How to Become an Email Marketing Strategist? (5 Skills You Need)

Email marketing is still considered a powerful digital marketing tool used for interacting with customers and generating leads to grow a business. According to research, email is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter to attract new customers. 

Besides, 64% of small businesses use email marketing to reach potential consumers. According to Statista records, Global email users’ daily record is 4 billion.

Tons of people use email around the world. Why? It keeps us updated, informed, and connected to friends, family, and clients. Email marketing is also a cheaper solution and reaches a wider audience. 

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What is an Email Marketer?

An email marketer is a marketing expert in charge of putting forward a brand’s email campaign and promotional messages. These Pro are behind all those sensational campaigns you encounter in your inbox.

email marketing manager duties

Email marketing strategist develop, plan, and execute ideas to develop a powerful email strategy and track record of insights. Email marketers are also responsible for checking on a company’s performance, sales, and growth.  

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If you are into an email marketing career, you want to flex your position as an email marketer and have god-gifted skills, you may wonder how to become an email marketing strategist?

In this write-up, you’ll come across five foolproof tips to become an email marketing strategist.

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5 Core Skills You Need To Become an Email Marketing Strategist

1. Learn How to Write an eye Catching Subject Line:

The best subject line can be professional, personalized, innovative, and influence curiosity. 

The initial step to begin with any email is to hook your readers with an enticing subject line that will attract your readers to open your email. The first impression is the last one, so an email marketing strategist needs to work on it. 

47% of email consignees open their email based on the subject lines; the other 69% go in junk mails based solely on the subject line.

The email marketing strategist uses the best advantage of the subject line. The subject line is the game-changer that must be creative and catchy. 

2. Spot-on Your Copywriting

If you’ve brought around your recipients to open your email, your body content is important to keep the reading in a flow. When writing the strategy, you should be clear in your end goal, what you want your readers to read.

Try to make your content specific and to the point in this part; if you grab your reader’s attention till the call to action, that’s when you achieve your goal as a professional.

3. Learn To Make Catchy Design

You want to become an email marketing strategist, but an all-rounder. For this, doing something out of the box always works. 

Try this:

Use design elements as a base theme that reflects your brand campaign; good design will boost the effectiveness of email for readers.

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4. Learn How to build an Email List

Here comes an important part, all the above steps will not do the job alone; an email marketing strategist needs to build an entire list to maximize the reach to a wider audience.  

Try this:

Create a strategy to build that list through website sign-ups, website optimization, social media, clicks, and call to action.

5. Knowledge of Email Marketing Analytics

After we are done with all the quality and size parts of the email, now is time to check on analytics’s progress and success rate. Email marketing analytics is a tool to track the insights and metrics for the conversion rate of how many emails are opened and clicked.

Try this:

Email analytics will also help email marketers improve the performance of email and campaigns by identifying what recipients usually like to open and what they ignore.


The above discussed five steps will benefit you to master your email marketing skills and to become a strategist in this career. The feedback from your recipients is directly proportional to your progress and expertise so the entire process is very transparent. 

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