Why Can’t Search For Tags On Some Tumblr Blogs?

The blog’s owner may have disabled tag searching if you try to search for a particular tag on a Tumblr blog but get no results. This is a setting in Tumblr that can be turned on or off, and it is up to each blog owner to choose whether or not to allow tag searching. 

You can always try searching for the blog’s URL and the tag you’re looking for if you’re trying to find a specific post on a Tumblr blog. The search term “example.tumblr.com cats” would be used, for instance, to find a post about cats on the “example.tumblr.com” Tumblr blog.  This should display any posts with “cats” as a tag, even if the tag search feature is turned off.

Reasons Why Can’t I Search Tags On Some Tumblr Blogs?

If you’re searching for something specific on Tumblr and the tags aren’t working, one of these four reasons is likely the cause. However, there is a way to search for blogs that aren’t using tags – you can use the Tumblr search bar. Just enter what you’re looking for, and Tumblr will show you the results.

  • The first reason is that the blog owner has disabled their blog’s search engine optimization (SEO).
  •  Another reason you might be unable to search tags on a Tumblr blog is that the blog owner has disabled search altogether. It will stop anyone from being able to search for the blog using any search engine.
  •  Your version of Tumblr in not been updated
  •  Lastly, the blog you’re searching for may be private. It indicates only people authorized to view the blog can see it. You must be allowed to view the blog to explore it.
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How Do You Display A List Of All Tags An A Tumblr Blog?

 If you like to display a list of all the tags in a Tumblr blog, there are a few different techniques you can do it. 

  • One way is to use the Tumblr API. You can find detailed guidelines on how to do this here:https://www.tumblr.com/docs/en/api/v2#tagging
  • Second way is to use the Tumblr Tags page. To do this, go to your Tumblr blog and click on the “Tags” link. This will bring you to a page where your blog’s tags are listed.
  • You can also go for a third-party Tumblr tag tool, such as Tagul. Tagul is a free online tool that allows you to develop tag clouds for your Tumblr blog. To use Tagul, enter your Tumblr blog URL and select.

Why Doesn’t My Post On Tumblr Receive Likes Despite My Use Of Various Techniques?

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It’s challenging to stand out on Tumblr. Because of the content volume, tags quickly become blocked up, and the peculiar search criteria.

  • Add the appropriate tags to your posts based on what you’re posting. 
  • Put “meme” or “lol” in the tags if the post is a joke. 
  • You should only use the first five tags when tagging. Put the essential items first. (Any additional tags should appear after those first five.)
  • Avoid including links in your posts because they won’t be found in searches. 

How Can I Find Tags In Specific Tumblr Blogs?

Here are suggestions you can do if you’re looking for a way to find tags in Tumblr blogs:

  • Make use of the Tumblr search bar.
  • Browse the tags section of the blog.
  • Review the description of the blog.
  • Use an image search in reverse.
  • Take a look at the Tumblr Radar
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By now, I hope you have a clear understanding of your question. I understand how frustrating it can be to look for tags on Tumblr.

Try contacting the blog owner directly if you’re trying to search for a particular Tumblr blog but are having trouble doing so. It can direct you or give you more information about why you can’t search for tags on their blog.

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