Is A 128 GB SSD Sufficient For A Laptop?

For smartphones, 128 GB of storage space is more than sufficient. For PCs and laptops, 128 GB might be enough. 

Since a game like Fortnite may easily use more than 60 GB of storage space. Your storage would be cut in half if you are a player. Another video editing or design programs behave similarly  128 GB is not the optimal capacity for most people.

However, 128GB is sufficient storage space for typical use/office work. A 128GB SSD is usually enough for most users. This article will help you decide if you should get a 128GB SSD if you need help deciding. Let’s explore this further and discover how much storage 128 GB has.

1. How Much Is Stored In 128 GB?

The phrase “128 GB storage” refers to the several kinds of data that can be kept on a device with a 128 GB capacity, including files, photos, movies, and more. Twenty-five full HD movies, 36,000 pictures, and more than 26,000 MP3 songs may all fit on a 128 GB smartphone.

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Digital data is measured in gigabytes, which are roughly 1 billion bytes. Eight bits make up a byte; each can hold a single letter from the alphabet, a number, or a unique character. A gigabyte is a standard unit of measurement for memory size when discussing computer storage. For instance, a laptop with “128 GB of storage” has 128 billion bytes of memory or 128,000,000,000 bytes.

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2. How Much Free Space Do You Get With A 128GB SSD?

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The answer to this question is influenced by variables, including the size of your hard disc and the file system you’re using. On a 128GB SSD, you should typically receive roughly 30GB of usable space.

However, it is still a sufficient quantity of space. You will have enough room for your operating system, necessary applications, and a few files and data with a 128GB SSD.

3. Is 128 GB For PCs And Laptops Enough?

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The storage capacity you require is among the most crucial things to consider when purchasing a laptop or PC. Some people may be satisfied with a laptop with a tiny hard disc, while others may require a larger one. For instance, a 128 GB hard drive would be required if you intend to store a lot of music or video files.

It’s necessary to consider the current and the future when choosing how much storage space is needed. You might have all the space you need right now on a 128 GB hard drive, but what about in a year or two? 

4. How To Check Your Current Laptop’s Storage?

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You can check the storage on your laptop in a few different ways. You may check the size of your hard drive by opening the “This PC” or “My Computer” folder on your laptop. You may also find your storage information by opening the “Settings” application on your laptop and browsing the “System” section. Knowing how much storage your laptop has will help you decide whether you need to upgrade or not. 

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5. Is 128GB Sufficient For Mac?

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If a customer merely intends to use their Mac for basic tasks like typing, document creation, online browsing, and email answering, 128GB may be sufficient.

128GB can be more than enough if care is taken and unnecessary files are routinely deleted or uploaded to the cloud.


Since these gadgets come in various sizes, will 128 GB of storage in a laptop be sufficient by today’s standards? 128 GB of storage space could become the standard for laptops and PCs. You won’t ever need to worry about running out of room if you have this much storage because you can keep all your data and apps on your computer. Moreover, you can always add an external hard drive or cloud storage if you need more capacity. If you have any queries you can leave your comment below!

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