Best Computer Drawing Pads On Amazon (HandPicked By Designer)

Drawing pads are a wonder when it comes to illustrating on a computer, however, if you’re looking for accurate results and the feels of a real canvas, you need to buy only from the best of drawing pads available on the internet.

I have been working as a full-time graphics designer for past 4 years and honestly speaking, your drawing pads can impact efficiency alot!

To help designers choose the best drawing pad, I have carefully considered various factors such as accuracy, sensitivity, compatibility, and affordability. The drawing pads on this list offer a wide range of options, from entry-level devices to high-end professional tablets, to suit different needs and budgets.

Today, I bring you the 7 best options for computer drawing pads on Amazon. Each of these has its own unique feature, but I’ll share my final thoughts on recommendations in the conclusion.

Let’s get started.

Top 7 Computer Drawing Pads on Amazon Handpicked by a Designer

1. One by Wacom – $49

Wacom is the most popular and reputable electronic brand when it comes to drawing pads. Dealing with pen displays for over 40 years, Wacom products do come with a higher price but the quality matches the ask.

The pad quality that Wacom provides is unparalleled by any other product. In fact, Wacom is the only brand that is certified by Google Chromebook.

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One by Wacom is the most affordable Wacom drawing pad that comes in two sizes, with an included pen, and a Wacom Drawing Glove (optional).

Registering your drawing pad can help you receive 6 months of free Kami App, 3 months of Explain Everything, Pear Deck, & Limnu, and Foxit PDF Editor.

Moreover, a 3-month trial of Bluescape is also offered for free.

  • 8.3 x 5.7 inches
  • 2048 Pressure sensitivity
  • Certified with Chromebook
  • Advanced Electro-Magnetic Pen Technology
  • USB Connectivity
  • Windows, Mac, and Chromebook compatible
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2. GAOMON M106K – $50

GAOMON may not be the most reputable brand, but surely is one of the most highly-reviewed and featureful brands in drawing pads.

image 2023 02 20T130018.780
image 2023 02 20T125914.098 1

At an extremely affordable price, GAOMON M106K offers features that aren’t available in products even triple its price! This includes the professional sensitivity of 8192 layers and 12 hotkeys!

  • 10 x 6.25 inches
  • 8192 pressure sensitivity levels
  • Battery free stylus
  • USB Connectivity
  • ± 60 degrees of tilt support
  • 12 hotkeys and 16 soft express keys
  • Windows, Mac, and Android compatible

3. XOPPOX – $60

XOPPOX is another popular brand like GAOMON that may not be the best in the market but its products offer features found nowhere in their price margin.

image 2023 02 20T130134.685
image 2023 02 20T125914.098 2

At a price of just $60, XOPPOX brings a large tablet that offers professional 8192 pressure sensitivity levels and offers 12 featureful customizable keys.

XOPPOX is perfect and economical to use with Microsoft Office software, and also offers amazing compatibility with professional editing software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, etc.

  • 10 x 6 inches
  • Type C, Micro-USB, and USB connectivity
  • Battery free stylus
  • ± 60 degrees of tilt support
  • 8192 pressure sensitivity levels
  • 12 customizable shortcut keys and 10 multimedia keys
  • Windows, Mac, and Android compatible

4. Wacom Intuos – $82

Our fourth option on the list comes from the popular brand of Wacom again. This time, it’s with a wireless Bluetooth drawing pad that offers more creativity than ever.

The main key feature of Wacom Intuos is its increased functionality, providing 4 express keys and 2 pen buttons.

Wacom Intuos comes in 3 sizes: Small, Small Wireless, and Medium Wireless. 

image 2023 02 20T130320.286
image 2023 02 20T125914.098 6

By registering this product, you can avail yourself of 6 months of Kami App, 3 months of Collaboard, Explain Everything, Pear Deck, & Limnu, and Foxit PDF Editor.

