Why is TikTok not Showing my Videos (With 9 Quick Fixes)

At times, when the load is too high, the TikTok server tends to slow down the speed of posting videos. This may cause Tiktok not to show your videos on your account. It seems to be the most popular solution to this issue, while there are far more glitches that might be causing this problem to occur. 

Since its launch, Tiktok has soared in popularity in nearly all parts of the world, with over one billion active users. With such a great number of TikTok users and the most downloaded app in 2022, facing issues is inevitable. 

Its notable addictive quality and prominent levels of engagement have provided a platform for individuals to showcase their talents across the globe. 

It has also conferred the possibility of earning in the comfort of your home; hence, the increased number of users. This has been creating havoc and many users have been repeatedly complaining and looking for solutions. 

You will find a couple of solutions below; 

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8 Reasons Why TikTok is not Showing Your Videos

Apps can face technical glitches. Sometimes, you just need to be patient and reopen the app which may fix the problem. Other times, the videos might not be showing because of these factors:

Reason # 1: Server Down:

One of the most common reasons why your videos are not showing is probably because the TikTok server is down due to heavy traffic. If this is the problem, consider waiting for a while,  and refreshing the homepage or reopening the app.

Reason # 2: Weak Internet Connection:

Another typical reason could be that your internet isn’t working properly. An unstable or poor internet connection can cause the videos not to load or appear blank. This could be a result of a congested network environment or low bandwidth. 

Reason # 3: Private Account:

Have you considered opening your privacy settings and checking whether your account is public or private? Yes, I got you! Your videos are probably not showing because your account is private and not open for the public to view. Switch your account to public and let users access your videos. 

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Reason # 4: Only Me:

If your video setting is set on ‘Only Me’, it cannot be viewed by other users until the settings are switched to ‘Everyone or Friends.’ You need to change the video’s privacy setting from the “Who can watch this video” option. 

Reason # 5: Your Video is Under Evaluation:

An application that is accessible to anyone anywhere in the world would follow certain protocols to avoid any kind of intolerable occurrences. Circumstances such as pornographic videos, and abusive or vulgar content are filtered through close evaluation and are prevented. These videos are flagged as spam and the users are usually notified that their videos are being reviewed. 

Reason # 6: Account Shadow banned or Suspended:

This could be one of the most infuriating reasons to tackle with. Most of the time, the user is shadow banned which most users typically realize after they’ve tried almost all solutions.

The user isn’t informed about it and this generally happens when you post explicit content or TikTok suspects suspicious schemes.

At times, your account is suspended when several complaints are lodged against an account or you’ve posted videos that commit a breach of TikTok rules.

Reason # 7: Video Size is Large or Lengthy:

The video you posted might be a larger video file size or the video might be more lengthy than permitted under TikTok rules and regulations.

If the video does not contemplate the recommended length predetermined by TikTok, your video would automatically be removed. 

Reason # 8; Unappealing Content:

If the videos that you post on TikTok aren’t engaging or don’t harmonize with the kind of content viewers want to see, they will not appear on the “For You Page” of the users, hence your TikTok video won’t get views, and would not be showing up for others. 

9 Quick Solutions to Why TikTok isn’t Showing your Videos:

Solution # 1: Restart your device:

Start out with the easiest and most obvious fix which is by restarting your electronic gadget. There could be a minor glitch in your device that usually causes apps to act up. After your device has restarted, open the app and the chances are that your TikTok videos might appear on your page. 

Solution # 2: Reinstall the Application:

At times, there are technical faults in the application that obstructs you from viewing your TikTok videos. Simply reinstalling the app sometimes works its magic. Uninstall the application from your device and reinstall it from your Google Play Store or App Store. After the application is reinstalled, log into your account and you’d probably be able to view your videos. 

