Why Am I Receiving Text Messages From 24273? Am I Being Scammed?

Receiving text messages from SMS short code 24273 is not a scam. Chase Bank send these messages to its users using 24273 as their SMS shortcode. Banks and other financial institutions used SMS short codes to be identified as the sender. 

Recently, scams and frauds have increased, and millions of people are scammed globally using different ways. These higher numbers of scams make people cautious and doubt legit things. This is the reason which makes you feel that you are about to be scammed because you receive a message from a number that you haven’t seen before. 

Different service providers use SMS short codes to make their users comfortable with the code, so whenever you see that code, you will immediately recognize the sender. In the case of 24273, it is the short code used by Chase Bank US to send different sorts of information to customers. 

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Why Did I Receive A Text Message From 24273?

There are different reasons why you are receiving text messages from 24273. Since Chase Bank is the sender of this message, it does contain information from your bank. The Chase bank sends text messages because you have subscribed for their mobile banking feature in which all your transactional details, updates in service, offers, and deals are sent to you via text message using the code 24273. 

Usually, banks avoid sending sensitive information in text messages but send OTPs to the user using a 24273 shortcode. The OTP is sent to authenticate any transaction, new device log-in, or for subscription to any service. Any bank, including Chase Bank, does not ask for sensitive information through either phone calls or text messages using any code. Personal information like your social security number, last digits of your credit card, ATM pins, and other information. If you are contacted by any number asking for this information, call your bank to inform them about the incident and report the number to the authorities. 

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Does My Bank Charge Me For Receiving Messages From 24273?

It depends on the schedule of charges issued by your bank. Usually, banks and financial institutions like Chase Bank do not charge for sending messages using the shortcode 24273. 

Can I Send Messages To 24273? How Can I Stop Receiving Text Messages From 24273?

The mobile banking service enables users to send commands using the text code 24273. You can use different controls to check your account balance, the due dates of your credit card payment, and some extent of transactional details. Chase Bank issues a user guide to help users use the shortcode 24273 for mobile banking. 

You can stop receiving text messages from 24273 by disabling the mobile banking feature from your bank. Or you can change your number, so you receive all your details but not the number you use for personal use. 

Bottom Line

Receiving text messages from 24273 is not a scam but is from a legit source, Chase Bank. Other financial institutions send their user information using different shortcodes like 24273. To avoid getting confused, ask all your service providers for the codes they use to communicate with their users so that you will be doubted for any scam. 

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