Does a Remote Job Mean Work From Home?

The simple answer is, “Not really.” A remote job doesn’t literally mean working from home. For a remote job, you can work from anywhere around the world, even if it’s a cafe. All you need is a laptop and a strong internet connection.

Remote jobs are becoming a norm in this day and age. The internet has made it so easy to work from home and not be tied to the physical location of an office. However, remote jobs do not necessarily mean working from home.

Workers who have a remote job might be required to work in an office at some point during their contract. This is especially true for remote jobs with a higher level of responsibility or where there is no one else available to do the job remotely.

One of the main reasons why people want to be able to work remotely is because it gives them more flexibility in their schedule and it allows them to work from home.

Some people believe that working from home can be lonely and isolating. But, others find it much easier than being in an office environment because they don’t have to commute every day and they don’t have a boss looking over their shoulder all day long.

I distinctly remember the Covid-19 times when I had to work from home for my job. Now see, my job’s contract wasn’t remotely based but I was still bound to work from home. My boss didn’t label this as a “Remote job” but that I’ll be working from home until further notice. 

You need to understand the concept behind a remote job and work from home to gain clarity. 

6 Differences Between Remote Job and Work From Home:

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1. Location:

  • Remote work can be done from anywhere, and it does not have to be done at home. It can also be done in a coworking space or a coffee shop among other places.
  • Whereas, working from home literally means working from the comfort of their own homes instead of going into an office. You do not have to commute to the office. This reduces the stress of commuting, but it also makes it possible for them to spend more time with their family.

2. Benefits:

There are many benefits to working remotely, such as the ability to set your own hours and choose your own working environment. 

Remote jobs also provide you with a variety of benefits such as healthcare, retirement benefits, and paid time off. This will give you more financial stability in the long run.

Work-from-home jobs offer the same benefits as remote jobs while eliminating the drawbacks by giving employees a place of their own where they can go to work on their own time.

3. Position:

Remote jobs are usually full-time positions, where you would have to do your job according to the company’s time zone. 

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Work From Home Jobs are usually not full-time positions and you will be required to work from home at least half of the time.

4. Restriction:

The major difference between the both is that working from home can also imply that an employee doesn’t physically attend the office but works from home instead until he resumes work back at the office.  

However, remote jobs will restrict you in a way that you will be required to work exclusively from anywhere you want but outside an office set-up. 

5. Communication:

In Working from Home, there is already an unbroken management structure and chain of command. You still retain the office structure and keep in touch with your team.

Remote workers must be self-starters and have excellent time management skills. Remote work requires proactive communication.

6. Balance:

  • Most remote work scenarios are associated with positive effects on productivity and work-life balance. Remote work provides employees with greater flexibility and independence and makes it easier for them to better manage their lives. 
  • However, working from home is a transitional option and will not have a positive or lasting impact on your work-life balance.

Bottom Line:

After gathering all the facts, we can declare that Remote Jobs and Work From Home are not entirely the same. While both allow you to work from home, Remote Jobs are more flexible than Work From Home.

You can choose to work remotely for a company that is in your area or one that is across the country without being homebound.

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