Should I Quit My 9 To 5 Job?

Most of us who quit our 9 to 5 jobs search for more freedom and flexibility. Still, we’re quickly met with uncertainty, especially in our finances. If you’re confused about whether to quit a job or not.

Here are three important reasons you should think about.

Reasons to Think About Before Quitting Your Job

1. Job Security Is Dead

One of the best reasons people would look forward to be job security, which these 9-5 jobs provide. Your grandparent had that in complete fledge form, and by the time of your parents, it wasn’t bad either. But now, especially after covid, there is no security left.

Remote jobs have taken the world, and new technology, the internet, and digital advancement introduced a different way of doing business. 

Moreover, many economic forums predicted the shift in jobs because of robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI), millions of workers will be unemployed if this happens. Apart from this, if we talk about what is happening in companies across the globe. They are flexible in hiring part-time and freelancers instead of full-time workers, shifting to the hybrid workplace. 

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2. Job Stress Is Guaranteed/ Stress at Work 

A stressful work environment can highly contribute to your health such as:

  • Charge negative energy.
  • Reason for high blood pressure.
  • Causes heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and ultimately heart attack.
  • Hinders your sex hormones.
  • Advances aging.
  • Poor decision-making.
  • Addictions of any type. 
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You are signed up to work 45 hours weekly for the rest of your career and are stressed every second. It’s a risky life with dangerous consequences. And all of this doesn’t just end there. You will bring the fuss home. 

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3. Job Doesn’t Make You Rich

Most people with one full-time job live an average life. Working for 8 hours a day counts nothing. You can achieve a comfortable life somewhere you don’t need to fear much about money.

You can make a fine living, wear decent clothes, spend on a trip once a year, and give good education to your children. Money is not the highest priority for searching for the work you enjoy.

You shouldn’t choose a career exclusively for your income, or you will be disappointed.

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Four Steps to Take After Resigning:

If your goal is to get rich, you must go beyond and do more. Money doesn’t come to those who go the extra mile at work. It comes to those who walk the miles outside of work. Here is a rough idea of what you can do if you have decided to quit a job.

1. Make a Plan

Your purpose in quitting your job should be to use your time, skill, and life correctly. Make a strategy that helps you visualize” What will you do after leaving your job? Ask yourself:

  • Do you want to start something on your own? 
  • Do you want to invest somewhere while doing part-time? 
  • Do you want to learn some new skills and make money?
  • Do you want to switch your career? 
  • Do you want to switch from a 9 to a 5 to a less working-hour job?
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Making a plan is the first step that will help you design how you will take the next step. Some platforms you can apply, such as Upwork, Indeed, and WeWorkRemotely.

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2. Make Use of Your Skill

If you work on skill building and add value to your work, you will be able to handle a job crisis that is about to come.

Staying in corporate giants, you will remain at your boss’s will. Rising to the top in a corporate company isn’t an anticipated career path.

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3. Have a Disciple in Your Life

Try to build a routine where you do what you want by doing it in a disciplined way. Find work that doesn’t drain your energy and doesn’t drown you in depression. Believe it or not, a stress-free job or career does exist. You need to find them. 

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4. Look For a Suitable Alternative

Most people think they should take a break to become a better version of themselves. To some extent, it is an objective and reasonable approach. But having a balance in life is equally important. Meditation, getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and workout are equally important. Still, it can’t replace the importance of work/job/business. 

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There are a few reasons someone might want to avoid working a 9-to-5 job. Maybe they don’t like being tied down to one place for 8 hours a day. Perhaps they want a more flexible schedule to spend more time with their family or pursue other interests.

Whatever the reason, it can be successful without working a 9 to 5-job. If you’re creative and motivated, you can also find different ways to make a living. There are many opportunities out there for people who are willing to look for them.

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