Why Am I Receiving Messages From 2200? Is It A Scam?

2200 is the number used by Google for many reasons, one of which includes two-factor authentication enabled by the user. Google uses this unique number to be identified by the user; it is not a scam. 

Today, technology is in a revolutionary era where everything is growing rapidly. People have found many ways to communicate with each other. Among its rapid growth and advancements, the number of scams is also increasing, making people take extra measures to secure their data and money. This is the reason which makes people doubt legit things and be cautious with any strange and new thing. 

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, eBay, and all the other service providers use different numbers like 2200 used by Google. These unique numbers are used to make users identify the sender. These text messages are received if you have enabled any additional service or to inform you about an update to your account. 

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3 Common Reasons Why You Are Receiving Text Messages From 2200

There are three common reasons why you are receiving text messages from 2200 (Google); here are the following:

  1. Two Factor Authentication
  2. Password Change Request
  3. Login From New Device

1. Two-Factor Authentication

If you have enabled two-factor authentication so, whenever you log in to your Google account, it will be signed in once you enter the authentication code sent to you on the text using the 2200 code. The message will only be received at the number you entered in the Google account setup. 

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You can stop these messages from coming by disabling the two-factor authentication. 

2. Password Change Request

If you have submitted a password change request in case you forget your password, Google will send a verification code to your phone number to confirm it’s you who has submitted the request. You can change your password by correctly entering the codes into your password reset request. 

Google will send the code using the 2200 number so that you can identify that the message is received from Google. 

3. Login From New Device

If you log into your Google account from a new device, the system will ask you to verify your identity by sending a code to your phone number from 2200. If you enter the code and mark your new device into the trusted devices list, then Google will not ask for authentication. 

What To Do With The Code Received From 2200?

The codes you receive from 2200 had to be entered into the system to complete your authentication for a new device login or new password request. 

Do The Codes Send By 2200 Have Any Expiry?

Usually, the code received from 2200 has a validity period of 24 hours. Some codes are valid for fewer periods. The screen from which you have submitted the request to generate the code has the duration the code is good for. 

Bottom Line

2200 is not a scam number. It is a number used by Google to send authentication codes to users. These messages come because you entered your number into the Google account setup. You can always stop it by removing your number or disabling additional authentication. 

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