Sadhguru Net Worth And Millionaire Lifestyle

Sadhguru, also known as Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, is a popular spiritual leader in India that leads millions of people with religious and humanitarian philosophy.

While working closely with spirituality, Sadhguru never associates himself with a single religion. His beliefs are solely devoted to achieving spiritual peace and helping humanity as a whole.

With time, Sadhguru’s teachings got more and more popular in the religiously diverse population of India, which gained Sadhuguru a lot of popularity and wealth.

Currently, Sadhguru’s net worth is estimated to be around $25 million dollars, which roughly translates to around Rs. 200 Crore in INR (Indian Rupees).

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Sadhguru Millionaire Lifestyle

Sadhguru believes in achieving happiness in human life, which is why he lives his life to the fullest. 

To spread his message about spiritual peace around the world, Sadhguru founded an institute called Isha Foundation. That is the primary ‘workplace’ of Sadhguru.

Outside of work, Sadhguru has shown a keen interest in cars, bikes, traveling, and offroading.

Sadhguru’s Million-Dollar Business

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Sadhguru has been a millionaire for around a decade. In the past years, his net worth has only seemed to grow at a steady rate, thanks to the success of his spiritual non-profit institute called Isha Foundation.

Isha Foundation is a million-dollar business itself, estimated to have a net worth of around $16-$17 million dollars (Rs. 116 Crores INR).

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Currently, Sadhguru’s Isha Foundation has around 9.1 million active volunteers around the world!

Sadhguru’s Car Collection

Sadhuru is a big fan of luxurious vehicles, but not much when it comes to cars. His primary interest is in bikes, ever since his teenage years.

However, even though he’s not a car collector, the cars he keeps are still luxurious and up to the millionaire lifestyle he enjoys.

Here are the cars Sadhguru is reported to have:

Car Name & ModelPrice
Mercedes Benz G Class$300,000 (Rs. 2.5 Crore INR)
Toyota Scion 1000 BHP$20,000 (Rs. 16 Lakhs INR)
Hummer H2$36,000 (Rs. 30 Lakhs INR)
Ford Endeavour$36,000 (Rs. 30 Lakhs INR)

Sadhguru’s Bikes Collection

Sadhguru is one of the biggest bike lovers there is. He has had a keen interest in bikes since his teenage years, and until now he loves to enjoy bike rides.

In an interview once, he even mentioned that when he visits mountainous areas, instead of searching for hotels or resorts he just leans back on his bike and takes a nap right there.

Reportedly, Sadhguru has traveled across the Indian map with his wife, Vijayakumari, on his bike as well.

Bike Name & ModelPrice
Jawa 42$2000 (Rs. 2 Lakhs INR)
BMW K1600 GT$40,000 (Rs. 32 Lakhs INR)
Turismo Veloce 800$20,000 (Rs. 16 Lakhs INR)
BMW R 1250 GS$30,000 (Rs. 23 Lakhs INR)

A Short Summary Of Sadhguru’s Life

Sadhguru was not born in a millionaire mansion, but he didn’t come from a humble financial background either.

Born on September 3, 1957, Sadhguru was raised by his father who was a physician.

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At the age of 10, with his love for nature, Sadhguru decided to be a Guru (a spiritual man).

Sadhguru’s spiritual teacher was Raghavendra Swami who taught him the different methods of yoga that Sadhguru polished even further.

Simultaneously, Sadhguru completed his studies at Mysore University with a degree in English Literature.

Sadhguru was 25 when he first encountered a life-altering spiritual experience.

It was when he visited Chamundi Hill, sitting in concentration and meditating. After a while, Sadhguru felt that he had entered the Samadhi state, a state where the human mind has no thoughts or understanding of time.

When he came out from the state, Sadhguru felt that it had only been 10 minutes, but the fact was that he was situated in that state for around 4 hours!

How Sadhguru Became A Millionaire

The biggest stepping stone for Sadhguru to become a millionaire was founding his spiritual institute Isha Foundation. The success of this institute got him more and more popular around the world, attracting more and more volunteers and followers with time.

Isha Foundation was founded in 1993 as a non-profit organization that taught people spiritual peace using yoga, wisdom, devotion, etc.

The Isha Foundation is now so popular that in 2018, reportedly 600 million people across the world attended the Isha Foundation Program.

In recognition of his success, Sadhguru was awarded the Padma Vibhushan in 2017 by the Indian Government.


Is Sadhguru A Rich Guru?

Sadhguru is a rich millionaire, however, he’s not the richest guru in the world.

There are other gurus that are far richer than Sadhguru like Mata Amritanandamayi with a net worth of around $250 million dollars or Sri Sri Ravi Shankar with a net worth of around $200 million dollars!

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What Is Sadhguru’s Education?

Sadhguru has a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Mysore University.

How Did Sadhguru Get His Name?

Sadhguru labels himself with the word not as a title but as a description. Sadhguru means ‘uneducated guru’ and he claims himself to be almost a hundred percent spiritually uneducated.

Is Sadhguru Married?

Sadhguru married Vijaykumari in 1984 but his wife soon died in 1997 due to reasons that still remain a mystery.

How Many Kids Does Sadhguru Have?

Sadhguru has one daughter, Radhe Jaggi, who was born in 1990;

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