What Is Web 3.0? – Complete Beginner Guide

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Web 3.0 is a forecast of the next internet era we’re about to jump in.  Web 3.0 refers to an internet environment where internet privacy will peak, and users, will enjoy complete anonymity. The digital presence of people would be separate from physical presence like using cryptocurrencies on the internet while credit cards in real … Read more

How to Create NFT Art without Coding

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Crypto art is a hot trend in the crypto world, with many artists creating valuable pieces of digital art. However, it’s not always possible or easy to create your own NFTs without knowing how to code. You can still make valuable crypto art using an NFT platform that allows non-coders to participate in the creation … Read more

20 Rarity Tools NFT hat Investors Should Know

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Not every day, investors from all over the world flock to one cryptocurrency exchange to grasp any opportunity they can get their hands on.  The exponential growth of NFT space has made even those with reservations about digital assets interested, and demand for top-notch tools seems affected too; many are trying hard just like me … Read more

Why Can’t I Take a Screenshot of an NFT: The explained


If you take a screenshot of a cryptocurrency’s design or NFT, modify it to make the original work more visible (e.g., increase its size), and then sell that newly modified version for cash – not only are they theft but also copyright infringement! The creator of the NFT would have the exclusive rights to reproduce … Read more

13 Best Ways of Making Money in the Metaverse

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The Metaverse economy is established upon the trade and purchase of digital goods, which range from NFTs to clothing and even digital pets. Looking at the size of the huge corporate support standing behind NFTs, there are good odds of the metaverse economy taking off to places as these corporate people will invest in the … Read more

15 Top NFT Creators To Watch Out For


In the highly controlled world of art, digital artists are now rewriting history, overthrowing the original creators of art, along with their classic creations. Beeple, Hackatao, and PAK are now the top dogs of the art world, with their art becoming a must-buy for the ultra-rich.  There is no turning a blind eye to the … Read more

Are NFTs A Scam Or Legit?

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The NFT movement hit the internet and spread like wildfire. When some NFTs sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions of common internet users were attracted to NFT, hoping for a big payout for themselves as well from digital pixelated art. Because the concept looks so easy: create a pixelated picture of a dog, … Read more

Black Mirror Predicted The Metaverse in Season 4th Episode

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Technology is advancing in the space of Artificial intelligence(A.I.), Augmented Reality (A.R.), Virtual Reality (V.R.), digitalized social rating, and even blockchain supporting a decentralized structure. I’m sure you can think of a movie that predicted using one of the above technologies way ahead of its time. The Terminator, Matrix, and Simpsons Show are a few … Read more

How to Transfer an NFT? Meta Mask, OpenSea and Binance (STEPWISE Guide)

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If there is one buzzword that has hit the headlines in 2021, it is undoubtedly “NFTs.” They’re everywhere in the media and on internet websites, particularly in the crypto sector. The latest crop of crypto assets is redefining asset ownership.  Non-fungible tokens offer you the worth of originality that you bring to the table above … Read more