7 Million Net Worth Lifestyle – What Can You Do As A Millionaire?

7 million dollars sounds like a lot, and I can’t think of anyone who would want to pass out on a 7 million dollars net worth lifestyle.

If you’re like me, wondering how it would feel to be a millionaire, let’s look at how things will be if you had a 7 million net worth lifestyle.

Spoiler alert: 7 million doesn’t make you very rich or very happy. All you will feel with 7 million dollars is financial freedom. So sure, your life will be easier than it was to be without the millions of dollars in hand, but you still won’t really be living a luxurious life.

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Are You Rich With A Net Worth Of 7 Million?

A Charles Schwab’s survey showed Americans believe it takes around $2.2 million dollars of net worth for someone to be considered wealthy. 

This means, with a net worth of $7 million dollars, you could surely be considered wealthy, but still not extremely rich.

Let’s look into how your finances will be with a net worth of 7 million dollars. To understand the concept of net worth first, you have to understand liquidity.

Liquidity Vs. Net Worth

Liquidity refers to the assets you have that can easily be converted into cash. This includes the usable cash that you have in your bank. However, most people with 7 million dollars never really have most of their net worth liquid, which means they can’t really spend the millions of dollars they have whenever they want.

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If you’ve never really made it as a millionaire, you may still be under the impression that millionaires have millions lying around in cash to use. However, that is far from the truth.

A net worth of 7 million dollars only means that your total assets (house, cars, electronics, jewelry, etc.) after deducting all your debts equal 7 million dollars.

In the economy that we live in, a net worth of 7 million dollars would mostly consist of your house and car’s worth. So even with a net worth of 7 million dollars, your bank balance is still most likely to be in six figures or less. 

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You won’t have millions lying around to use, but you will have enough cash to comfortably afford almost anything you need.

Lifestyle Of A 7 Million Net Worth Person

So if you’re not filthy rich even with a net worth of 7 million dollars, what lifestyle do these millionaires have? Well, since it’s still millions of dollars, you should expect a nice house, a nice car, nice vacations, etc. 

To get a deeper look, I questioned one of my acquaintances who worked his whole life to be a millionaire and now has a net worth of around 7 million dollars.

A Practical Look In A 7 Million Lifestyle

He lives with his wife and kids and claims that it took him around 15 years of work to earn his way to be a millionaire. The only way this was made possible was by saving and investing through the years.

With a net worth of 7 million dollars, his family lives in an above-average house in a nice suburban neighborhood

He has two cars of good value. 

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He and his wife still work at their jobs. 

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Their kids go to government schools. As a family, they share vacations at least once a year, flying in business class seats and comforting staying in 4-5 star hotels.

With his liquid money, he comfortably goes to fancy restaurants, donates to charities, drinks expensive wines, buys luxury shoes, and whatnot. And since he’s not filthy rich, doing all of that still makes him extremely happy!

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With a net worth of 7 million dollars, he doesn’t really have to worry about bills anymore. Their investments and passive incomes generate enough paychecks to finance their daily activities (groceries, bills, transport, etc.).

And best of all, they don’t NEED their jobs anymore. Working is something they do voluntarily, to maintain their high standard of life and to relish in their passion, but if they were to lose their jobs, they would still be able to carry on a normal life.

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What Can You Do With A Net Worth Of 7 Million Dollars?

Now the above example is a practical and responsible way of living as a millionaire, but if you were to do things differently, what is the potential of a net worth of 7 million dollars?

To make the most out of your assets, the first thing you should probably do is sell expensive assets and turn them into liquid money.

And your life would be similar to someone who just won the lottery.

As cash, 7 million dollars is still a lot! This amount of money can certainly help you afford the best of luxuries in the world. However, spending money like this will end you up broke shortly. Still, for wishful thinking’s sake, here’s what you can get with 7 million dollars.

  • Ferraris and Lamborghinis
  • Luxurious Vacation Home
  • Fancy Yachts
  • A Private Jet
  • A Helicopter
  • A lot of diamond jewelry
  • The most expensive Rolexes
  • A world tour featuring 5-star hotels

Blowing away money like this would certainly be irresponsible and will never leave you happy, satisfied, or even rich in the long run.

What Should You Do With A Net Worth Of 7 Million Dollars?

Even as a millionaire, the best way to live life will be to save, invest, and spend humbly.

This will not only leave you financially responsible but will also make you happier than throwing away money on luxuries.

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If you find yourself inheriting or winning millions of dollars, the first thing you should do is get a financial advisor. And actually, listen to them. This is the one decision that can certainly help you live a comfortable and happy life in the long run.

Secondly, with 7 million dollars, if money is still a big motivator to you, you should find ways to get richer and richer. With 7 million dollars, you’re certainly in a much better position to convert them into 100 million dollars than someone with a six-figure net worth.

In summary, here’s a list of responsible decisions you should make with a net worth of 7 million dollars.

  • Buy a nice house that fulfills your needs and wants, but doesn’t focus on luxury
  • Get a good car that makes you happy, but don’t go for luxury
  • Have an emergency fund of at least 6 months of expenses
  • Clear out your debts
  • Enjoy annual or half-yearly vacations
  • Work at a job you feel passionate and happy with
  • Invest your money in stock and real-estate
  • Start up a business that you’re passionate about
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Does A 7 Million Net Worth Lifestyle Make You Happy?

The connection between wealth with happiness has been debated for thousands of years. But considering the cases where people became millionaires, spending your money responsibly and humbly really showed a deeper connection with happiness than throwing away money for luxuries.

More money certainly provides you with a comfortable life when it comes to financial freedom, however, that feeling only provides happiness in the short run.

When you get used to the comfort, you don’t really feel happy with money anymore, no matter how much it is.

The key to being happy is not to achieve something but to work towards achieving something. This is why, with a 7 million dollar net worth, you should still spend responsibly and strive for more. 

Take vacations when needed, so they actually do make you happy. Taste the luxury when you want, but don’t immerse in it. If you want to experience a ride in a private jet, rent it, instead of buying the whole jet. 

Work first, then reap the rewards, and most importantly, go back to work. That’s the biggest cheat to happiness.


That’s the whole 7 million dollar net worth lifestyle summarized up. You may have noticed that even with a lot of money, life still doesn’t change dramatically. Life becomes comfortable with not worrying about bills or paychecks anymore, but the routine stays the same.

Wake up, work, spend time with family, and sleep. Every once in a blue moon, do something adventurous or take a vacation.

So if you’re far below the mark of hitting millions of dollars, I hope this guide helps you realize the need of working toward happiness and comfort instead of greed and luxury.

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