2. Protects the tag management system through its fraud filter.
  3. Great reporting system which helps you to keep a track of different ad campaigns. 

Minimum Payout:

Adversal’s Minimum Payment Threshold is $20.

Minimum Requirements for Adversal:

  1. Should have its own domain name.
  2. Must not have any adult or abusive content.
  3. Must be a fully functioning website with operations done over 60 days.
  4. Should have at least 50,000 views per month.
  5. Must not be affiliated with any kind of spam or inflate impressions.

6. Amazon Associates; Native Shopping Ads:

Amazon, a widely known multinational technology company has a program named Amazon Associates that helps bloggers, content writers, and publishers to monetize their sites with traffic. Amazon Associate uses link-building tools to direct their viewers to their recommendations in attractively designed ad units and be paid for programs and purchases. These ads are placed at the end of content pages or in between for a compelling user experience. 

What are  alternatives of Google AdSense

Key Features of Amazon Associates; Native Shopping Ads:

  1. Provides relevant recommendations to their visitors. 
  2. Is responsive and quick to reply to queries. 
  3. Easy to use; user-friendly.
  4. You can customize your ad unit elements and can select hints that harmonize with your website. 

Minimum Payout:

The minimum payout threshold is $10 and is typically received after every 2 months. 

Minimum requirements for :

  1. No minimum traffic is required.
  2. Your site must have original, high-quality content.
  3. The posts on your site should be publicly available.

7. PropellerAds:

Propeller Ads is a self-service advertising company with over one billion online users per month. It provides powerful marketing solutions and offers industry-leading advertising and extensive optimization technology for web publishers and online marketers. 

What are  alternatives of Google AdSense

Key Features of PropellerAds:

  1. Operating with verticals such as Gaming, Technology, E-Commerce, Mobile App Installs, Entertainment, etc. 
  2. The daily ad impressions are more than 750 million globally. 
  3. 24/7 Live Chat and Support Team available for all queries and assistance. 
  4. Self-Service Platform providing real-time statistics. 

Minimum Payout:

The eCPM rate is $5. 

Minimum requirements for Propeller Ads:

  1. An initial deposit of $100.
  2. No minimum traffic is required.
  3. Does not require you to have any skills or online marketing knowledge.

8. Monumetric:

Monumetric is an ad display partner with ad units that monetize a blog’s traffic. It provides bloggers with ads that favor the owner of the website. It is best for bloggers with mid-sized blogs on their sites. Monumetric started the Blogger Network and has been flourishing since in the advertising network in the blogging arena. 

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What are  alternatives of Google AdSense

Key Features of Monumetric:

  1. It generates display ads based on the content of your blog and the interests of the viewers. 
  2. Cooperative; collaborate closely with partners to test and set up the perfect layout for their goals.
  3. Minimum traffic requirement
  4. It has fast-loading ads and the implementation of ads is easy
  5. Several ad unit options

Minimum Payout:

The RPM at Monumetric is $5-$8. 

Minimum Requirements for Monumetric:

  1. Pay a one-time setup fee; of $99.
  2. Minimum of 10,000 pageviews per month.
  3. Requires a WordPress Site.
  4. Should have a sidebar on every page of your website.
  5. Should be approved by Ad Providers. 

9. Studads:

Studads is an advertising-affiliated network for publishers and advertisers. It monetizes sites through both CPC and CPM ads. The quality of ads by Studads is similar to that of Adsense due to its PG-10 Grade. 

What are  alternatives of Google AdSense

Key Features of Studads:

  1. Easy approval and worldwide coverage
  2. It is best for CPA Content.
  3. Full control of CPM rate of ads.
  4. Have a fool-proof click fraud detection system. 

Minimum Payout:

The minimum payout is $10. 

Minimum Requirements for Studads:

  1. The website should be free from abusive content. 
  2. Should have high TDL domains.
  3. Alexa rank should be less than 100,000. 

Infolinks has 240 million monthly users, 350,000 websites globally, and 3rd the largest publisher marketplace in the digital ad industry. It is an international advertising platform that provides advertising solutions for publishers and advertisers. Online advertisers use the Infolinks self-service marketplace to personalize their marketing campaigns. Infolinks enables you to deliver your brand’s information to its users. 

Screen Shot 2022 09 22 at 12.39.23 AM
  1. Advertisements are customizable with 
  2. A wide array of ad formats to place with Infolinks ads to monetize your site.
  3. Provides mobile ads to maximize ad revenue.
  4. Intent targeting by contextual ads targeting the viewer’s system to show relevant ads.

Minimum Payout:

Infolinks’ minimum payout is $50. 

  1. No illegal or abusive content should be on the website. 
  2. Your website should have a minimum of 100 views a day. 

11. Revcontent:

Revcontent is a pre-eminent content marketing and advertising platform that supports lightweight, customizable technology to help leading web publishers and marketers attain and surpass their revenue, growth goals, and engagement. 

Screen Shot 2022 09 22 at 12.40.33 AM

Key Features of Revcontent:

  1. Provides monetization opportunities that aren’t based on cookies. 
  2. Claims to perform 60% faster than ad platforms.
  3. Promises revenue uplift of 20% CPM. 

Minimum Payout:

The minimum payment threshold is $100. 

Minimum Requirements of Revcontent:

  1. Minimum traffic required is around 50,000-80,000 visitors per month. 
  2. Should have high-quality, fresh content.

Bottom Line:

Adsense stands on top in the digital advertising platforms and shall continue to maintain its integrity moving forward as well. However, apart from the Adsense alternatives that I’ve mentioned above, there are plenty of other alternatives that you can definitely try out if you aren’t earning enough through Adsense or if your Adsense application has still not been approved. Apply to either of them and enjoy monetizing your site! 

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