  • 7.9 x 6.3 inches
  • 4 customizable Express keys and 2 Pen buttons
  • USB and Bluetooth connectivity
  • EMR 4096 pressure sensitivity
  • Battery free pen
  • Windows, Mac, Android, and Chromebook compatible
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5. Wacom Intuos Pro – $209

We’ve already covered the Wacom Intuos, but if you’re a professional designer looking for something that is worth to be used by an expert like you, your best bet is Wacom Intuos Pro.

image 2023 02 20T130456.056
image 2023 02 20T125914.098 3

Wacom Intuos Pro comes in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. It also offers an optional Drawing Glove.

Wacom Intuos Pro introduces the famous Wacom Pro Pen 2, which is popular for its ultra responsiveness and real feel. 

This tablet offers functionality with not only the 6 customizable express keys, touch ring, and pen side switches, but also with programmable multi-touch gestures that provide you with a range of creativity to personalize and streamline your work.

Registering your tablet can offer you 3 months of Shapr3D and 3 months of MASV file transfer (250 GB).

  • 10.6 x 6.7 inches
  • 8192 pressure sensitivity levels
  • Tilt support and eraser stylus
  • Battery free Pro Pen 2
  • Multi touch and gestures compatibility
  • 6 customizable express keys
  • USB and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Touch ring and pen side switches
  • Windows and compatible

6. Wacom One HD – $260

Until now, we’ve only considered computer drawing pads that only support input via a stylus, while the output is displayed on a computer. But wouldn’t it be much more creative and interactive if the drawing pad itself had a display too?

image 2023 02 20T130551.974
image 2023 02 20T125914.098 4

That’s where the Wacom One HD comes in.

Wacom One HD comes with a 13.3 inch crystal clear display that helps you create art directly on your screen. The display offers a paper-like surface for easy drawing and a real feel.

However, if you want to use a secondary display, you can easily connect it to a computer or even have two simultaneous displays together.

Registering the device can get you 3 months of Bamboo Paper Pro, Magma Studio, Bluescape, Affinity Photo, Affinity Publisher, Affinity Designer, Explain Everything, Pear Deck, & Limnu, and Skillshare, 6 months of Get Clip Studio Paint Pro, and 12 months of Kami App and Foxit PDF Editor.

  • 13.3 inches screen
  • HD display
  • Foldable display legs 
  • 4096 pressure sensitivity
  • Windows, Mac, Android, and Chromebook compatible
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7. Wacom Cintiq 16 – $649

And lastly, we have the most pristine and elite drawing pad in the industry, the Wacom Cintiq 16.

image 2023 02 20T130703.621
image 2023 02 20T125914.098 5

Wacom Cintiq 16 comes at a much higher price than the other products mentioned in this guide, but if you’re a professional designer yourself, you can easily recognize its worth.
Wacom Cintiq 16 comes in 2 sizes: Small and Medium, and offers an optional Remote, Adjustable Stand, and Pen Slim.

With a 15.4 Full HD LCD display, Wacom Cintiq offers 4K resolution, 16.7 million colors, 98% Adobe RGB, and an anti-glare tactile screen, that can depict your creations in the most precise, clear, and perfect form.

Coming with the proficient Wacom Pro Pen 2, you’re offered the most accurate and flexible control right on your fingerprints, leaving almost no difference from drawing on paper to drawing on the Wacom Cintiq 16.

Registering your device offers 6 months of Clip Studio Paint EX free!

  • 15.4 inches screen
  • Full HD LCD 4K resolution
  • Tilt recognition and eraser
  • 8192 pressure sensitivity levels
  • Wacom Pro Pen 2 stylus
  • HDMI connectivity
  • 2 customizable switches
  • Foldable legs
  • Compatible with All Pens
  • Windows and Mac compatible

Final Thoughts – What Should You Buy?

Those are your 7 best options when considering buying a computer drawing pad.

In my recommendation, if you’re low on budget, go for the Wacom Intuos. 

Other brands do offer more functions, however, I’ve personally used the Wacom Intuos and it offers a better feel than GAOMON or XOPPOX could ever offer, even if they’re more pressure sensitive.

For a medium budget, my preference would be the Wacom Intuos Pro, instead of the Wacom One HD. However, if you prefer your drawing pad to have a display, there’s nothing wrong with choosing Wacom One HD as well.

And if you want to get the best of the best, the Wacom Cintiq 16 is your perfect solution.

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