How to Contact Google Adsense Directly Using Email? 

Unfortunately, you cannot directly contact Google Adsense using email. You can use other ways to contact Adsense for any queries or support. 

I am sure you wouldn’t have expected this from a platform like Google Adsense to not have an email address to directly contact on. It came as a mini shocker for me as well but I believe Adsense has reasons behind it and maybe rightfully so.

Imagine catering to queries of millions of publishers and being bugged with similar questions continually. Yes, quite a hassle!

Many Adsense users claim that reaching the Google Adsense team and support is quite a headache, in case you’re looking for instant replies. However, your means of contacting don’t get exhausted here. Through several other processes, you can contact Adsense for help.

3 Ways to Contact Google Adsense

1. Visit Google Adsense Help:

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  • The first thing you can do is visit Google Adsense Help page and view their frequently browsed help topics. 
  • Over there, Google has sectioned certain main subjects for which advertisers or publishers usually need assistance. 
  • You can click on the topic in which you need help which would then display various sub topics below. 
  • Tap on the specific sub topic which you think suits best to your query.
  • From there, you’d be directed to another page where most probably you’d receive the answers to your query.  
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Some of the topics and subtopics that you would find there are:

  • Get Started: Interested in Adsense, Before you sign up, Get started with your Adsense Account etc.
  • Account Management: Account Settings, User Management, Site Management, Site Access etc. 
  • Manage Ads: Set up ads on your site, auto ads etc.
  • Payments: Payment FAQs, Payment Process, form of payments.

2. Contact Us:

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If your query doesn’t get solved by the above method, you can the Contact Google Adsense Help Center. This section is divided into 3 parts:

  • Step 1:

What can we help you with?

  • Step 2:


  • Step 3:

Contact Options

You can follow the detailed below steps to contact the help center:

  • Typing in the issue they can help you with. 
  • Then, you’d get options to choose the best description of your issue. 
  • Once you’ve tapped on one, you would have to click on the next step and you’ll be directed to the resources section.
  • Adsense will show you resources that have helped others with your similar issue. 
  • Lastly, if these resources still don’t answer your query, you can write to the Help Community. 

3. Ask the Help Community:

Lastly, if you do not find any solutions in the resources section of Contact Us, you will then be directed to Ask the Google Adsense Help Community and you might probably get your issue resolved by Google Product Experts.

Screen Shot 2022 10 13 at 9.39.40 PM

There is a bar where you can describe your issue or view their featured or trending posts. 

The featured posts are actually questions generated by the Google Adsense team regarding the most pressing issues.

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The trending posts are mostly questions asked by Adsense users from the Google Adsense Help Community. You would find some queries with recommendation answers which might hopefully solve your issue.

You would find categories too on this page so you can tap on the one closest to your issue. Categories such as:

  • Site Approval
  • Manage Ads
  • Payment
  • Policies etc.

You can view all the other posts and questions too.

FAQ # 1: Why does my site keep getting rejected?

Possibly because of low quality content or your taglines aren’t good or your site lacks alignment, or is violating a policy of Google Adsense. You can check the recommended answer for Site keeps getting rejected

FAQ # 2: Why can’t my account details be changed?

There are two account details that are sadly impossible to change by Adsense:

  1. Change of Country
  2. Transfer of Account to someone else

You can view the full details of the account details issue

FAQ # 3: What are the guidelines for a great forum post?

Adsense has provided you with certain guidelines that you can follow to get helpful answers on your forum. 

FAQ # 4: Where is my Payment?

Adsense payment cycle is monthly and they are issued between the 21st and 26th of every month. You can view the Adsense Pro’s answer for the issue of where your payment is. 

FAQ # 5: Why was my account disabled?

The account can be disabled because of several reasons amongst which some are:

  1. Policy Violations
  2. Invalid traffic 
  3. Inappropriate content
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You can understand the issue “why my account was disabled” thoroughly. 

Bottom Line:

If you’re facing any problem or have any query, you cannot directly contact Adsense through email but the other Help Platforms can prove to be beneficial and you might as well come across the answer to your query after some serious digging! 

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