What are Google Adsense Vignette Ads?

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Google Adsense vignette ads are a type of ad that pops up in a rectangular or square box and can be either static or animated. It is designed to appear when the user is scrolling down the page or between page loads. Static vignettes are often used for blogs, while animated ones can be used … Read more

What Does Assigning A Value To A Google Analytics Goal Enable? (4 GA Goals)

4 important Google Analytics Goals

Although setting a goal value is not mandatory, we suggest you regularly monetise and analyze your marketing outcomes. In simpler, more direct terms, Google Analytics Goal enables comparing target yields and evaluating website upgrades. It also helps with a few other tasks that we’ll tell you in this blog.  Why Enable Google Analytics Goal? A … Read more

Which Kinds Of Hits Does Google Analytics Track?

Which Kinds Of Hits Does Google Analytics Track

Why do marketers or big businesses turn to Google ads when they want to achieve newer, higher sales goals? Google Analytics has maintained its status as the most powerful platform for marketing, allowing marketers to track approximately 200 indicators by gathering bulk data generated as visits or hits.  But what exactly are Google Analytics hits, … Read more

How Much Can I Expect To Pay For PPC Management Services?

Costs for PPC Management Services

PPC pricing is constantly changing due to market dynamics. However, an average business spends somewhere around $12,000 and $18,000 on PPC every month.  Handling your PPC (management, financing, audits) without any help can be taxing, so you seek PPC agencies, but you aren’t sure how much you’ll have to pay at what’s an average service … Read more