Jobs For Digital Nomads In 2022 (Ultimate List)

The digital nomad lifestyle is taking over the world fast. 

A recent study predicted digital nomads to make up 43% of the working population worldwide, at around 1.8 BILLION digital nomads by 2023.

Clearly, the trends and the attractive digital nomad lifestyle show that it’s something significant. You see digital nomads happy, thriving, and making a handsome amount of income. 

Then why not step in yourself?

Being a digital nomad isn’t difficult at all. Most office jobs can easily be performed as digital nomads. 

Today, we’ll look at the ultimate list of jobs you can do as a digital nomad and prosper in that lifestyle!

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Where To Find Jobs For Digital Nomads

What makes digital nomads distinctive from other working people is the remote nature of their work.

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Digital nomads do not work at an office. They work remotely while travelling to different places.

And surprisingly, almost all in-house jobs can be done remotely in 2022. 

So just with office jobs, you can find remote jobs on Indeed, one of the most popular platforms for job vacancies.

However, if you’re looking for something limited to digital nomads, check these job portals out:

The above-listed job portals mostly help you get contractual jobs where you can work remotely as a digital nomad while travelling around the world.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to be employed by a business, even remotely, and want to choose your own clients, go for freelancing!

The best freelancing domains are:

These job portals should be more than enough to provide you the exposure to finding work and helping you earn a substantial income.

But what jobs can you get here as a digital nomad?

Let’s now dive into what jobs you can do as a digital nomad in 2023.

Best Easy Jobs For Beginners Without Experience

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Let’s start with digital nomad jobs in 2023 that are perfectly suited for beginners just like you, that have no prior experience.

Finding an office job without experience is extremely difficult, and that almost always pays too little.

However, being a digital nomad, the process may be easier and more financially strong than you’d think.

You may not earn as much as you can do earning a skill with some experience, but these jobs can be a great place to start.

Moreover, you can also consider doing a bunch of things together. This could help you create a good amount of accumulated income at the end of the month.

Let’s consider some options.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant helps a strong employee of a business the same way a personal assistant does, but remotely.

Virtual assistants are given various tasks throughout the day with whatever their supervisors need help with.

On the plus side, working under a skillful employee as an assistant can bring you a significant amount of knowledge about their work, enabling you to fill their shoes in the future.

Skills required: Communication, attentiveness, responsibility, spreadsheet and document creation.

Average pay: Around $18 an hour.

Online Surveys

Online surveying is a good option to make a quick buck.

Unlike traditional jobs, online surveying wouldn’t have you employed by a company. 

All you will need to do is complete online surveys to help different businesses with their marketing strategies, and earn money through it.

You won’t get paid as much as an online surveyor, but it’s a good outlet to make some quick bucks.

You can find paid surveys at Survey Junkie and

Skills required: Some interests, hobbies, or products you’ve used you can give good feedback on.

Average pay: $3-$5 an hour

Data Entry

Data entry jobs require you to assemble data for companies.

Essentially, companies deal with a lot of data that needs to be sorted. And some of this can not be done using automation.

A data entry specialist can come in here, sort their data (in a spreadsheet or program, simple copy-pasting or typing stuff), and help them.

Skills required: Ability to cope with repetitive work, can listen to music for hours end while copy-pasting stuff

Average pay: $10 an hour.


Do you consider yourself animal or kids friendly? Then why not help families out with house or pet sitting?

All you will need to do is take care of a family’s pet, kids, or home when they’re away.

You can find families looking for housesitters here:

Skills required: basic knowledge of pets/kids, first aid of pets/kids, quick decision making, reliability, communication skills with kids, friendly nature.

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Average pay: $15 an hour.

Marketing Jobs For Digital Nomads

All of the above-mentioned jobs are most suitable for digital nomads that have no experience.

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As a digital nomad, you can easily find jobs that require no experience, but that will have you compromise on income.

On the contrary, if you’re an experienced or skilful individual, you can score better jobs with more handsome pay!

Let’s start by looking into some marketing jobs.

Digital Marketing

A digital marketer does many things for a business. It doesn’t really have a specific role to fulfil.

Generally, a digital marketer is responsible for marketing the product of a business through all digital means.

These include social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, running Google ads, etc.

