Why Am I Receiving Text Messages From 21525? Is 21525 A Scam Number?

Receiving text messages from 21525 is standard and is not a scam number. 21525 is an SMS short code that Walgreens uses to alert customers of their orders and purchase details. Companies use these shortcodes to have a unique element to their customer service so their customers can identify the sender. 

Today, customer experience is one of the critical fundamentals in business, and companies are getting to different extents to provide premium service to their customers. One of them is using shortcodes to alert customers about their purchase details. The company collects customers’ contact details by asking them for their phone numbers; later, it is used to communicate and share promotional offers and sales. 

As the use of shortcode gives customers a sense of premium service and identify the sender, scammers start using such code to fool people and steal their money and data.

Over the years, thousands of cases were reported where people were scammed by text messages received from shortcodes followed by a call from the scammer. Such scams make people cautious, and they start getting worried when they receive messages from shortcodes. This might be why you are here searching whether the text message you receive from 21525 is legit or you are being scammed. 

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Who Is Sending Text Messages From 21525?

21525 is a shortcode used by Walgreens. Walgreens is an American chain store that deals majorly in grocery items and is very popular in the US since Walgreen use this shortcode to send messages to their customer that usually carries purchase details, promotional content, or transactional details. 

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Why 21525 Is Sending Messages To Me?

You are receiving text messages from 21525 because you have subscribed for their SMS alert. Walgreen only sends you text with your consent. A salesperson or any employee of the company might have asked for your number, and you must have allowed them to send messages to you. That is why Walgreens sends messages to you using an SMS short code 21525.

How Can I Stop Receiving Messages From 21525?

Well, you can always stop receiving messages from 21525. You need to unsubscribe from the SMS alert service that you might have enabled at Walgreens. Contact their helpline or visit the store to ask them what to do. The SMS alert service is to help customers and inform them about their purchase, and if you are annoyed at any point, they will immediately stop sending you the message. 

Is It Safe To Reply To Walgreen’s Shortcode 21525?

It is safe to reply to these numbers, but you usually don’t have to. Walgreens only send product details, stock details, order details, and promotional offers using the shortcode 21525, which doesn’t needs a reply. Avoid sending sensitive details like OTP and personal information to be on the safe side. 

If you face any issue with your order, call their helpline to log a complaint. 

Bottom Line

By now, you must have understood that receiving text messages from 21525 is not part of any scam, and your personal information is not leaked to anyone. You might have received text messages from other shortcodes owned by other companies you often visit. Avoid sharing your personal information on such codes because businesses never ask for such details using shortcodes. 

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