How Much To Charge For Local Seo? SEO Expert Tells You!

SEO is an important factor to consider when you are building a brand. It’s especially important for a local business so they can get some spotlight.

You may be wondering how much it costs to get your website on the first page of Google search results as a local businessman. If we keep it simple and direct, the response is that there’s no predetermined pricing because each company’s needs are distinctive.

Being an SEO service ourselves, we will answer how much to charge for local SEO in this article. It will offer you a fair notion of how much SEO services should cost each month and how much they should cost.

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Here’s a quick summary:

Here is a quick estimate on how much to charge for local SEO.

New Website$500 – $10,000 (one-time fee)
On-Site, On-Page SEO$100 – $5,000 (one-time fee)
Backlinks & Local Citations$100 – $2,500 (monthly)
Blog Management$50 – $2,500 (monthly)
Review Management$25 – $250 (monthly)
Social Media Management$100 – $1000 (monthly)

There are certain other additional elements that influence local SEO price, but some general principles get you going. 

Let’s dive in and find out all you need to know about how much to charge for local SEO.

How SEO Experts Decide How Much to Cost for Local SEO?

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An SEO expert will always study your business before they get to the real business of optimizing your website. The local SEO pricing can vary from $75 to $5,000 per month based on our experience.

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SEO agencies usually look for answers to these questions:

  • What is the total number of pages on your website? 
  • What are the keywords you’re aiming for? 
  • Would you like SEO services that are white hat or black hat?
  • What is your regular spending plan? 
  • How many links are required to rank for the keywords you desire?

Important Factors

Local SEO services and techniques, like general SEO services, let you get discovered by a potential local audience. These services offer you to capitalize on the proper keywords while also appealing to a particular geographic region. 

With strategies like embedding location-based indicators on your website, local SEO services concentrate on generating leads for audiences around you.

Here’s what makes you stand apart from rivals:

Your Demographic’s Scale

Once it comes to local SEO marketing, there is no general or standard approach for how much to charge. It relies on various things, including your industry and geographic area. The best technique is to determine how much your competitors charge their clients and then determine whether or not this is reasonable based on the size and style of the demographic you’re targeting.


A basic local SEO tactic is to list your company and its locations in the top 50 web directories. Based on the industry, you may require up to 100 citations. It could cost $50 to $150  monthly to manage citations.

Another local SEO requirement is to build authoritative backlinks websites. Just for link development, a successful campaign may necessitate a monthly budget of $500 to $1,500.

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 While having a single web page with various business locations can save time and money, certain fundamental recurring costs are associated with handling multi-location local SEO campaigns. Budget between $750 and $1,500 per month for each site.

Finally, we can answer a basic question with a single number. According to a Moz survey on SEO cost, most services require a nominal fee of $1,501 to $5,000

However, like with anything in life, some nuances and peculiarities will affect how much you demand your skills. Examine those factors to better understand what should affect how much to charge for local SEO.

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