A digital marketer doesn’t do all that stuff alone. Their main responsibility is to compose strategies for marketing through digital channels, cost-effectively.

Digital marketers are one of the most respected and prestigious digital nomads who enjoy handsome pay for their services.

Skills required: Data analysis, content creation, SEO, CRM, Social media skills, customer engagement and attraction.

Average pay: $50,000-$100,000 annually (highly variable on your skills)

SEO Specialist

An SEO specialist helps a business improve its SEO and be marketed better using search engines like Google.

Becoming an SEO specialist requires you to have SEO skills, an understanding of how search engines, keyword researching, backlinking, and how websites work.

If you have enough experience and a portfolio that boasts your skills showing improvement of SEO for websites, companies can pay you handsomely to help them out.

Skills required: Data analysis, research-oriented, SEO-informed, strategical.

Average pay: $35 an hour.

Social Media Manager

A social media manager bears the responsibility of running a business’s social media channels.

This is done for the sole purpose of marketing the business to the target market, attracting clients, and helping the businesses with a wider customer base.

If you have had experience running different social media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram), you can use your knowledge of trends, hashtags, and customer approach to creating an attractive social media presence for a business.

Your work would include stuff like uploading posts on behalf of the business, engaging with customers in the comments and messages, performing appropriate activity through the account, etc.

Skills required: Knowledge of trends in social media, how social media works, keywords in social media, hashtags, creativity, good communication skills, and customer engagement.

Average pay: $30 an hour.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing isn’t done for a business, but rather for sellers to help them market their products and enjoy an increase in sales.

Basically, if there is a seller on Amazon who wants to sell a product, they can hire an affiliate marketer who will then market the product from them and earn a commission on every sale.

The affiliate marketer will have their own unique link to direct customers to the product, enabling the seller to know how many sales an affiliate marketer actively helped with.

Affiliate marketing can help you make a significant amount of income, if done right.

The channels you will use to market the products can include Youtube, blogging, social media marketing, email marketing, etc.

Skills required: Persuasion, selling, marketing, communication, teamwork (optional).

Average pay: $50,000 annually.

Email Marketing Specialist

An email marketing specialist helps businesses with their email marketing.

This involves helping the business by creating email marketing strategies, using an email marketing software to send emails, email writing (may include some copywriting), running email marketing campaigns, and reporting their subsequent results.

Email marketing isn’t too technical. Anyone can learn email marketing within the first 6 months of doing it. If you need any help, consider checking out my following guides:

Skills required: Persuasion, content creation, marketing, emailing.

Average pay: $40,000 annually.

Tech Jobs For Digital Nomads

Are you a tech guru? 

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Then these digital nomad jobs related to tech would help you out greatly and open a plethora of career options for you!


One of the most common jobs for digital nomads is programming.

Programming requires you to have a good education in programming languages. This could be a university degree or an online course, as long as you have a strong grasp of a programming language.

Using this programming language, you can aid businesses in the creation and management of apps, websites, and software.

Programmers are not only highly paid, but are also very suitable for being digital nomads as their work isn’t entirely internet dependent.

Even if you’re in an area with network issues, a programmer can continue with their work.

Skills required: Programming language education, patience, reliability, result orientation.

Average pay: $55 an hour.

Web Developer

Web developers work for businesses to ensure their websites are in optimal condition.

Their work includes creating websites, managing assets, optimizing health, back-end coding, front-end templates, web design, QA, debugging, testing, etc.

A web developer also requires to have an education in web development. 

Skills required: Web development education, patience, reliability, result orientation.

Average pay: $50,000 annually.

App Developer

What web developers are to websites, app developers create and manage applications.

Not just small applications, many businesses with complex applications require teams of app developers to create applications, manage them to run optimally, QA, debugging, testing, app design, etc.

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Small companies may hire smaller teams or a single app developer for smaller projects.

This too requires prior education in app development.

Skills required: App development education, patience, reliability, result orientation.

Average pay: $55,000 annually.

Writing Jobs For Digital Nomads

Do you have a fast typing speed? Then why not be a digital nomad writer?

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Writing has always been one of the most important jobs of all time.

In the era that we live in, digital writing is of significant importance and pays well.

