Should You Tip Your DoorDash Driver?

If you’re using DoorDash to deliver your meals, you may wonder how much you should tip your driver even though they are the ones who are making an effort to get your meals to you.

On the one hand, DoorDash drivers are not paid very well, so a tip would be appreciated. On the other hand, you are not required to tip every single time. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, and I recommend tipping your DoorDash driver 15-20% of your total order cost. This will help to ensure that your driver feels appreciated and compensated for their time and struggle.

To find out the answer to whether or not to tip your DoorDash driver, read this blog till the end.

What Is DoorDash Exactly?

It all started back in 2013 w 2013. door dash headquarters are in San Francisco, California. DoorDash has a network of over 300,000 restaurants in over 1700 cities across the United States and Canada. DoorDash also offers a subscription service that gives users free delivery on orders over $15.

DoorDash differentiates itself from other food delivery services by focusing on restaurant satisfaction. The company has a Restaurant Dashboard that allows restaurants to record their orders, see delivery times, and operate their DoorDash delivery driver network. 

With functionality like white-labelled ordering and delivery, personalized branding, and real-time analytics, DoorDash also provides a restaurant enterprise solution.

How Much Should You Tip DoorDash Drivers?

The traditional rule of thumb is to tip 15-20% of the total bill, which can vary depending on the situation. If your food was delivered quickly and without any issues, you should tip on the higher end. If there were problems with your order or the delivery took a long time, you may want to tip on the lower end.

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A US Foods surveyed 1,000 delivery drivers and 1,000 consumers and found that both groups agree that a $4 tip is a suitable minimum for delivery drivers. However, the survey also found that customers are more likely to tip than that, with the average tip being $5.50.

What Happens If You Don’t Tip To Door Dash?

The driver will still get paid if you don’t tip on Doordash. However, they will receive a lower percentage of the total order because the tip is used to supplement their income. If you don’t tip, the driver will likely make less money overall. While there is no penalty for not tipping on Doordash, leaving a tip for your driver is considered good etiquette. But you can always give more or less depending on the service you receive.

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If you don’t tip on Doordash, your driver will receive a lower rating, which could lead to them losing their job. Additionally, not tipping on Doordash may result in a worse delivery experience, as drivers are less likely to go above and beyond for customers who don’t show appreciation for their work. So if you’re thinking about not tipping on Doordash, think again – it’s not worth it!

How To Tip DoorDash Drivers

 While DoorDash automatically adds a default tip to your order total, you can customize the amount (or add no tip) before confirming your order.

To tip your driver, follow these steps:

  • When the DoorDash app opens, sign in and choose an order from your home screen. Then, touch “Leave a Tip” on the order screen.
  • Choose your desired tip amount using the slider, or select “No Tip” if you don’t want to leave one. 
  • Then select “Done” to finalize your tip selection.
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The following factors should be taken into account when determining how much to tip your DoorDash driver:

  • The distance between the delivery site and yours.
  • The amount of time it takes drivers to deliver the food. 
  • The weather conditions(rainy, winter).
  • The timings in which you order.
  • The order’s complications.


Delivery drivers work hard to bring us the food we crave, and they deserve our thanks! So, drop a little extra for your driver next time you order food delivery. For you, it might a just a tip, but They’ll want it. And it’s the right thing to do. Ultimately It’s all in your hand How much you want to tip your DoorDash driver.

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