11 Leadership Movies You Must Learn From

Whenever we come across the word “leader,” we imagine someone in a place of authority. However, being a leader entails much more. A leader can uplift and encourage others to accomplish a common objective.

A good leader can make difficult decisions, communicate clearly, and perform well under pressure. Many excellent leadership movies may help you learn the abilities you need to be a successful leader.

These movies, ranging from “The Wolf of Wall Street” to “The Shawshank Redemption,” can provide a diverse angle on what it takes to be a great leader. They also teach crucial lessons on how to handle challenging circumstances and individuals. Check out these 11 leadership movies you must see if you’re looking for motivation or want to discover more about leadership.

How Does Watching Leadership Movies Help You Improve Your Leadership Skills?

There is much to be learned from leadership movies, despite the fact that some people may be quick to dismiss them as Hollywood fantasy. The struggles and triumphs that leaders experience are frequently shown in these films. 

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  • Watching films is one of the best ways to learn about leadership quickly.
  • You can observe how characters respond in circumstances of leadership through movies. 
  • You can see how they handle disagreements, offer and accept criticism, assign work, and motivate others.
  • They provide insightful guidance on what it takes to be a successful leader.

 In contrast to “The Help,” which represents a more involved form of leadership, “The Devil Wears Prada” demonstrates a very hands-off leadership style. Our understanding of the various ways that leaders can behave can be broadened by seeing some leadership movies. So keep an eye out for these important lessons the next time you’re looking for a leadership movie to see.

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List of 11 Leadership Movies

Several movies depict global leaders and provide important managerial skills. Here are 11 films that are useful for aspiring leaders:

1. The Godfather – 1972

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is a classic gangster film that can teach you a lot about leadership. Don Vito Corleone is a ruthless crime boss but also a master of his craft. He understands the importance of family, respect, and power. This is the movie for you if you want to understand what it takes to be the right leader.

2. Pursuit Of Happiness -2006

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This film is about endurance, persistence, determination, and simply never giving up. Aside from being a true tear-jerker due to Will Smith’s Chris Gardner’s troubles, the film clearly emphasizes the importance and worth of getting a job and how these moments of happiness are usually forgotten, despite their impeccable importance.

3. Transformers – 2007

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This movie is an excellent example of teamwork and leadership, as the Autobots must use their powerful abilities to protect the humans from the Decepticons. He carries the matrix of leadership inside of him.

4. Invictus – 2009

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Some movies capture and dazzle with the spirit of what charismatic leadership is and what it can accomplish. This is an excellent example of courageous, inspiring, and transformational leadership.

And how far an organization can progress when its leaders set a good example for others to follow. Moreover, this film also shows major critical elements of being a successful manager. If you’re interested in politics, entertainment, and leadership, this film is the right choice.

5. The Social Network – 2010

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The Social Network is a movie about Mark Zuckerberg and the creation of Facebook. It shows how Zuckerberg and co-founder Eduardo Saverin sorted out the conflict that helped shape the company. An excellent lesson in how NOT to approach your business is communicated through the movie’s tagline: “You don’t get to a million friends without making some enemies.”

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6. The Founder – 2016

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The founder revolves around salesperson Raymond Kroc and the owners of a McDonald’s restaurant in Southern California, transforming an ingenious idea into the world’s largest fast food business.

Prioritizing consistency was among the most crucial aspects of McDonald’s success, combined with passion, determination, and stern drive. The main takeaway was that you could hold the best product on the planet. However, if you can deliver consistency, you can go a long way.

7. The Wolf Of Wall Street – 2013

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The Wolf of Wall Street is based on the story of Jordan Belfort and the establishment of the renowned Long Island boiler room, Stratton Oakmont, which deceived many people.

However, Belfort’s story is not just about making wealth. A charismatic leader can inspire individuals to accomplish their goals, whether good or evil. He can work miracles and guide teams through any problem. We must be cautious about the leader we choose to collaborate with. So use your power of persuasion wisely.

8. The Dark Knight – 2008

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This movie features one of the most-watched superheroes of all time, Batman. Batman uses his skills and resources in this movie to stop the Joker from terrorizing Gotham City. This movie is a great example of leadership, as Batman must inspire others to help him in his fight against evil.

9. Blue Valentine – 2010

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This movie is about a couple, Dean and Cindy, who fall in and out of love over several years. Even though the movie is fictional, it does a great job illustrating Dean and Cindy’s different leadership styles. For example, Dean is a very passionate leader who always finds new ways to improve his relationship with Cindy. On the other hand, Cindy is a more traditional leader who is content with the status quo. It is still an excellent resource for learning about leadership skills.

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10. The Devil Wears Prada – 2006

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This movie is an excellent example of what it takes to be a successful leader. The main character, Andy, is put through the wringer by her boss, Miranda, but she becomes a stronger and more successful person out of it.

11. The Sopranos -1999

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The Sopranos movie is a great example of how leadership skills can be used in various situations. The movie follows Tony Soprano, a mob boss who tries to balance his work and family life. Throughout the film, Tony Soprano demonstrates many leadership qualities, such as making tough decisions, motivating others, and handling difficult situations.

The scenes are full of complex characters and challenging situations, which makes it the perfect resource for exploring leadership skills. If the movie does get made, it could be used as a case study for leaders in all industries.


I hope you enjoyed this list of leadership movies. While there are many other great films, these eleven provide a great starting point for learning about leadership. Each movie highlights different aspects of what it takes to be a leader, and they are all entertaining films that will keep you engaged.

So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy learning about leadership from some of the best movies.

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