Why Am I Receiving Security Messages From 729-75? Is It From Paypal?

729-75 is a scam. If you receive security messages from this number, avoid sending details or clicking any link on the text. Scammers use shortcode 72975 to people pretending to be from Paypal and steal your money. Since Paypal’s shortcode is 729-725, which is quite similar to the shortcode scammers, people get confused and often send their details to the scammers and lose their money. 

Since Paypal is a popular eWallet that has been used by millions of users globally, many scammers try to fool people and steal their money. Over the years, people have lost millions of dollars to such scams, and thus, they are cautious about fraud. 

Paypal uses its SMS short code, which is 729-725, to send any OTP or other login details to its users; they do not send any confidential detail using other shortcodes, so if you have received such things from any different number, then immediately report it and avoid sending any details or clicking to any links below. 

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Why Am I Receiving Messages From 729-75?

Since 729-75 is a scam number, you are receiving security messages because someone is about to hack into your Paypal account. In most cases, when a person gets a security message from 729-75, it is followed by sms from 729-725, the actual Paypal number that contains your log-in OTP. 

Then after a couple of seconds or minutes, you will receive a call from an unknown number that pretends to be calling from Paypal and ask you for the OTP or security pin of your Paypal account. They will call out your full name, which may give you thought that they are legit, and then if you tell them what they ask, scammers will log in to your account and steal all your money. 

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Why Paypal Send Codes To Users Using Short Codes?

Paypal uses shortcodes 729-725 to send codes to the users. These codes authenticate certain activities, including sending money or purchasing things using Paypal. In order to authenticate the transaction, you need to enter the code you just received from Paypal. Paypal never sends you a message that requires you to reply with 1 or 2 or any other command to confirm a transaction or login. 

All the details in the code are for you to enter either the Paypal screen or any of the vendors with a pop-up screen of Paypal. You need to enter the code and then submit it for verification. 

Can I Stop Receiving Messages From 729-75?

You can not stop scammers from sending you messages from 729-75 or any other such shortcode. Once you report that number to the authorities, they will block it and take appropriate action according to the law. Since someone else can try scamming you with other numbers, you must be cautious. 

Bottom Line

729-75, 729,725 seems precisely the same to you? But one is a shortcode used by scammers (729-75), and the second is the legit code (729-725) used by Paypal. This is the trick scammers use to fool you and steal all your money from your Paypal account. Be cautious, never click on any link in the text, and never reply to it. 

Be safe and protect your money from scammers and frauds. 

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