There are MANY writing jobs that you can pursue part-time, but if you’re interested in being a digital nomad, choose from the options below that pay you handsomely and have the option of immense growth!

Side-hustle writing jobs for digital nomads include:

  • Transcriber
  • Proofreader
  • Translator

Content Writing

Content writing is used in almost every business in this modern age.

Just as a graphic designer supplies graphical elements for all aspects of a business, a content writer offers them content for blogs, websites, emails, captions, advertisements, pamphlets, scripts, etc.

A content writer can either focus on a single niche or be employed by a business covering all writing needs.

You can learn more about types of content writing styles here.

Content writing is one of the most popular jobs for digital nomads.

Skills required: Fast typing speed, creativity, good grammar, communication skills (in typing), SEO knowledge.

Average pay: $40,000


If you have had your fair share of experience writing SEO blogs as a content writer, why not start a blog yourself?

Travelling all around the world, you can find a million things to write about.

And blogging is one of the most popular shortcuts for digital nomads to earn SIX FIGURES.

Interested? Check out my own guide on How To Start A Blog, straight from my own experience.

Skills required: Management skills for writers, leadership skills, SEO knowledge, website management, and writing.

Average pay: $50,000-$100,000 (highly variable on your skill)


Copywriting is a niche of content writing that limits to your persuasion skills, writing copies for marketing purposes.

Since copywriting actively helps businesses make a skill, copywriting is the highest-paid content writing skill there is.

However, copywriting is only an option for experienced content writers. 

Once you reach that stage, businesses can hire you to write copies for their marketing and sales strategies.

Skills required: writing, persuasion, creativity, behavioural marketing.

Average pay: $55,000


Is the digital age not your type? Why not stick to traditions?

If you have a good history in writing, with enough experience and proof that your writing sells, try becoming an author as a digital nomad.

The digital nomad lifestyle is famous for bringing out the best of creativity in individuals. 

Paired with the experiences you share all around the world, you can have bestsellers to your name in no time!

Skills required: Storytelling, communication skills, advanced writing skills, creativity, typing speed, must have read 100+ books.

Average pay: $50,000

Creative Jobs For Digital Nomads

A great number of people consider themselves above routine work, where they prefer to be creative and artistic, even if it pays less.

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If you’re looking for creative jobs as a digital nomad, there are no limits.

Almost all creative jobs are common among digital nomads.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is by far the most reliable and popular job relating to creativity.

Graphic designers create graphical elements that are used by businesses for their websites, social media, pamphlets, advertisements, logos, etc.

A good graphic designer knows how to attract different target markets using different visual marketing strategies.

Becoming a graphic designer would require you to have a good understanding of using graphic designing software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Skills required: Experience in using designing software, patience, communication skills, and visual marketing techniques.

Average pay: $50,000 annually.


Interested in making videos? Why not become a YouTuber or a streamer?

Youtube and Twitch have helped thousands of individuals to be millionaires through their amazing revenue-generating model.

If you think of yourself as an interesting person and have an idea of how to make videos, you can either upload them on Youtube or stream yourself doing interesting stuff on Twitch or Facebook.

Even if you don’t make it to the top as a millionaire, medium-sized YouTubers and streamers are well-paid as well.

Note: Starting out as a streamer or YouTuber will almost always involve many, many unpaid hours until you grow an audience.

Skills required: Good communication skills, people-person, knowledge, creativity, video-making expertise, and video editing skills.

Average pay: $60,000 annually.

Video Producer/Editor

Do you enjoy making videos but want to get into professional video making rather than Youtubing or streaming? Be a video producer or video editor as a digital nomad.

Working as a video producer/editor, you can either be hired by a media agency that assigns you projects to create, or you can get projects from clients as a freelancer.

Video production and editing require a lot of technical skills, so this niche is highly paid as well.

Skills required: Video production/editing skills, ability to use video editing software, must have watched a lot of movies, result-oriented, creative.

Average pay: $30 an hour.


With Youtubing and streaming, another niche that grew big is podcasting.

Podcasting is a great job as a digital nomad since the whole premise of a podcaster is to interview different people.

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As a travelling digital nomad, you will meet tons of interesting individuals that you can interview and upload as podcasts on the internet.

Skills required: Great communication skills, people skills, video/audio equipment, and creativity.

