How Much Can I Expect To Pay For PPC Management Services?

PPC pricing is constantly changing due to market dynamics. However, an average business spends somewhere around $12,000 and $18,000 on PPC every month. 

Handling your PPC (management, financing, audits) without any help can be taxing, so you seek PPC agencies, but you aren’t sure how much you’ll have to pay at what’s an average service rate. We have this sorted for you. 

Choosing a search ads professional is a positive step towards your business. Because it allows the specialists to take over and maximize your PPC campaign’s effectiveness, you’re probably overspending and not receiving the ROI you should be receiving if you don’t use an excellent approach to hire a PPC agency.

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How Much Can You Expect To Pay For Pay-Per-Click Management Costs?

Pricing is greatly influenced by the pricing type used by your PPC agency to charge for PPC ads. You may even be stunned to find that the pricing figure can vary from $500 to several thousand dollars a month. 

Factors That Affect Ppc Pricing!

  • PPCs’ extent (including how many ads it involves). 
  • new ads generated or tweaking old ones. 
  •  advertising budget 
  •  the goal of the PPC campaign 
  • The level of skills and experience of a PPC agency

PPC Ad Category and Pricing

  • Some PPC agencies offer a flat price (it’s totally up to the agency, but on average is $100 to $150 per hour).
  • Some PPC agencies use performance-based invoicing (either .5 or 15 per click).
  • Others provide a percentage-based pricing model of an overall ad spend (20-30%).
  • The rest adapt to a hybrid pricing framework that mixes and matches some of these or all.  
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Irrespective of how much you spend, investing heavily in PPC ad campaigns may seem overwhelming. But there’s a good side to this story. 

Paying high charges to a PPC agency will also give you ‘instant’ results. If you work with a competent and reputable agency, the payback on your expenditure will be worthwhile. Expert PPC management generally takes rewards that big businesses cannot find anywhere else.

How to Take Full Advantage of a PPC Campaign?

If you’re investing money in a business, you may well use smart techniques to leverage the opportunities you have at hand. For one, you can change target searchers who have seen your advertisements or shown engagement in the company, just like conventional PPC. 

The benefit of remarketing or retargeting is that your adverts can “follow” your viewers around the internet, improving awareness and visibility significantly. 

Retargeting should be regarded as an essential component of a comprehensive PPC campaign. Typically, businesses spend 5-20% of their ad spending on retargeting.


PPC is a surefire way to increase sales and brand awareness if done with a mix of social media marketing. If your PPC goals are limited to simply managing the account to confirm the number of impressions or clicks your ads are getting at the cost, you might get something like that for approximately $500. 

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