How to Change My Mailing Address With the Post Office

Changing an old home or shifting from one to another home is good but before you change your home there is much work to do. Every year you may think to change your location on vacation temporarily, or sometimes you may plan to shift permanently somewhere within the city or out of the city.

Along with packing, returning things to your neighbor, retrieving things they have borrowed from you, and meeting up with neighbor’s friends there is also one more work to do and that is to change your mailing address.

In between all the stressful work, you might be considering this as unimportant work. But to avoid problems in the future this is the most important work to do. 

There are several ways from which you can change your mailing address but here in this article, you will get to know about the steps which should be taken for changing the mailing address via the post office. 

Not only the steps but the general questions which arise in mind related to the steps and process. Before jumping into steps there are some more tasks to do so let’s discuss them first.

Verify Your Address:

The first thing you have to do is verify your address. Make sure that you know the correct name and number of your new street and city. 

Because sometimes it happens that only the spelling mistake can cause difficulties in changing the address. And this minor mistake can make trouble for you.

You can simply verify your address from your landlord or realtor. If you have verified your address then your post office will code your mail correctly so you will get a chance to obtain your zip+4code.

Your mail can be delivered fastly and more accurately if you have this code. 

Decide Whether to File Permanent Or Temporary Change In The File:

Before you go to the post office decide whether you file that you are changing your address temporarily or permanently because there are some minor differences in sending of mails.

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Permanent change:

If you filed your address as a permanent address then your mail is being forwarded to your new address for a specific period. This mail includes all the periodicals and first-class mail. 

Although your standard mail like catalogs and circulars do not forward to your permanent address. In this way, your new address is then available to the companies which are responsible for the subscription of the national change of address service.

Temporary Change:

This change is being filled when you change your address temporarily for some days or months. It has a limit from 15 days to 6 months. A temporary change of address might be for the ones who usually spent their vacations somewhere out of town.

With this service, you will receive your first-class mail and periodicals piece by piece to a different address where you go for the specific period.

There also exists an option to extend the service up to 12 months. You will avail this option when you don’t want to return home for any reason and you decided to prolong your stay. 

Lets Jump Into Steps:

Following are the steps which can be followed when you want to change your mailing address from the post office.

Step 1: Go to the post office.

Step 2: Request for the change of address form.

Step 3: Now you need to fill out the form and the details required. These details may include the date of move, about old and new address and other basic information.

Step 4: Select between the permanent and temporary move.

Step 5: Pay 1.00$ verification fee from your credit card or debit card.

Step 6: Submit the required documents like ID photo, passport copy, driving license copy, etc.

Step 7: Verification is also be done via call.

Step 8: Ask your mailer to give you a copy of form PS 3575.

Step 9: Bring that copy to your nearby local post office.

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Step 10: Give the copy to the mail carrier or put it in the mail collection box.

Step 11: You will receive a confirmation letter with your code within two weeks.

Steps To Change Mailing Address By Phone:

The mailing address can also be changed by phone and this is the part of changing the mailing address through the post office.

Option A:

  • Call 1-800-275-8777 to change the address.

Option B:

  • Answer all the required questions. That is asked of you.

Option C:

  • Give 1.00$ verification fee to complete the process.

The above steps will help you to change your mail address via post office service.

What To Do Next?

Sometimes because of the wrong address mail either gets lost or returned home. To avoid these issues you have to prepare a mailing list that includes the following people:

  • Doctors, friends, and family.
  • Credit card companies.
  • Government entities.
  • Clubs and associations.
  • Utilities
  • Magazines and newspapers

Check your list against the mail you receive every day. In this way, you will save your mail from returning or being sent to the wrong address. Also, save all the mail labels and envelopes so that you can easily send change of address notifications.

Is confirmation code important?

The confirmation code is very important whether you change your address via post office or online. This code helps to edit, review or cancel your change of address request.

If you lose your code you have to either cancel the change of address request or you have to visit the local post office physically. Because not only for the edition and cancelation of request code be helpful but also your email address, phone number, and mail forwarding dates be changed via this code.

So don’t forget to save that code that is helpful and important to save.

Which Option Is Better “Post Office” Or “Online” To Change The Address?

Both options have their comfort zones, some enjoy being at home and want to do their work through online services while some feel comforted in going physically. So it’s up to the customer’s point of view that in which option they are feeling comfortable with.

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But it is to be mentioned here that the online change of address request charges you small fee while there is no charge to submit a paper change of address form.

When To Apply For The Change Of Address?

The most important question among all is when to apply for the change of address? 

When you move from one location to another either lonely or with family or your business location is changing. You have to choose your move type while filling out the address changing form and you also have to specify the mail forwarding date.

The mail forwarding date is the date from when you start receiving mail at your new address. It is advisable to submit your change of address request three or two weeks before. Because forwarding mail also takes almost one week to be delivered to your new address.

As you submit your request before some time so when you shift to your new address you will start receiving the mails promptly.

Bottom Line:

Here if we wrap up so above are all the steps and information that will help you change your mailing address through the post office. There are several ways you can utilize for changing the mailing address but the most used and preferred way is from the post office.

If we conclude the steps shortly here so it can be as:

  • Request for the change of address form.
  • Pay the verification fee and fill out the form.
  • Submit the required documents and photos.
  • In the last submit the form, you will receive a confirmation letter within two weeks.

This is all about this article, hope this article has helped you in changing your address via the post office.


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