Does Germany Offer A Digital Nomad Visa?

Germany’s culture, history, and tourist attractions are diverse, and the country also has a high standard of living. It makes sense that there are more and more digital nomads in Germany. Finding work as a freelancer or remote worker here is also simple.

For digital nomads in Germany, several different visa options are available. If you intend to stay for an extended period, you can apply for a residence permit.

If you intend to stay for a short time, you can apply for a tourist or business visa. Applying for a visa as a digital nomad to Germany can take time and effort. But don’t worry, we’ve got this. In this article, I’ll give you a step-by-step on how to apply for a digital nomad visa in Germany.

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What Is A Digital Nomad Visa?

A visa is a “digital nomad visa,” which enables travellers to work remotely for an extended time abroad. Usually, this kind of visa permits stays of up to a year, but sometimes longer. As more and more people look for ways to lead nomadic lifestyles, digital nomad visas are growing in popularity.

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Visas for digital nomads come in a few different varieties, each with its requirements and advantages. The American B-1/B-2, Australian 417, and Canadian eTA visas are the three most widely used visas for digital nomads. Do research before applying for one of these visas because each has different guidelines.

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Digital Nomad Germany Visa Application Process

It’s pretty easy to apply for a visa for a digital nomad in Germany. You need to fulfil a few requirements to qualify for the visa, though.

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  • To get started and complete an online application, you must have a current passport. 
  • The second requirement is to have a good reason for visiting Germany. The most frequent motives for entering Germany are work, education, or tourism.
  • You can start the visa application process once you have met these requirements. 
  • After submitting your application, you must pay a fee and make an appointment for an interview at a German consulate.
  • During your interview, you will have to show evidence of your financial security and ties to your home country.
  •  After completing your interview, you will be granted a visa and allowed to enter Germany.

What Are The Best Options For Digital Nomads In Germany?

Germany has many unique places to live and work as a digital nomad. Here are the top four:

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1. Berlin

 As a thriving, creative city with a high standard of living, Berlin is one of the most well-liked locations for digital nomads. You can work from various coworking spaces and coffee shops, and activities are always available for downtime.

2. Hamburg

With a strong economy and a well-connected city, Hamburg is a top destination for digital nomads. It is simple to get around because there are numerous coworking spaces and good public transportation connections.

3. Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a vibrant, global city to serve as your base as a digital nomad. This German city is a hub for businesses in many different industries and is home to numerous multinational companies. With a significant airport and first-rate public transportation, it is also well-connected. Of course, there are also many cafes, bars, and restaurants to keep you occupied when you’re not working.

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4. Stuttgart

Stuttgart should be at the top of your list if you’re a digital nomad seeking a new location to call home. Everything you need to be successful and content is available in this energetic city, from quick internet to a wide selection of coworking spaces. Aside from that, you can engage in many activities during downtime, including visiting the city’s parks and museums and taking in the vibrant nightlife.

So why are you still waiting? Put your things in your car and go to Stuttgart.


Every location has its distinct elegance and way of life. As I mentioned, there are several cities in Germany where you can travel while maintaining your digital nomad lifestyle. You need the residence permit and documentary evidence, and you’re good to go!

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