What Does Facebook User On Messenger Mean?

Facebook User is the label given to Facebook accounts that are temporarily deactivated, permanently deleted, suspended, or banned from Facebook.

If you were scrolling through messenger and see a chat that doesn’t show a name or picture but just reads Facebook User, it is due to the above-mentioned reasons.

It is difficult to know for sure what the reason for this label is, whether their account is suspended or they have deleted their account, but there are some hints that can give it away.

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Deactivated ‘Facebook User’ Accounts

The most common reason Facebook User shows up on Messenger is that the person has deactivated their account.

People deactivate their accounts to take a break from social media, and it is a popular thing to do so. Maybe they’re during a rough time in their life or are just preparing for exams and don’t want to be distracted by Facebook.

Deactivating an account will make the user unable to do any Facebook activity. Nor can their friends involve them in any Facebook activity, such as mentioning the person in comments, tagging them in posts, or sending them a message.

If you come across a Facebook User on your messenger because they have deactivated their account, the only way to reconnect with them is to wait until they reactivate their account and you’re able to text them.

Deactivating Facebook is different from completely deleting it. As soon as the person reactivates their Facebook account, their Facebook Timeline, posts, and comments will come back again.

Deleted ‘Facebook User’ Accounts

Another common example of the Facebook User name on Messenger is when the person permanently deletes their account.

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Some Facebook users delete their Facebook accounts which erases everything, from chats to their own timelines.

If you have come across a Facebook User name on Messenger and it’s because they have deleted their account, there are not many ways that you can contact them back again.

The only hope is for them to create a new Facebook account which you can search for again.

Before permanently deleting an account, Facebook deactivates the account for 30 days, just in case the user regrets the deletion and wants to reactivate the account. If this is the case, and the user reactivates their account, you can get connected with them once again.

To make sure that the Facebook User is a deleted account and not a deactivated account, go to their Facebook profile. If you can’t see anything there, the person has deleted their account.

Suspended Or Banned ‘Facebook User’ Accounts

The last reason for a Messenger contact shown as Facebook User instead of their Facebook name is if they are suspended or banned from Facebook.

Facebook suspends when they are found to be violating the Facebook Community Standards.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your friend has done something bad, as many suspensions are recovered because the user was wrongly reported. However, in some cases, the user may have posted or commented something that goes against the community standards and may have received a suspension for it.

Facebook suspensions can last from 48 hours to 90 days, depending on the violation.

If the suspensions are repeated a number of times, the user may have received a permanent profile ban and now shows as Facebook User on Messenger.

‘Facebook User’ Accounts That Are On Hold

A newer reason for Facebook profiles showing up as Facebook User on Messenger is when their account is on a temporary hold by Facebook.

When Facebook receives suspicious activity on your Facebook account, it temporarily holds your account (similarly to deactivating your account) until you can prove your identity and reactivate it.

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For example, if a hacker tried to get into your account and typed in the wrong password several times, Facebook will hold your account to keep it safe.

Once your account is on a temporary hold, your chat will be viewed by other people by the name of Facebook User.

Does Facebook User Mean You’re Blocked?

No. Facebook User does not mean that you’re blocked.

If you are blocked from an account, you will be able to see their profile picture and name on Messenger. If you see Facebook User without a profile picture, it’s most likely a deactivated or deleted account.

If you’re still suspicious that they have blocked you, try asking a mutual friend to search their profile on Facebook. If their profile is visible and accessible to your mutual friend but not you, then you’re definitely blocked.

How To Find The New Account Of A ‘Facebook User’

Facebook User accounts can be accounts that were banned, deactivated, or deleted by the users. However, this does not mean that they did not create a new Facebook account to replace it.

Many users try to find a clean slate and delete their Facebook accounts just to have a fresh start with a new account.

If you’re curious to find the new account of that Facebook User, here are some ways that you can try.

1. Search for their name

Assuming their new Facebook account has the same name as their previous Facebook account, your best bet is to just launch up Facebook and search for their name.

From the results, scroll through and try to find a familiar face. If your friend had mutual friends with you from the past account and has mutual friends in the new account as well, their new Facebook profile should be on the top of the list.

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2. Check their website

If you’re searching for a business that you had a chat with and is now shown as Facebook User, head over to their website to try and see what their new Facebook account is.

On their website, you should see a Facebook handle or link that redirects you to the new page. Many businesses place these links in their Contact Us page or section.

3. Look for their tags in pictures

If you remember the friend well enough to know some of their mutual friends, open up the profiles of their mutual friends.

Now try to search for photos or posts where they might be tagged in. If you find a photo with their face and an active tag, it should redirect you to their new Facebook account.

4. Check their Instagram account

If you had your friend on Instagram as well, a good way to be redirected to their new Facebook account would be to check their Instagram profile.

Many Instagram users add a link to their Facebook profiles in their bio, and your friend might just be one of them.

If not, you can message them there and ask about their Facebook whereabouts.

Is ‘Facebook User’ The Same As ‘Instagram User’?

Yes. Since Facebook and Instagram are both run by the same company, Meta, they both have similar functions for treating deactivated or disabled accounts.

On Instagram chats, if you see a person named Instagram User without a profile picture instead of their actual name, it is safe to assume that their Instagram profile is deactivated, deleted, suspended, blocked, or on hold.


The next time you see Facebook User or Instagram User, you’ll know you’re just viewing a deactivated or disabled account, and not an account that has blocked you.

Hopefully, this guide helped you clear up some confusion.

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