Top 20 Countries with Highest CPC Rates in Google Adsense 

The top countries with the highest CPC rates in Google Adsense are Luxembourg, the United States, the United Kingdom, Finland, Canada, Australia, and Austria.

Before applying for Google Adsense, I was intrigued to know which countries have high CPC rates and if my country falls in that category.

Upon researching, I found my country somewhere in the middle but if you’re from Luxembourg, lucky you! Your country is listed as the highest paying CPC for Google Adsense worldwide with CPC at 0.65 USD and CTR at 0.55%. 

When I was new to the digital advertising world, I had no idea that the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) differed from country to country. It did come to me as a surprise and I won’t hesitate to admit that for a brief moment, I did wish my country was among the highest paying CPC for Adsense. 

However, there could be numerous reasons why certain countries come under high-paying CPC and some under low. 

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What is the reason CPC is higher in some countries than others?

The main factors for Cost Per Click CPC prices are competition (market demand) and impression inventory (market supply). That’s the ultimate goal of advertising; generating demand for the brand and changing users into customers. 

Countries with higher demand for online advertisement and Online shopping yield higher CPC potential while countries with lower demands tend to produce lower CPC.

The average yield from ads is also dependent on the purchasing power of consumers. For example, People is a first-world country order daily use products on amazon on daily basis which makes them frequent buyer while third-world country users rarely use online apps to order online.

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Google Adsense is simply an advertising auction marketplace. When the platform competition is high and the advertisers are willing to pay more i.e. they have more purchasing power, the cost per click increases. So, this could be the most simple answer to this query, meaning, your country’s bidders are bidding high. 

Nevertheless, your country’s CPC could also differ;

  1. A number of variables particular to your domain and advertising could also impact your country’s CPC rate. 
  2. The percentage of ad viewers who convert to customers also varies by demographics. 
  3. The purchasing power of developed countries is relatively higher than developing or under-developing countries, so this could cause higher CPC in a region. 
Screen Shot 2022 09 26 at 8.07.37 PM

Top 20 High CPC Countries for Google Adsense

Below are the top 20 highest paying Google Adsense countries along with their CTR percentages. 

Cost Per Click (CPC) is a metric that shows how much advertisers pay per user click whereas Click Through Rate (CTR) determines how many viewers see an ad and click on it. 

Country CPC *in USDCTR *in %
1Luxembourg $0.65 – $0.740.55 %
2United States$0.61 – $0.730.75 %
3Australia $0.570.72 %
4UK$0.481.06 %
5Finland $0.450.54 %
6Canada$0.450.79 %
7Austria $0.450.69 %
8New Zealand $0.331.21 %
9Sweden$0.310.70 %
10Ireland$0.310.73 %
11Denmark$0.280.70 %
12Singapore$0.270.96 %
13South Africa$0.261.13 %
14Norway$0.260.63 %
15Netherlands$0.260.80 %
16Bahamas$0.241.71 %
17Germany$0.220.52 %
18Switzerland$0.210.59 %
19Belgium$0.210.53 %
20Spain$0.190.67 %

Why do some countries have low CPC?

CPC is dependent on various factors such as the product you’re advertising, your competition, keywords, and yes, even your location.

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Below are some detailed factors for low CPC in some countries:

  1. It is based on the amount advertisers leap for in the auction, bid on keywords, and the CPC rate they are willing to pay. If the competition is tough, the CPC would rise but the lower the competition, the lower the CPC would be.
  2. Advertisers in these countries aren’t willing to pay high; their spending power is low.
  3. The quality of content being produced in your country might be collectively lacking in some aspects. 
  4. In some countries, online marketing and advertising are low and aren’t hyped up. Thus, there is a lack of inbound marketing, interest in advertisers, and unfamiliarity with online marketing tactics and digital advertising tools.

Here is a list of Countries with Low CPC in Google Adsense:

  1. Serbia
  2. Ukraine
  3. Somalia
  4. Latvia
  5. Bahrain
  6. Venezuela 
  7. Tanzania
  8. Russia
  9. Columbia
  10. Poland
  11. Pakistan
  12. India

5 Tips to Increase Google Adsense CPC in your Country:

Tip # 1; Choose the Correct Niches:

Understand what your audience wants from you; you need to deliver what the users are looking for. Search for the latest trends and topics, the keywords with high paying CPC such as articles on domains, banking, cryptocurrency/bitcoin, Google products, gadgets, health, real estate, jobs, finance, gaming, etc. 

Rank (Best to worst)NICHEPredicted Revenue per 1000 Visitors
1Business & Finance$10.02
4Health & Fitness$6.80
5Home & Architecture$6.80
6Government & Politics$6.80
8Beauty & Fashion$6.12
9Family & Parenting$6.12
13Web Design & Development$4.76
14Food and Drink$4.76

Data Souce: Network Media

Focus on choosing the best niches for your website that would open opportunities for you to increase CPC and CTR in your country. 

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If you haven’t already, Check out my in-depth free guide on how to start a blog.

start a blog 1 1

Tip # 2; Target the Right Audience:

You now know the countries where Adsene’s CPC rates are the highest. Try choosing topics that would, let’s say, be viewed more in Luxembourg or the US. 

This would improve your traffic from the high CPC location and the cost per click on your Google Adsense units would automatically rise as well. 

young adult woman using laptop and designing a dre 2022 03 14 16 41 38 utc 1

Tip # 3; Choosing the Right Ads for your Vertical:

The best way to increase the CTR is to place marketable, compelling ads that attract viewers to click on them.

Advertisements that focus on the US or UK marketplaces and target the audience from those regions would incentivize users to view your sites more often, generating more clicks. 

Screen Shot 2022 09 26 at 8.09.23 PM
Snippet From My Adsense Account

It is best to think from the viewer’s point of view and place ads accordingly. 

Tip # 4; Improve the Quality of your Site:

High-quality content elevates the probability of increased Adsense CPC rate. If your site is offering fresh, legitimate, and valuable content, chances are that your site ranking will improve which would definitely increase traffic, more people would click through ads and ultimately, this would possibly upsurge your CPC. 

Your site should influence more writers from your country to amp up their writing game and produce quality content for better CPC rates in your country

Tip # 5; Educate:

One main factor that causes low CPC in certain countries is, as mentioned above; not having proficient knowledge of how the digital advertising world works. 

This can only be improved by educating and familiarising the mass majority with the digital marketing and advertising platform, how to optimize the tools of advertising, and following various tactics to increase Google Adsense CPC. 

Regardless of all these efforts, if the spending power of bidders in your country is low, meaning they aren’t willing to bid high and there is no competition in the Google Adsense auction, the CPC rate will continue to remain stagnant.

Bottom Line:

In a world where money means is the only way through life, you need to put your efforts wisely and effectively. A good investment is only when you efficiently work; know the factors that positively impact CPC and CTR, adapt them, your ad placement should be apt, and lastly, work on your niche to attract more traffic from high CPC countries. 

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