Ezoic Humix Review – Increase In Blog Earnings In Just 3 Days

Do you own a monetized website that is approved by Ezoic? Today I’ll show you how you can boost your Ezoic earnings by implementing Ezoic Humix.

Ezoic Humix has been released for quite a while. After using it myself, I feel confident to share a positive review on how Humix helped me earn more through video ads.

You can employ Ezoic Humix on your website for FREE and in just under 15 minutes you can create your own videos to display on your blogs.

Within 2 days of using Ezoic Humix, I can guarantee you will see a boost in your blog earnings.

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What Is Ezoic Humix?

Before jumping into the review, let’s cover the summary of what the Ezoic Humix is.

Until before Ezoic Humix, you had to depend on Youtube to add embedded videos to your blog.

This worked fine to improve traffic and user retention on the website, but Ezoic Humix adds another layer of improving your earnings.

Ezoic Humix creates a network for publishing videos, similar to Youtube, where people can upload videos and embed them on their blogs.

But, there is a major difference.

The revenue that a video generates on a blog isn’t only given to the uploader of the video, but also to the publisher who embeds it on their blog. The share is divided 50/50.

This means you can use videos created by other people to brighten up your own blog and improve SEO. And since you published and promoted the video, the earnings of that video will be shared by you and the uploader.

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Alternatively, you can create your own videos and upload them on the Humix network. Bloggers can embed your video on their blogs and you will receive half of the share of any earnings that your video generates.

All The Benefits I Noticed After Using Ezoic Humix

The idea of Ezoic Humix is great for bloggers on paper. 

You can now embed videos on your blogs that not only improve your blog’s SEO, user retention, and traffic, but also help you earn a share of the revenue.

Here is how Ezoic Humix improved my blog:

Revenue Share

The 50/50 revenue share policy works great for uploaders and publishers!

Finally, video publishers have a financial incentive to use videos available on the internet and feature them on their blogs.

And it makes perfect sense!

When embedding a video on your blog, you’re providing the video uploader an outlet to enjoy an increase in the views of their videos. 

This will help the uploader generate more revenue, but before Ezoic Humix, the publisher never benefitted financially. At least not directly.

With Ezoic Humix, you get a 50% share of the earnings a video generates from your blog, which is not only a great incentive to upload and use videos on your blogs, but also helps you improve your overall earnings!

Better Site Speed

Youtube embedded videos were infamous for slowing down site speed.

And we all know, a slow site never does well on SEO.

This is the reason I always felt reluctant to feature Youtube videos on my blog because I did not want to risk my website’s speed being affected. Instead, I used pictures to visually illustrate my ideas, which weren’t as effective as videos.

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With Ezoic Humix, I can freely upload videos, earn better, and not risk my website slowing down!

The website’s speed isn’t affected by Humix videos because Humix is optimized with Ezoic Leap!

More Revenue Compared To Youtube Uploads

For video uploaders, the 50/50 revenue-sharing policy may seem like a demerit for uploading videos to Humix. However, from my personal experience of uploading videos on Youtube and Humix simultaneously, I noticed more revenue generation from Humix videos.

Especially for uploaders that don’t have many subscribers, Humix can help you earn almost double the revenue that you may get from Youtube.

Personally, I focused on creating AI videos and uploading them on Humix, for my own blog and to be used by other bloggers as well.

Since then, I have noticed an overall increase in earnings from my blog (only took 2 days for the effect to be noticeable), and my videos are earning significantly better than they are on Youtube.

Easy and Friendly UI

Lastly, an very practical thing about Ezoic Humix is its extremely beginner-friendly UI/UX.

Since Ezoic Humix is a new platform, uploaders may feel reluctant to switch channels and start making videos for Humix assuming there will be a learning curve.

However, Ezoic Humix’s easy UX helps new beginners to start out seamlessly and start uploading content without any hassles.

It only takes me 15 minutes to create a video from scratch and be done with uploading it on Ezoic Humix!


So there you have it. Ezoic Humix creates a much better and more profitable platform than Youtube for revenue generation using embedded videos on blogs.

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I have been using Ezoic Humix for the past 2 months and I only noticed better traffic and earnings. 

Personally, would 100% recommend this shift to all blog owners!

Feel free to give it a try and share your experience in the comments section below!

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