How Many Times Does A Phone Ring Before It Goes To Voicemail?

Phones often ring 4 to 5 times before being transferred to voicemail, for a total of 25-30 seconds after the call is initiated. This includes both mobile phones (including the iPhone and Android) and landline phones.

However, depending on the type of your ringtone, it may ring more or less than this. For this reason, it is helpful to think in terms of seconds rather than rings.

The number of rings will also be affected by your cell carrier. Different cell carriers allow the phone to ring for different amounts of time before transferring it to voicemail.

Generally, it takes 25 to 30 seconds before going to voicemail if the person is not available.

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Phone Call Going Straight To Voicemail Without Any Rings

 If the phone is unable to accept calls, it will instantly go to voicemail.

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There are a couple of reasons why a phone could be unable to accept calls. 

It might be turned off, the user might have switched to aeroplane mode, or the phone might be out of service.

Sending a text message to a phone might reveal whether or not it can receive calls. 

If you try to send a text or iMessage to someone and their phone is unable to accept calls or texts, the message will not be delivered.

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As a result, this can assist you in determining what is going on.

How Many Times Does A Call Ring Before Voicemail If You’re Blocked?

If someone has blocked you, the phone will ring once before being transferred to voicemail.

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However, a call ringing once doesn’t always indicate that you’re blocked. This could also mean that the recipient hung up on your call after one ring.

Consequently, this raises another question. How do you know if someone has blocked you?

How To Know If You’re Blocked By Calling?

There is no decisive way to know whether you are blocked or not except by asking the person you are calling directly.

Texting or calling may not offer any evidence. This is due to the fact that even if you are blocked, calls can still get to voicemail and messages can be reported as delivered. 

Moreover, even if the messages are not delivered, this may also be due to poor service at either end.

Just because the phone doesn’t ring upon calling doesn’t imply you’re blocked.

The most straightforward approach to finding out whether you’ve been blocked or not is to call from another phone. This will tell you right away whether or not you’ve been blocked – if the call gets through on another phone but not on yours, you can be pretty confident that your number has been blocked.

Another approach can be used by android users. Delete the person’s contact and then try adding a new contact, if the name of the deleted contact appears in Suggestions in the calling app, it might mean that you’re not blocked.

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Alternatively, if you receive an automatic text response upon calling (which is frequent if the phone is on do not disturb) you can be certain that you’re not blocked

How Do You Know If Your Call Is Declined Before Going To Voicemail?

When a call is declined, the number of rings may differ. 

The phone will stop ringing as soon as the recipient manually declines the call.

The phone might ring anywhere between 1 and 3 times before going to voicemail.

If a phone rings more than 2 times, you may presume it has been denied. This is due to the fact that if you are blocked or the phone is powered off, it would either ring just once or won’t ring at all. 

But there are also other unlikely reasons for calls more than once and going to voicemail without the recipient declining it. It could be because the recipient has a poor network or somebody else is simultaneously trying to reach them.

If the call is left unattended, the number of rings should be 4-5 times before shifting to voicemail.

If I Decline Or Block Someone, Will They Know From Calling Me?

If you decline or block a caller, the caller will have some possibilities to look into. 

If you want to ignore someone without letting them know, the best way to do it is by hitting the power or volume button on your phone. This will let the incoming call stay but the recipient will hear the usual amount of rings before voicemail.

If, instead, you decline the call, can have a strong hit that you did as such since the call didn’t ring 4-5 times before voicemail as usual.

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The Do Not Disturb mode in phones is also a good option.

If you’ve blocked someone, they’ll hear one ring before voicemail. This will also be a big hint that they can easily figure out after trying to call you a couple of times.

Some cell carriers may even go straight to voicemail without a single ring if the caller is blocked.

Why Do Some Phones Never Go To Voicemail?

If a phone keeps ringing but does not go to voicemail, this either indicates a problem with the phone owner’s service provider or it could be because the individual has not set up a voicemail yet. 

You may occasionally receive a message stating that a voicemail has not been set up or is full for the latter case.

How Long Should You Wait Before Answering A Call?

When it comes to answering calls it’s all a personal choice, but here are some things to consider.

You should not let your phone ring more than 3 times or else the call might be transferred to voicemail.

Ideally, you should answer after 2 rings. This way you neither give the impression of being eager to talk to someone nor the image of ignoring someone.


Generally, a phone rings 4-5 times before going to voicemail. You could, however, be immediately sent to voicemail if you are blocked or if the recipient’s phone is inaccessible to accept calls.

If the phone rings 1-3 times, it’s probable that the call was declined by the person receiving it. Receiving calls from the area code 833? Check out if it’s legit or a scam!

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