How To Make A Post shareable On Facebook

How To Make A Post shareable On Facebook

To make a post shareable on Facebook, you need to edit the post’s privacy settings and change the post’s sharing permissions to Public or Friends of friends. This method works if you’re the one who posted something on Facebook and wishes for everyone who sees it to have the option to share it further. However, … Read more

Are Facebook Ads Worth it? Here’s all You Need to Know

Facebook ad marketing Are Facebook Ads Worth it 1

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool. It’s the social media market leader, with 92% of social marketers using Facebook for advertising. So, are Facebook ads worth it? You bet they are! Facebook lets you create a Facebook business page for free to reach your accessible customers. In this blog, we will tell you all you need … Read more

Facebook Ads Active But Not Spending? Here’s Why!

Facebook Ads Active But Not Spending?

You’ve finally started the new Facebook ad campaign for your business, but you just discovered that your Facebook ads are active but not spending well. It’s because they are not doing well. When we say “not performing,” we mean that your campaigns have received relatively few to no interactions.  Facebook ads active but not performing … Read more

Is It Bad To Pause Facebook Ads?

Is It Bad To Pause Facebook Ads?

Questioning ‘is it bad to pause Facebook ads?’ If yes, know that it’s normal for a marketer to pause Facebook ads when some of them are not doing that good. A brand that recognizes the power of social media, particularly Facebook rounding 76% of all social media users, uses the platform to generate leads through … Read more

7 Facebook Search Operators: All You Should Know (Complete Guide)

Facebook search operators through Google

Did you know the world’s third most ranking social site “Facebook” can also be used as a search tool? Not just that, it’s also quite powerful. Facebook search operators help you find 100% legit online search results in one go. According to the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook will be competent in providing question … Read more