What is NFT Gas Fee and How to Fix it

nft gas fees

NFT gas fee is the compensation for the computational energy that is being utilized by miners to perform a transaction on the blockchain. NFT gas fees vary from a couple of dollars to thousands of transactions based on the volume and type of transaction.  NFTs are popular digital assets nowadays that are traded globally for … Read more

15 Top NFT Creators To Watch Out For


In the highly controlled world of art, digital artists are now rewriting history, overthrowing the original creators of art, along with their classic creations. Beeple, Hackatao, and PAK are now the top dogs of the art world, with their art becoming a must-buy for the ultra-rich.  There is no turning a blind eye to the … Read more

How to Transfer an NFT? Meta Mask, OpenSea and Binance (STEPWISE Guide)

how to transfer an nft

If there is one buzzword that has hit the headlines in 2021, it is undoubtedly “NFTs.” They’re everywhere in the media and on internet websites, particularly in the crypto sector. The latest crop of crypto assets is redefining asset ownership.  Non-fungible tokens offer you the worth of originality that you bring to the table above … Read more