Complete SEO Checklist

Have you recently started your business website or blog and are confused about where to get started with SEO, worry no more.

Download my free SEO checklist today and follow the assigned checkpoints to make sure your website is completely SEO optimized.

If you haven’t read my technical SEO audit post, I recommend you check it after getting your free checklist, because it will help you audit and debug your website.

if you don’t know about some of the mentioned points, don’t worry, type the term in the search box and you will get a related post published on this blog.

Starting fresh doesn’t have to be that difficult. I started my first blog back in 2017, but I failed at it. The reason was simple, I didn’t understand SEO. But, when the second time I gave it a try in 2020, I ended up creating a blog that gets 70,000+ pageviews per month.

The only thing that was different this time was that I understood what it takes to create content that ranks better on Google searches. I have shared my strategy to start a blog and all the costs to start a blog in detail in my previous posts. I highly recommend you read them if you are interested in starting your own blog someday.

seo checklist