3 Cheapest Cloud Hosting Providers For GPU Servers

When you want your web application to be working optimally, processing, computing, and rendering a massive amount of data all the time, you need a GPU server.

GPU servers, unlike normal CPU-powered web servers, use less energy while being able to perform better than up to 400 CPU-powered servers!

With a GPU server, you get systems equipped with the most advanced graphics cards.

While graphics cards were traditionally used to boost performance in video playback and gaming, GPUs are now recognized to be packed with processing power, increasing the performance of a machine by working together with the CPU.

Where Are GPU Servers Used?

When users saw the processing capabilities of GPUs in comparison to CPUs, many industries that require high processing powers shifted to GPU servers.

These industries include:

  • Health care
  • Finance
  • Data Sciences
  • Cryptomining
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
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Cheapest GPU Servers For Cloud Hosting

Since GPU servers offer better performance than traditional CPU servers, you can expect the pricing model to be more expensive.

Practically, the best GPU systems in the world (mostly powered by Nvidia) do cost a lot of bucks. This is why hosting providers tend to charge a high price for offering cloud hosting for their GPU servers which requires a heavy investment.

To ease your search for cheap GPU server hosting, we have filtered out the cheapest GPU server cloud hosting providers that can fulfill your needs at the lowest of costs!

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Genesis Cloud

Genesis Cloud is the best-recommended option for your enterprise needs when looking into GPU servers because of its affordable costs and GPU servers that are packed with the best graphics cards available in the world.

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Genesis Cloud claims to be 85% cheaper than most cloud hosting providers with GPU servers.

They offer a transparent and flexible pricing model, featuring: 

  • NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti
  • NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti
  • NVIDIA RTX 3080
  • NVIDIA RTX 3090

To get a glimpse of what Genesis can offer you at the most minimal charge, at around $0.60 an hour you can get 1 GTX 1080Ti, 4vCPUs, 12GB RAM, and 80GB SSD.

This will include network storage, snapshot functionality, security groups, IP address, free ingress and egress, and, to keep in check with the global environment, 100% renewable energy!


Paperspace has been providing hosting solutions to the world for many years, offering versatile products to fulfill the needs of its clients.

If Genesis Cloud’s limited options weren’t your cup of tea, Paperspace should satisfy your tastes!

Paperspace offers dedicated GPU, multi-GPU, Standard GPU, and CPU servers, all ranging from different prices as per the needs of the business.

Along with the high-spec GPU server plans, here’s what Paperspace offers its customers:

  • Private Networking
  • Templates
  • VPN Gateways
  • Shared Drives
  • Free UNLIMITED Bandwith
  • Snapshots
  • Public IPs

To get a glimpse of what Paperspace offers in their plans, for just $0.07/hr, you get 2vCPU, 4GB RAM, 512MB GPU (standard), and 50GB SSD. 

While dedicated GPU plans start at a low price of $0.45/hr offering up to 8GB GPU VRAM.

Google Cloud

Want to go for a reliable cloud hosting provider that is trusted around the world? Go for Google Cloud!

Google Cloud offers a wide range of GPU servers for cloud hosting and the pricing model is kept extremely affordable to attract businesses in the US to rely on their processing systems more on GPU servers.

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GPUs available at Google Cloud with their respective features and prices are shown in the table below.

GPUVRAMBandwith Price
NVIDIA V10016GB900 GB/s$2.48/hr
NVIDIA Tesla K8012GB240 GB/s$0.45/hr
NVIDIA T416GB320 GB/s$0.35/hr
NVIDIA P48GB192 GB/s$0.6/hr
NVIDIA Tesla P10016GB732 GB/s$1.46/hr

Among all the options mentioned above, the Tesla T4 GPU is the most affordable GPU server option for enterprises wanting to get in the high-spec trends of getting a GPU server hosting plan.

The T4 is widely reviewed and popular for being a high bandwidth and multitasking GPU that can prove its worth by being extremely cost-beneficial.

Conclusion – Which GPU Server Host Should I Choose?

Now that you have 3 of the cheapest GPU server cloud hosting providers available, you need to understand what your enterprise needs at the moment.

Generally, the hosting provider you choose should have the GPU server located close to the region that you operate from (to get the best price and performance).

And as for the GPUs, the NVIDIA GTX and RTX series can give you the best performances, but the Tesla K80 and V100 are 2 of the most cost-beneficial GPUs known to businesses.

Choose wisely and good luck! Interested in Java and JSP hosting? Check out our guide on 3 FREE Web Hosting Spaces for JAVA and JSP applications.

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