What Paid Traffic is Safe for Adsense?

SERP Empire and Sparktraffic are some of the paid traffic sources that are safe for websites using Adsense. However, mostly, paid traffic might not work in your favor because it does not follow Google’s quality guidelines.

In simple words, there are safe sources that let you buy traffic for Google Adsense but using cheap paid sources for generating traffic might cost you your Adsense account.

Google may ban your Adsense account if it notices improbable traffic on your site from paid traffic sources or traffic exchange sites. So in my opinion, it’s not worth the risk. 

Google’s AdSense policies state that publishers should not purchase traffic from “unauthorized” sources. This is because such sources are likely to contain malware, pop-ups, or other distractions that are not permissible on Google’s ad networks.

Paid traffic can be expensive and ineffective for Adsense. If you are looking to improve your Adsense performance, it would be best to focus on organic traffic instead of paid traffic.

What is the difference between Paid Traffic and Organic Traffic?

Paid traffic is one of the most popular ways to generate revenue. Some people use it in Google AdSense by adding ads to their site, while others use it by buying traffic from other sites. However, it is essential to be able to differentiate between paid traffic and organic traffic:

  1. Paid traffic is when you pay to promote your site on a different website, while organic traffic is when people find your content without being paid to do so. 
  2. Organic traffic comes from social media, blogs, and other websites that are not paid. This can happen when someone types your URL into their browser or shares your content on social media or in an email. Paid traffic, on the other hand, is the traffic that comes from ads on social media, Google Adwords, search engine advertising, video marketing, and other paid sources of advertising.
  3. Organic traffic is free to acquire, while paid traffic requires you to spend money in order to get it.
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3 Paid Ways that can Gain You Organic Traffic

1. Sponsored Content:

Sponsored content is more or less similar to content that typically appears in an article, blog, or video. For instance, a site that posts reviews might include paid reviews as a kind of sponsored content. 

2. Display Ads:

These kinds of ads are either static or have moving images, text, or links that redirect viewers to a particular page or site. These types of ads appear on the website as headers, footers, or sidebars. 

3. Influencers:

By leveraging the voices and accounts of trusted influencers, publishers can reach targeted audiences. Choose the best influencer that matches their niche with yours and through paid promotion across different social media platforms, you can gain paid traffic. 

Why is Paid Traffic not a good idea for Adsense?

Reason # 1: Low-Quality Traffic:

Some people use paid traffic as a way to increase the number of visitors they get on their website. However, this can actually be counterproductive if you are using Adsense. There’s a huge possibility that the visitors do not have any interest in your website. 

This means that the person viewing your ad might be interested in an unrelated topic to the one you are advertising on. They are just visiting the site because they were redirected by an ad, which means they have no intention of making purchases or doing anything else on your website.

Paid traffic might result in an influx of low-quality traffic and irrelevant visitors and will not bring in the desired amount of clicks. These visitors are likely to click on anything and everything, which will result in lower conversion rates. 

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Reason # 2: Risk of Being Banned:

Google has been known to ban websites or blogs from their advertising network because of paid traffic. This means that the blog or website owner will no longer be able to monetize their website with Google AdSense ads.

If your site is receiving high traffic but the viewers don’t spend more than two seconds there, Google will make notice of it and might crack you down. 

The possibility that you can get banned is very high because they will see that you are buying clicks from other websites with the intent to make money. So, it is best to avoid this risk as it is too high and the potential reward isn’t worth it, rather use other methods to generate organic traffic. 

Reason # 3: Invalid Impressions:

Paid traffic is not safe for Adsense because it can lead to invalid clicks and impressions. This means that the publisher is using artificial means to inflate advertisers’ costs and increase publisher earnings.

Invalid traffic, clicks, or impressions done through fraudulent tools to increase impressions leads to Google Adsense’s policy violations. 

Using paid traffic sources has been great for some publishers but for some, it has been mere fraud and has cost them permanent account suspension.

However, if you still wish to use paid traffic for your site, you need to make sure that you’re choosing the RIGHT and SECURE paid traffic sources. Below we’ve shared two safe sources for paid traffic for Adsense.

2 Safe Sources for Paid Traffic:

  1. SERP Empire
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SERP Empire enables you to buy safe, high-quality, organic traffic which is ideal to use for Adsense.

You can select target keywords and direct organic clicks to your site by searching your website on search engines. This assists you in increasing visibility and SERP ranking and results in more traffic.

  1. Spark Traffic:

Spark Traffic provides a safe Adsense bot that can increase your pageviews without compromising your Google Adsense account. It helps to direct organic traffic safely and effectively to your site. 

Bottom Line:

The problem with paid traffic is that it does not always have high-quality scores because it is often created by bots or low-quality websites, which are not suitable for Google Adsense advertising.

Otherwise, it might have a direct effect on your site and cause increased earnings, but only if visitors being directed to your site stay for a minute or two, making it look like real traffic. 

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