How Important is it to have a .com vs .io domain?

Many different domain extensions are available for website owners, but the most popular is “.com” and “.io.” So, which one is important to have for your website? Simple answer is, it depends on your business requirments.

Are you a tech oriented company or not?

If you want to appear professional and credible, then .com is the way to go. However, if you wish for your website to be seen as cool and modern, then .io is the better option.

.com is short for “commercial” and is the most well-known and popular domain suffix. It is often used by businesses and organizations, as it gives the impression of a professional and credible website. .io is short for “Indian Ocean” and is becoming increasingly popular with startups and tech companies. 

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.com vs .io domain Comparision Extension
Domain AuthorityGenerally higher due to popularity and widespread usageLower due to being a relatively new and less popular extension
Brand RecognitionMore recognizable and trusted by usersMay require more effort to establish brand recognition and trust
SEO ValueBoth extensions have similar SEO value, but .com may have a slight edge due to its longevity and popularityCan be just as effective for SEO, especially for tech-focused companies
Keyword-rich Domain NamesMore difficult to find keyword-rich domain names available with .com extensionEasier to find available keyword-rich domain names with .io extension
Global AppealSuitable for businesses with a global focusCan be perceived as more suitable for tech companies and startups
CostTypically more expensive due to high demand and availabilityGenerally less expensive due to lower demand and availability

Note that while domain extension is a factor that can impact SEO, it is just one of many factors that search engines consider when ranking websites. Other factors such as content quality, user experience, backlinks, and page speed are also critical for SEO success.

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What is domain extension?

 The last part of the website address is called domain extension. It could be .com, .io, .net, or .org. Domain extensions can give your website a specific type of identity and indicate what type of website it is.

RankDomain ExtensionNumber of Registered DomainsDescription
1.com167.5 millionOriginally intended for commercial businesses, now widely used for any type of website
2.tk34.5 millionProvided free of charge by the government of Tokelau, often used for spam and phishing websites
3.cn23.1 millionIntended for websites based in China, requires a government-issued license to register
4.de16.4 millionIntended for websites based in Germany, popular among German businesses and individuals
5.net13.4 millionOriginally intended for network infrastructure, now widely used for a variety of websites
6.org10.3 millionIntended for non-profit organizations, now also used by a variety of other websites
7.uk9.9 millionIntended for websites based in the United Kingdom, available in various subdomains such as and
8.ru7.2 millionIntended for websites based in Russia, popular among Russian businesses and individuals
9.nl6.5 millionIntended for websites based in the Netherlands, popular among Dutch businesses and individuals
10.info6.2 millionOriginally intended for informational websites, now widely used for a variety of websites

What does .com mean?

Its name, which derives from the word “commercial,” denotes that it was initially intended to be used for domains registered by businesses. Later, the domain was made available to everyone.

The .com domain is managed by VeriSign and is one of the original top-level domains established in 1985. .com extension is some of the most popular domains in the world, and as of June 2019, over 140 million COM domains were registered.

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Why is it Important to have domain?

.com domain will give credibility and safety

A .com domain is often more credible and trustworthy than an io domain, so it’s generally a good idea to have one if you can. It makes your website seem more professional and credible. If you want to give your website the best chance of success, then registering a .com domain is the way to go.

.com extension speeds up the overall user experience

One way to make sure your website is accessible to mobile users is to register a .com domain. Your website will load quickly and smoothly on any mobile device.

Around 60% of internet users now access the Internet exclusively through mobile devices. If your website is mobile-friendly, you can take advantage of a massive chunk of potential traffic.

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.com extension is best for growing traffic

com domains are more recognizable and are more likely to rank higher in search results. It’s not that it will ultimately help you to rank. Still, the domain will give you a slight edge over other domains regarding SEO and ranking. So if you’re serious about improving your online visibility, then a .com domain should be at the top of your list.

You can not have a first-choice domain.

There are several drawbacks to using an domain, and the most considerable one is it can take time to obtain your first choice domain. 

Since .com domains are often associated with large, well-established companies, it is difficult for small businesses or startups to create a .com domain that isn’t already taken or too expensive.

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What does .io mean?

The Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS) includes a .io domain as one of its top-level domains (TLDs). The British Indian Ocean Territory Government sponsors it. The IO domain was initially established to create a British Indian Ocean Territory naming structure. Levi Strauss & Co. bought the first domain only a few months after it was founded.

The domain was released for general use and is now popular among tech startups and websites. Today, more than 270,000+ sites have an io domain.  

AvailabilityMany short, memorable domain names still availableAvailability may become limited in the future as it gains popularity
Tech-focusedAssociated with technology, startups, and innovationMay not be suitable for businesses outside of the tech industry
BrandingUnique and memorable extension can help with brandingMay not be as recognizable or trusted as more traditional extensions like .com or .net
SEOCan be just as effective for SEO as other domain extensionsCan be more difficult to rank for non-tech related keywords
PerceptionCan be perceived as modern and forward-thinkingSome people may associate .io with the British Indian Ocean Territory, which has a controversial history
GeolocationNot tied to any specific country or regionMay not be suitable for businesses with a strong local focus
RenewalRenewal costs can add up over time for businesses with many .io domains

Why is it important to have a .io domain?

.io can add uniqueness to your website

Well, most websites opt to go for the .com using trend. Suppose you’re looking to add a bit of uniqueness to your website. In that case, consider registering a .io domain name. .io domains are becoming increasingly popular with web users as they offer a unique and memorable way to stand out.

You can have Greater Availability of.IO Domains

This extension is less .com or other traditional domains. Yes, it is famous among the tech community, but most website owners don’t even know it exists! As a result, you should be okay with finding your domain name. Plus, pricing is generally pretty affordable.

using .io domain may cause you to work a little harder

The IO domain is less widely recognized than other TLDs. You may have to work harder to see your website seen by potential customers. 

Which is better, com or io?

1) Com is short for commercial, and it is short for input/output. Commercial entities use com domains, while input/output operations are more likely to use io domains.

2) Com domains are more expensive than io domains. This is because com domains are more in demand and seen as more credible and established.

3) Com domains are more widely known than io domains. This is because com is the most common top-level domain, and io domains are less common.

So, which one is more important? It depends on your needs. A com domain is more important if you want to establish a commercial presence online. An io domain is more important if a website is for input/output operations.


Your website domain selection is the critical decision you need to make. As it will make or break your success. To make the right decision of which domain has importance over others. You first need to have an idea of the pros and cons of domains. That will ultimately decide which one is important. Depending on your website’s purpose, a different extension might be a better fit.

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