Average pay: $30 an hour.


Photography is the pure essence of creativity, in the utmost artistic manner.

And what’s better than travelling around the world and taking pictures of beautiful people, aesthetic landscapes, and fascinating animals?
As a digital nomad photographer, there are many options for generating income. 

You can sell your pictures on the internet as stock photos, work for a photography business, or be an event photographer for whatever place you’re in at the time.

Skills required: Photography experience, aesthetic sense, creativity, and photo editing skills.

Average pay: $20 an hour.

Business Jobs For Digital Nomads

Interested in managing your own business or have a business degree?

Here are your options as a digital nomad.

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Business Consultant

If you have a business degree and a good amount of experience in the leading role of a business, you can be an online business consultant to organizations all around the world.

Either sell your own course on a website such as Udemy or Skillshare or approach business clients as a freelancer who requires a business consultant.

Your consultancy can fall anywhere around marketing strategies, management training, financial advisory, etc. 

Skills required: Extensive knowledge of business, attractive portfolio, degree relating to business studies, communication skills, leadership skills, problem-solving, creativity.

Average pay: $75,000 annually.

Digital Entrepreneur

Interested in owning a business but want to travel around the world rather than stick to opening an office? Be a digital entrepreneur.

Digital entrepreneurs are business founders that create something on the internet that provides a service to businesses or customers.

This could be a SaaS online product, a website, an e-commerce store, a patented app, etc.

Digital entrepreneurs create their own products and then hire a remote team that works on the business regularly.

The hierarchy and management is the same as an office, the only difference being that there is no physical office.

Skills required: Creativity, expertise in a digital niche, people skills, leadership skills, communication skills, ability to manage long-term projects stress-free, problem solving.

Average pay:$70,000

Teaching Jobs

Do you have a skill you can teach to people around the world? Don’t worry, you won’t have to stick to one place and be employed as a teacher. You can teach remotely!

There are two outlets to being a teacher as a digital nomad: either sell an online course or teach as a freelancer.


If you have extensive knowledge about a certain skill that you think people would be willing to pay for, here’s what you need to do.

Create a syllabus framework, record lessons covering those frameworks, and upload them on a course-selling website such as Udemy or Skillshare.

Now students all around the world can buy your course and that’s how you’ll generate an income.

Here is a good example of a guitar teacher selling his course on his website and making a living out of it.

Tutoring As A Freelancer

The other option is becoming a freelancer.

Freelance teachers share their skills on freelance platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork

Interested individuals all around the world can approach them using these websites and get online lessons at an hourly rate.

Freelance teaching is considered better than course studies because the teaching happens in real-time on a video call with a personal touch, rather than using a standardised recorded video.

Skills required: Communication, extensive knowledge or education in a skill, teaching skills, patience.

Average pay: $40,000 annually.

Support Jobs For Digital Nomads

Most tech-related jobs require prior education, but you don’t always need to be a tech guru to land a tech job.

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Instead, consider support jobs. These require little to no prior education and can be performed with ease. 

But, since the jobs aren’t complex and require no previous education, you may enjoy lesser salaries. 

Technical Support

Technical support employees are individuals that have extensive technical knowledge of a product, but not the necessary skills to aid in its creation and management of it.

So instead, they work on the troubleshooting side of it, as tech support employees.

These mostly make up for the IT support staff of a company, assisting employees/customers in tech-related issues.

Skills required: Problem-solving, technical knowledge, and communication skills.

Average pay: $30,000 annually.

Customer Support

Customer support individuals assist the customers of a business with their queries and troubleshooting.

Almost all businesses need customer support, whether they’re selling a product or a service.

Customer support individuals get induction training to get the gist of the product and FAQs on tackling queries and start assisting customers of the product remotely as digital nomads.

Skills required: People skills, problem-solving, patience, and communication skills.

Average pay: $25,000 annually.


That is all the jobs that you can do as a digital nomad in 2023.

As you can see, you are not short of options. There is work available, suitable for almost every individual, that pays you well and supports the digital nomad lifestyle.

I hope this guide helped you find your own interest and good luck with your future endeavours as a thriving digital nomad! Interested in more? Check out my Digital Nomad Tax Guide.

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