Why Is Ali Express So Cheap?

The involvement of the third party or indirect channel with the manufacturer can cause a high price of the product. And this is the main reason that Aliexpress is so cheap among all others, it allows its users to have direct purchasing with the manufacturer. 

For many years many customers have been heading toward Aliexpress, for the reason that they found the perfect place to buy their most needed things at low prices.

In this article, you will get answers to every question about AliExpress.

You will get to know about the prices, quality, and reasons for its cheapness.

Reason Behind Aliexpress Being Cheap:

There are many rumors about Aliexpress online marketing that because of the low quality of products they are offering low prices. If the products are low in price doesn’t always mean that they are also low in their quality.

There can be many more reasons behind it. So let’s jump right in to know our reasons.

1. No Third Person Involved With AliExpress:

If we compare other online markets with Aliexpress, it can be concluded that the rest of all markets except Aliexpress involve a third person while marketing which causes the high cost of the product.

Ali Express believes in one-to-one marketing, which means direct dealing between manufacturer and customer which leads to lower prices for products on Aliexpress.

2. Direct Dealing With Manufacturers:

On every product which you buy from Aliexpress, you find a tag labeled as “Made in China”.The reason behind selling Chinese products is some privileges that China gives to its manufacturers. Some of them include

  • lower cost of products
  • Pay low taxes and duties
  • High-quality products
  • They use innovative marketing techniques as compared to others

Through the Aliexpress marketing platform, many of China’s manufacturers found their businesses. They are now able to do direct business with customers, totally cutting out the middleman. This results in low prices of a product.

3. Being In Competition:

China manufacturing companies being among the best manufacturers, there exists extremely high competition within themselves. Which causes every manufacturer to make a product which is best in quality among all but is low in cost.

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On the other hand, both the seller and Aliexpress are trying to get more business for which the attentions of customers are the most important factor. Thus, for being in the eye of the customer, manufacturers do not compromise on quality but on prices.

4. Scammers And Their Counterfeit Products:

With all those reasons discussed above, one of the most important reasons which can’t be neglected at any cost is the existence of scammers. As we all know that scammers are everywhere and especially on our platform. They take advantage of our low-cost products and try to sell their counterfeit products with our name which destroys our whole reputation among our customers. 

“Yes! Being cheap is good, but not always.

There are indeed many counterfeit products on our platform, but to this problem there exist some solutions. And there are many ways to get rid of those scammers. 

We will discuss below how we can avoid being scammed.

How Good Are Ali Express Products?

Aliexpress products are worth admiring as always. You can find a decent quality of your choice for every product you are searching for.  

You will not find any un legit products here, almost every product is legit. But still, there is the possibility of scammers.

While searching for the products you want, do not always select the first and the cheapest seller and expect good quality of the product.

Do some research, you can find more good sellers with the minimum cost difference but of good quality.

Is AliExpress Legit and Trustworthy? Is It Safe to Shop There? [2021 Update]

Let’s Clear The Misunderstanding For Aliexpress:

Many people used to think that Aliexpress was a scam. Where there are always scammers as sellers and the products are garbage and counterfeit. But that’s not true.

Aliexpress is selling products at a low cost for their customer’s convenience because they understand their needs. It doesn’t mean that they are selling fake things and scamming people online.

Aliexpress is a proud seller of the world-renown Chinese brands like

  •  Xiaomi
  •  Ugreen
  •  Simplee, etc.

There can be scammers sometimes, but not always.

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Tips To Avoid Getting Scammed On Aliexpress:

Customers who are new at Aliexpress can be scammed easily. To stay safe from all these frauds one must follow these tips so that they can find the real product of their need.

Let’s look into those tips.

1. Think Twice While Purchasing Products That Are Too Low In Price:

Usually, the trick of scammers is to advertise their products at an unbelievably lower price so that they can get the attention of the customers.

The tip is that before buying a product that is too low in price, first check its price on some other sites, so that you can be sure that the price at Aliexpress is not suspiciously low.

Because if the price is too low there is a very good chance that someone is scamming you.

2. Try Not To Buy Branded Items On Ali Express:

All over the world brands have different protocols. If you buy branded items at a low cost there is a high probability of having a scam.

And if the officials find that the product is not legit, they will surely seize it. However, this exception is just for the brands that are not from china like:

  • Apple
  • Nokia
  • Sennheiser and others.

This is not for the Chinese brands, because they have an official Aliexpress storefront. And you will be safe buying products of those brands.

3. Only Prefer Established Sellers:

This is one of the most common mistakes which customers use to do, although all sellers on Aliexpress are legit but still before buying a product be careful and notice the following things about the seller:

  • Check whether the seller is legit or not.
  • Check the rating of the concerned product. Because the higher the rating the better the product.
  • Check comments, whether customers who have bought that product before were satisfied with the quality or not, and have gotten the same product as advertised.
  • Also, check how long the seller’s shop has existed on the AliExpress site.

             In addition to this all, in last

  • Also check “positive feedback”,” number of orders,” and “feedback score”

By checking all the above information about the seller, there is no more reason left to doubt the product or the seller.

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4. Read Complete Product Description:

Never forget to read the whole description of the product before buying it. Because these descriptions are enough to answer your basic questions regarding the product.

The seller in the description has described all the features, quality, and price of the product, so there will be no more queries left about the product.

So do read Aliexpress’s every product description before confirming your order. Because scammers will scam you by giving a good cover photo and name to their product, so do not be impressed by the cover and name of the product, knowing its basic information is also important.

5. Communicate With The Seller Before Buying:

After reading the description, if you still have any doubts then directly communicate with the seller to clear your every doubt.

Aliexpress sellers are very co-operative in these regards if you want to know other details like

  •  Shipping information
  •  Is the product a replica or not?
  •  Does the return policy apply to the product?
  •  Is there any guarantee, etc?

. Aliexpress sellers are always there to answer your every question.

6. Check The Product Carefully Before Confirming The Receipt:

Once you have received your order firstly check the following things

  • Have you received what you have ordered?
  • Is the quality the same as advertised?
  • Is it good in its condition? 

As you have checked all this, and you are satisfied with the product then mark it as received to Aliexpress’s site.

Do not mark as received before checking all the above information. After that, you will have a fifteen-day window to open the dispute about the received product. 

Summing Up:

Having a place from where you can buy a product of your need with good quality and low price is simply a blessing, right?

This is what Aliexpress is concerned with. It will provide you a platform, where you buy good quality goods directly from the manufacturer at a low price. 

All you need to do on the Aliexpress site is just to be careful of scammers by following the tips discussed above.

Once you shop with Aliexpress, you will surely have an amazing experience with Aliexpress.

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