6 Essential Digital Marketing Channels That Work For All Businesses

Digital Marketing Channels

With the whole world shifting towards the internet, businesses have switched their efforts in approaching customers from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Digital marketing is done through different channels varying on what the business is trying to sell and what its target market is. SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Influencer … Read more

Digital Marketing vs. Cyber Security – Which Career Should I Choose?

Digital Marketing vs. Cyber Security Which Career Should I Choose 1

Digital marketing and cyber security are both one of the most prospering and popular tech careers of today. While both professions involve advanced use of computers and networking, digital marketing is a creative marketing profession while cyber security is a technical security profession. Digital Marketing involves promoting products or services through digital channels with a … Read more

7 High Ticket Digital Marketing Side Hustles

High Ticket Digital Marketing Side Hustles

Digital Marketing is a vast industry that consists of many sub-niche jobs. Basically, any means of marketing on the Internet is a part of digital marketing. Professional digital marketers are mostly adept at more than a couple of digital marketing outlets while fresh digital marketers may only have the experience of one sub-niche. If you’re … Read more

Can A Digital Marketer Work From Home?

digital marketer work from home 1

Digital marketing has been one of the most popular job titles you hear lately, but this isn’t only due to the fact that it is a high-paying job that could be learned and performed by anyone without any prior educational or industrial experience. A big reason digital marketing has been so popular is that it … Read more

Digital Marketing Vs. Data Analytics – Which Career Should I Choose?

Digital Marketing Vs. Data Analytics 1

Digital marketing and digital analysis are both reputable professional fields that are in high demand as career choices and feature handsomely paid jobs. Digital marketing is more of a creative career that mostly focuses on marketing products and services on the Internet using various marketing techniques and platforms. On the other hand, data analytics is … Read more