What Do Agencies Charge For PPC Management? (You’ll Be Surprised!)

Overlooking the importance of PPC as a business is almost impossible. Why? Because of the promising outcomes! 

Like other businesses, if you invest $3 on Google Ads (PPC), you will get $1.6 as an ROI. And while this may appear to be a “decent” return, you can get a tenfold result by working with a registered PPC agency. 

But what do agencies charge for PPC management if you choose to go that road? Honestly, there are no standard pricing criteria. Each PPC management offers its own pricing but it obviously depends on your PPC goals.

And to help you there, we have created this quick pricing guide to provide data so you can decide wisely. We have a tip for you at the end of this blog that will make PPC investment worth it. 

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PPC Pricing Categories

PPC agencies follow one of these four pricing criteria for Google ads’ paid campaigns. However, if you want ‘PPC charges in fact’, there’s sadly no particular pricing. 

4 Types of PPC Pricing

  • Hourly 
  • Performance-based (eg. $30 per conversion)
  • monthly fixed ($250 to $1,000)
  • Percentage of ad expenditure ((15% – 20%)

Hourly PPC Pricing

An international average PPC agency’s hourly rate is around $136.87 per hour. In the United States, the average PPC agency charges $151.88 per hour. Other PPC services often charge from $50 and $150 per hour. Some PPC agencies also charge 9.74 percent of employees over $200 per hour.

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Performance Based PPC Pricing

Suppose you have an ad with a CPC of $0.22 and want to receive 200 ad clicks each day. You may compute an approximate performance-based cost as $75 ($0.22 multiplied by 200 equals $44).

In this instance, if your limit for a CPC is $0.22, the most you’d be charged is $0.22. The actual total you could be billed per click, on the other hand, can vary based on the circumstances of each specific ad bid.

Percentage-based PP Pricing

If we talk about all the PPC ad agencies based on the personal evaluation, the majority of PPC providers take around 10% and 25% of the entire ad expenditure. 70% of PPC agencies charge approximately 10% to 20%, Others go for 14% to 20% of the PPC as a whole ad spend. 

Some agencies may charge a flat rate, while others charge an hourly rate. You have to do your research to determine what kind of ad pricing you should go for.

Monthly PPC Pricing

When you read figures like $250 per month, it’s probably too worth a try because there’s nothing an agency can do tactically to maximize your ad budget in that time frame.

Usually, when working with a professional, well-reputed PPC agency, your ad spending budget will be near the amount you will spend on service fees and can range from $1500 to $9000.  

How Do I Choose which Prising

Heard about the phrase ‘more is less?’ Well, it’s not the same with PPC. More is more here. The more money you spend, the more financial planning will take. With PPC, there are more (keywords) buzzwords to monitor and initiatives to drive every day. 

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PPC is expensive, but you can save money and spend less by opting for a PPC agency that has reasonable pricing. Yet, the pricing will go up either monthly or yearly as PPC stats keep changing.  

And if your focus is on the excellent yield where you can earn a profit, you’ll need an agency that can devote at least 1.2 hours each week to your campaign. 


Geotargeting saves time and makes your ads highly targeted based on lookups from specific locations. These zones can range from a state or province to as little as a three-block radius around your shop. So if you decide to do PPC on your own, make sure you use geo-targeting for Google Ads!

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