Does Bolding Keywords Help Seo? Google Says Yes!

We all know the importance of SEO to reach your audiences and gain more traffic to your website. But, how do you make the crawling easy for Google to determine your content or website to reach the top in SERPs? You can try bolding SEO keywords. Yes, it helps, and Google agrees

“This is something that comes up now and then. I double-checked before the session, actually, and Matt Cutts did a video, I think, in like, 2012 or something around that about bolding and strong on pages.”

Google’s John Mueller acknowledged that bolded text phrases and “essential elements of a section” aids in SEO and Search Engine performance. But, as John stated, it’s all relative; if you bold everything on the page, it won’t help.

With that, we want you to know a couple of other things, too, so let’s delve into the details from here.

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Why Bold Your Text Anyway?

When we employ strong material in our writing, we can bold it, so it draws visitors’ attention or simply assists our readers in reading and comprehending our information. 

Our visitors contribute to more and more search result data on our website, making a significant impact on our website’s search engine optimization position. It also implies whether our content is enjoyed by our users in terms of presentation and content interpretation. 

It also suggests that the website receives strong signals from Google, which helps to boost our visibility over the globe.

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Depending on your content, you can highlight the words. You must employ bold fonts in your material by the topic of your complete website. By keeping your content bold, you’ll be able to send a very powerful signal to Google. 

However, it is not appropriate for you to make your overall material bold for this purpose. In reality, it can have a detrimental impact on Google’s SEO rating. So, anytime you use strong fonts in your text, bold them just where you believe they should be used. 

Is Bolding Your Text Always Good?

Yes, but only if you do it right. You cannot bold the entire content because that will confuse search engines to detect the important content. Because in truth, you have kept all the material the same by putting the actual content in bold. 

On the flip, if you highlight only a portion of your page, Google realizes some relevant stuff here. It also makes it effortless for Google to locate the most significant material among your full content. And if it is said, Google prioritizes it.

Google’s Response to Bold Text

Does it scan our bold text in the same manner that other search engines do if we’re talking about Google? Analyzing any information launches your crawler to any website and instructs it to study it thoroughly. 

This informs Google about how many elements are bolded on a particular web page as well as how much information is contained in the effective implementation. As a result, Google analyzes the important material on our page to the important content on other web browsers. 

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After that, it understands that if the material on your homepage is more extensive, it will rank your website higher. However, it makes little difference on the entire website.


As we conclude, we want to remind you that bold or powerful tags are also a minor, less essential ranking element. So bolding anything isn’t going to benefit your site right away. However, it can help if you consider factors like context and whether or not it should be highlighted on the webpage. 

It also provides the content to be more significant as a whole, which Google may use to deduce crucial details like the specific context of the anchor text. 

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