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Solution # 3: Check your Internet Connection:

As mentioned above, if the internet connection isn’t stable, it could be causing problems. Follow the directives mentioned beneath; 

  1. Reconnect to your internet connection. If the problem still persists;
  2. Restart your router.
  3. Check to be sure that your phone isn’t on Airplane Mode.
  4. Contact your Internet Provider if you detect a problem with your connection. 

In this case, it’ll be evident that your TikTok videos aren’t showing because of your connectivity issues. 

Solution # 4: Check for App Updates:

Pending updates may allow you to post videos up on your feed but it wouldn’t appear on people’s “For You Page.” You need to open the app on Google Play Store or App Store and check if there are any updates that you need to run. Once the app is updated, open the app and you’ll most likely see the video on your feed but this time the number of views would be visible.

Solution # 5: Switch the account to Public:

If you want your videos to be viewed by your followers or everyone, you need to follow these steps to make your account public;

  1. Open TikTok and tap the three-bar menu at the extreme top corner of the app.
  2. Tap on Settings and Privacy in the Menu Bar.
  3. Tap on the Privacy Option.
  4. Tap on the small bar beside Private Account to turn it off. 
  5. Then open any video of yours and tap on Privacy Settings.
  6. Tap on “Who can view this video” and select the option “Everyone \ Public or Friends.” 

Solution # 6: Clear TikTok’s Cache and Cookies:

Clearing cache often helps with resolving minor issues, getting rid of corrupted data and helps in running the application more smoothly. This could be triggering the app to malfunction, causing your TikTok videos not to show on the feed. You can clear the cache on your devices by following the simple method shared below; 

  1. Open Settings and Tap on Battery and Device Care.
  2. Tap on Memory and then Apps not used recently.
  3. Tap TikTok from the list. 
  4. Select Storage and tap on Clear Cache. 

Solution # 7: Create Engaging Content:

If your videos don’t synchronize with the kind of content your viewers expect to see on your account, you won’t gain any views or followers. Try making funny videos, or follow the Top TikTok Video Trends to stay updated so that you can create content that is trending and more viewed by the public.

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Solution # 8: Shadow banned or Suspended Account:

If your account has been shadow banned or suspended, you could contact TikTok Help Center or report a complaint \ problem on TikTok’s support page. However, before you file a complaint, please make sure you’ve tried all the other possibilities. 

Solution # 9: Talk to a TikTok Specialist:

If none of the above solutions seem to work, you can speak to a TikTok Support Technician who might be able to reach the root cause of the problem and provide easy fixes for why TikTok is not showing your videos.  

5 Frequently Asked Questions:

Why aren’t there any views on my TikTok video?

The most probable reason for not getting views on your TikTok video is not meeting the community guidelines of TikTok. If TikTok detects and deems any video inappropriate or offensive, they might flag it as spam. Other than that, maybe the TikTok server is down and it is not showing the correct amount of views. 

How long does a shadowban last on TikTok?

A shadow ban on TikTok may last a minimum of 24 hours up to a maximum of 14 days. 

Can you find out who reported you on TikTok?

No, we cannot know who reported you on TikTok as the request is received as anonymous

Does TikTok tell you if your video has been reported?

No, TikTok does not inform you if your video is reported, unlike the case where the videos are flagged as spam and are under review. This is because reporting is done anonymously under TikTok Community Rules. 

Why did my TikTok video disappear after uploading?

This could have happened due to the device’s sudden power off. If your phone restarted or stopped functioning while you were uploading a video, then it might not have been uploaded. Another reason could be because of network connectivity issues. Make sure while uploading your video, that the network connection is strong. 

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, you need not worry or lose your calm when you find out that TikTok is not showing your videos. It could be because of numerous reasons as mentioned above which have quick fixes and are guaranteed to be solvable. 

Try solving the issue with the most apparent reasons first and then move towards seeking assistance from TikTok Tech Support in case none of the aforementioned solutions work for you. 

You also need to go through the terms and conditions, rules, and regulations of TikTok to avoid any future troubles and conveniently relish your time TikToking! 

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